Friday, 9 April 2010

We met each other through dating online

Maybe some of you do not know that I met my husband through dating online site? yes, I met my husband through dating online site. We have different kind of belief, some believe that they found their love of their life through online dating, (I am one of those people) and other doesn´t believe at all that online dating works. Like I said we have different kind of belief, but I and hubby belief that we are destiny to each other, honestly I can´t believe that I am here in Sweden living with my husband who I just met online, and who has different life likes I do. See how destiny works!

Sometimes hubby talks about how lucky he was to found me, and he can´t believed that he is mine lol. I think we´re just lucky to found each other from a million people in the world, that´s why we always take care of our relationship, because we want this relationship to be last forever. And whatever tomorrow brings, we always treasure those times we spent together.

How about you? Have you found your love of your life? Why don´t you try to meet women online, who knows maybe your princess is waiting for you out there. And if you like you can also read any woman´s mind through pickup artist forum and learn about women, and have fun!


analou said...

We have same story Shy except that me and my hubby have almost the same likes and dislikes. But our relationship is not perfect but we we definitely love and treasure each other.

sexyjessie said...

Both of u really are made for each other. Likewise, I'm happily in a relationship for 8 mths now, met my bf through online.

JENIE=) said...

really??? you found each other tru online dating?! that's sweet!

parang hirap nga paniwalaan na pwede un, pero it happens. God have His ways;)

maybe i can find mine here in the blogospere!? wink!

Little Princess♥~♥ said...

so sweet ^_^


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