Monday, 29 November 2010

In-laws visit

It was husband birthday lasts Tuesday, and we have celebrated it privately. Husband doesn't want any big celebration likes I said in my old post. Yesterday husband and I invited his parents at home to hang out with them. I baked a konjac cake and serve it with cookies and coffee, like we usually do, chat, chat and chat until we drop LOL. I am glad since I can talk and understand Swedish which is easy now a day to talk with my in laws. It was a great time with my in laws, and looking forward for more time to spend with them.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It was husband´s day

Yesterday was hubby´s birthday, and it should be a big birthday party but hubby wanted to celebrate his birthday in private, just me and his family. I asked him one month ago if he wanted to have a big celebration but like I said he want to celebrated in private, and instead he asked me if I can bake a cake on his birthday and of course I granted his wish.

On the day of his birthday which was yesterday, I baked a chocolate cake, it was fun to bake my husband´s birthday cake. It was my second time to bake a cake which I am really happy with the result, and hubby loves it a lot ( he ate two big slices which proof that he loves it ). I brought him in a shop and made him selected two sweater as his gifts on his birthday and I´m glad he also loves it. It was not a big celebration but it was special for him since I am with him, and he told me that he don´t need any gift because he has the most precious gift in the world which is ME :)...Everytime husband said that words to me, it moves me and made me realized how lucky I am to be his wife. I am really happy that I made my husband special day memorable for him.

Anyway it has been snowing these days even though it is not officially winter season yet, during this season I wish I am in my hometown, warm and sunny every minutes, hours and days...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Almost finished

We went to Ikea with my mom-in-law since we need her car to carry some of the furnitures that we need to finished our cabinet. It was fun to shop with my mom-in-law and it was also the first time that she was with us buying stuffs for our apartment. This time not much furniture to buy which means no much to carry until to the car and we got help from my mom-in-law and I am happy because she was with us, actually my mom-in-law is a very nice and sweet person.

After we have delivered all the furniture we need to finished our cabinet, we we´re invited for a dinner at my in-law house and it was also a father´s day so we thought it would be great to be there for a while to celebrate the father´s day with my dad-in-law. My mom-in-law cook very delicious food which I adore, and also I learned a lot from her when it comes to food and other stuffs. We had a great dinner and conversation and before eight we said goodbye to them since we need to work on our cabinet.

When we we´re home, husband started to put some interior to the cabinet, I was a bit useless since I can´t carry heavy things and husband don´t allow me to do anything. Husband is really caring with me these days, he was also caring before when I was not pregnant but he became more caring now than before which I love. Anyway guy I need to finish talking now and get some sleep, and I will post soon our finish cabinet. Ciao!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

First real snow on Nov. 19 2010

It was around 11 in the evening when husband and I finished watching movie, and when I look outside our window I saw white everywhere which means it was snowing,I haven´t notice it earlier since my eyes are occupied by the TV. I asked my husband if it okay to go out because I wanted to took some photos for the first real winter and of course he answered me " yes why not".

We took a very short walked and started to take some photos of me and the snow haha, my husband was my photographer and I am happy because he is getting better taking a good photos. After husband took several photos we decided to go home since it was cold and we finished taking some photos. And I´m sure there will be a lot of snow this year and it will be a long and cold snowy winter season, and I am looking forward to it even though it means cold. Enjoy the photos guy!!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My poor unfinished cross-stitch

I received this cross-stitch gift from my husband two years ago, I have been working on it but did not able to finish it until now. Husband asked me many times when I´m gonna start to work on my cross-stitch, and I just answered him " soon " but until now it is still unfinished. I was surprised because my husband started to work on it, and I felt a little bit shame about it because I have not able to finished it and he started to do it instead of me, maybe he was tired asking me. These days we tried to do cross-stitch little by little each day, because we wanted it to be finish this coming December. Let see what will happen, I will gladly to post it here when it finished.

Monday, 15 November 2010

First snow of the year

Last week we experienced the first snow and I grabbed my camera and took the first snow of the year , I accepted I am not fun with the cold weather but I still love snow. I remembered back in my warm home town, I always smile when I saw snow in the TV and said to myself " someday I will experience to touch the snow and play with it " and look where I live now, in one of the coldest country in the world. I thought I will only see snow in the TV and in my dream but I was wrong and which I am happy about it. These days the temperature is going up and instead having a snow, we got rainy days but I know soon there will be a lot of snow experience for me. This will be my fourth winter here and I love it!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Went to Ikea..

A few months ago hubby and I discussed having a cabinet in our bedroom, we have a small room which we called our small room cabinet but I am not really fun of it since it is in the hall way. My hubby and I decided to have a three meters cabinet in the bedroom which will be divided by two ( for hubby and for me ), last week hubby said that we will visited Ikea to look around and plan how our cabinet will look likes and for the expenses that we will spend in Ikea ( Ikea is a big store for any kind of furniture for the house ). After that week, everything is fixed and planned, how our cabinet will look likes and so on. The only lacking was to buy it and deliver at home.

Yesterday we we´re in Ikea and bought all we need to assemble our cabinet, small table for the kitchen, chair. We also bought baby´s bed and other stuff for our upcoming baby but we decided not to assemble, instead we will make sure that it is ready for our baby which will sees the world this coming March with the help of God. Our home right now is messy and not allow to accept any visitors haha, we need time to clean it, specially me. Our cabinet will be soon finished and I am already happy for the result even though it is not complete yet.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My first home made chocolate cake

My husband´s birthday will be soon, and I asked him if he wanted to celebrate it with his friends, and he said he would prefer to celebrate it with me and our little angel at home, but I´m sure there will be party at my in law´s house like they usually do during birthday and other occasion. I have been thinking what would it be great gift for my husband, he did not ask any gift but I will like to give him since he always give me gift on my birthday and other occasion. He did not ask but he will love if I can bake a cake on his birthday, and since I never bake a cake before, I surfed the net and find some chocolate recipe and decided to made one as a practice haha. And it went well, husband love my simple but delicious chocolate cake, and this time I will not worry because I save the ingredient for the chocolate cake whoich I´m going to bake on his birthday. I am really satisfied for the result of my first home made chocolate cake. Does it look delicious guy?

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