Tuesday 26 November 2013

Don´t miss opportunity, check your mobile phone

Nowadays, I always check my mobile email since I am a blogger, I could miss an opportunity without opening my email. And plus I get more information while reading the chart below, and if you are interested just read and learn the chart below.
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Thursday 22 March 2012

My baby girl turned one year old

Time travel so fast. My baby girl turned one year old last Saturday. We celebrated with our closest friends and was held in our home. Before the party, I was so stress that I could sleep two night in a row. I always think if the food will be enough for the guests, or is it our apartment is too small to accommodate all the guests and many more to think about. But now the party was over and it was a blast.

Everything went perfect, the foods are delicious, the guests are happy so all in all it was a great party to remember. I could believe my baby girl is no longer a baby, instead she is a child. I still breast feed her and sometimes I felt wrong to do it since she is bigger now. I have planned already to stop breast feed her after her first birthday but I wait until next week because I would like to ask the midwife if they can recommend a healthy bottle milk.


Wednesday 21 March 2012

Best tire company

With all the prices of common needs are hiking up, it is wiser to have your own vehicle than to exhaust yourself in riding public utility vehicles. This is to save your money from fare hikes and traffic. Jam packed Mondays and Fridays are really pissing every passenger off. Not to mention the hassle of riding or even calling a cab. You don’t want to be late on going to work and sometimes hard days of work makes you excited on going home. Well, if you can afford it having your own car or vehicle might be the solution to your problem. You can save more on having a weekly budget for gas than having daily expenses for bus rides and cabs. But having a vehicle would need patience on maintenance. You should have all the quality parts and tool and event tires.

If you’re job is too far from home you really need your own wheels but long hours of drive means a lot of friction on your tires. Replacing tires over and over again can cost you a lot of money especially on service fees. Why not change your ordinary tire to quality tire like Good year tires. Good year tire is trusted for so many years by car lovers and enthusiast and even business men. This tire is made to last for many years before you have to change it again. It’s also affordable than any other commercial tires in the market. They also have the best merchandisers and service men in town. You can also find Good tire service centers in some regions to help you with your tire problems.

I remembered my family having a Bus company and made Good year their official tire supplier. I heard my grandfather said I buy from Goodyear Tire company because I trust them.” It’s never easy to trust somebody even more if you life, your family’s life and your business depends on it. Less quality tires can easily get burned up and can cause accidents on the roads. Blown up tires are some of the major causes of accidents. You don’t have to take you and your family’s life at stake just to cut some bills. Make a step to safety and give your family a quality life same as the quality tires that Good year gives you. You can save more and be safe t the same time. Good year is not only for personal use but also for business. You can take your business to much higher level from driving on rougher roads and longer distances. Say proudly and make everybody hear it. “ I buy from Goodyear tire company”.

Thursday 8 March 2012

We are getting better

Last Monday I was sick until Thursday, it was my poor husband who took care of me plus he need to look after Camilla too. I am so thankful for him for doing his best to look after me and Camilla. I know it must be a stressful for him since he is not use to this kind of job. He needs to stay at home and took care of us, that´s why he was absent couple of days at work. It was not good because it means it decrease his salary. I was better last Thursday so I told him to go to work. But then after two or three days he got fever, so he stayed at home and rest, oh before that, Camilla got sick too due to her teething. 

It was difficult days for all us, specially for our little one, she doesn´t eat well, she is depending on breast milk. It is not healthy but I can´t force her to eat, I have try many times but I get failed. For now, we are much better than the other days, the husband went back to work, and for me I am much better except coughing and Camilla does too. She eats small portion which is better than nothing. So I hope we will be totally healthy the coming days, specially Camilla´s birthday is a week away from now. 


Monday 5 March 2012

Keeping Things Organized

We wanted to be organized in almost everything, may it be inside the house, our schedule, work and in our family but it will only happen if everything is planned accordingly. In order to get organized, it have to start in yourself first. Know your priorities, forget what's not important and focus on the things that matter to you the most. Being organized takes a lot of time and it won't happen overnight.
<a href="http://pinaymama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/aaaa.jpg"><img class="size-medium wp-image-2921 aligncenter" title="aaaa" src="http://pinaymama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/aaaa-300x126.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="126" /></a>
Thee most important thing to do is to write down all the things that you need to finish on a certain day like cleaning the children's bedroom, rearranging the library room and doing the laundry. Next is to have a list. What to do during weekdays and what to finish during weekends. Is it going to be a family day or grocery shopping day? When you write it down in a paper, it might get lost so you have to start all over again. Good thing there is vision board online, Clipix and will help you get organized in no time. You may download this as an application in your iPhone or put it in your social networking profiles.
This is a sample of my clipboard. I keep those food I want to cook in clipix clipboard so that I can remember which one did I cooked already and which are not. You can put everything there with no limit. You can also share it friends if you want. I will also put all the things I need to buy in my next grocery shopping so I won't forget them and the articles I need to read to keep me updated.

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Thursday 1 March 2012

My Birthday

    Few days ago was my birthday, like I said in my other post, I decided to celebrate my birthday private. So how it goes with my day birth. First we ate brunch at my favorite restaurant ( Ritz Restaurant which is located in the center city of Gothenburg ). They serve appetizer to dessert.  We lift the restaurant both full of their delicious food. Camilla has also tasted different kind of foods so probably she is full too, because the time we put her on her stroller she fall asleep after a couple of minutes.

Our next stop, was at the mall, to find another gift for me. My husband let me decided what I want as a gift from him. And I decided to get a GUESS BAG for myself. I had few bags but I never had this brand, so I thought of having it for a change. Haha. After husband paid the bag, we went shopping for Camilla´s birthday stuff and then went to the bicycle shop to change the tiles of Camilla´s stroller.

It sounds not a busy day, but oh it was. We came home around 4 in the afternoon, and relax together in the living room, watching Camilla playing. That ´s what we called " quality time " And when it´s dark outside, husband and I made my birthday cake while Camilla was sleeping and snoring. Haha. And we ate the cake around 9 in the evening, while having a good time together. It was a great birthday. I enjoyed it a lot.

Friday 24 February 2012

Enchanted award from Rona

Camilla just fall asleep after feeding her and that´s why I have time to open my blog. I open my blogspot blog and I saw one comment on my recent post. I wasn´t expected to get a comment from Rona, I just met her recently through her blog. She is designing blogs, and I asked her if she can design my blog and lucky me she say yes- maybe right now, she is working on my blog theme, who knows. Actually, I am really excited to see my new blog make over and it will gives me a lot of energy to blog again. Anyway, Rona is sharing her Enchanted award to me, I was shock because she remembers me and share the award to me. And I am very thankful to her and appreciate for remembering me. Let me share a little bit about me.

My real name is Sarah, but I do not really like my name so I created my own name Shy, so most of my personal friends call me Shy and to my online friends they have known me as Shy. But my family, never know the name Shy, they always call me Sarah. I am the shortest girl on earth. Haha. Kidding. But I am kind of since I am only 4´7, yes you read it right. And I feel like a dwarf since people here in Sweden are very tall ( actually they are one of the tallest people in the world ) I haven´t mentioned that my husband is 6´5 oh yes he so tall and I´m so short. But we are perfect combination. What else about me? Thinking. Oh yes, my shoe size is 33 and living here made my feet unhappy because there is no shoes/heels that can fits me. Except shoes from the children section. It´s not easy to be cute, I mean petite, haha. Enough about me, maybe you get bored reading.

Anyone can grab it!!

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