Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vacation is over

My vacation is finally over, and I have already started school last monday, and I am extra happy because they are nice to me, that is the reason why it did not give me time to visit my blog for few days. I met new classmates and teachers. But since today I have only afternoon class I thought of visiting and writing post here. I am ten weeks pregnant now and I love it. It´s little bit hard for me to wake up early to go to school, and during lesson I fall asleep HAHA, but I think it´s normal for me since I am preggy. I also try to study everyday with my husband ( I hope it will be a routine, because I know its good for me ) since I added two more subjects for this term. I am planning to put a schedule for posting here in my blog, so that it would be easy for me to combine things that I do everyday. Let see if it works! Anyway thanks to everybody who congratulate me for being a pregnant. See you in my next post!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Yes I did update

I was totally tired of blogging for almost two or three months, I think it´s because of how I feel, my body is working a lot for a new change. My new hobby is sleeping, I can sleep three times a day LOL, and I am really lazy to move and go out in the city, meet friends. I think I haven´t post here that I am two months pregnant, not really sure how many months until we will meet the nurse or doctor next week. I just counted base on my delay menstruation.

I didn´t realize that I haven´t posted for a while until my husband asked me if I am still blogging, and I told him it was quite a while since I last blogged. And he said why don´t you blog about your new status in life ( status: will be mommy soon ). After that conversation with my husband, I thought a lot if I will still want to keep my blog, and I have decided, yes I will keep my blog forever and I am planning to make a new blog for my experience being a pregnant until being a mother and so on.

I know I posted here that I will do my best to update always this blog but I just can´t, I think it explains being a pregnant. I felt weird of my self, what I mean is, yesterday when I cook my favorite dish and tasted it, I thought it was yuck and I want to vomit, really strange huh? But I´m starting to learned that it is not strange, it just I am pregnant and it is normal for all woman who is pregnant.

Oh time travel so fast, tomorrow will be my first day in school, and haven´t realize it yet, that summer will be over soon. And cold weather is approaching these days. Back on wearing light heavy clothes again, and after that here comes the winter season. I am a little bit worried for the winter season, because I am pregnant and it would be always dangerous to walk in the slide ground with freezing ice. But I will be extra careful for me and my baby. So let see guys, how it goes for me. I can say this is my happiest moment in my life, waiting to be a mom and hoping everything will be alright. So guy, see you around!
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