Thursday, 31 March 2011

300 mails

Nowadays I am really seldom to do blogging since I am newly mommy. Do not get me wrong I enjoy being a mommy but I miss my blogging world since it has been my hobby before I become a mom. I can´t easily check my things in my computer likes for example emails and other online things. When I check my email today I was very surprised because I almost get 300 emails, take not it doesn't include the spam yet. It irritates me because most of the emails are comments from my different blogs and most of the comments are non-sense like advertising and comments that not related to my post.

I have deleted them few minutes ago. And I will expect that will be more email the next days. But what can I do, I can´t control it and also I cant manage it right now since I have limits to sit here and do my blogging things. Right at this moment my baby Camilla is sleeping that´s why I am freely here, but I´m sure she will scream very soon LOL. So I need to say bye for now guys.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

# 4 of " Just Beatiful " - Husband and baby Camilla

Time travel so fast! Another Wednesday has past. I haven't able to joined this meme last Wednesday since I was in the hospital for recovery for my plan c-section. But last Friday we come home with our baby girl " Camilla " We come home as a parents and we are very happy about it. Anyway my entry picture today is my baby Camilla and my husband, I took this picture during our stay in the hospital. As a mommy now, I give limitattion being in the computer since I won´t miss any single minutes to be with my newly born baby. I SO LOVE this picture, the two person who made my life complete. Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 28 March 2011

My baby Camilla

Yeah. Finally I got time to update my blog since I just give birth to the cutest baby girl in the world LOL. I posted here about my delivery and after a long days I able to click my keyboard. I miss my blog eventhough I am overwhelmed with joy for having a baby. It´s only 11 days since I become a mom and I so love it. I know it means I have a limitation to everything I do and put my baby as my first priorities I do not mind it since it is very good feeling to be a mom, and I can say that this is the best thing could happen to woman, as easy say this is a gift for every woman, to be a MOM. I couldn´t ask for more, I can say I am complete now with my baby and my loving husband, opps..maybe not really complete since we want second baby, but like people say " one at a time ", comeback maybe 3 years from now and let see what will happen. Before I end this post since somebody ( baby Camilla ) start to cry,  I would like to THANKS to all my fellow bloggers who includes us to their prayers. Some of you are waiting to see my baby Camilla, and here she is, isn´t she cute?


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Perfect Swimwear for the Season!

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

# 3 of Just Beautiful - Ultra Sound

Yes! Another Wedneday is here which means it´s time for the meme " Just Beautiful " Since I will undergo by a cesarean section tomorrow, I thought of sharing this ultra sound picture of my baby during her/his 18 weeks. And now he/she is in 38 weeks and ready to come out tomorrow. Time travel so fast. I will be a mom within 24 hours from now, still can´t believe! But I am very happy to see our " bundle of joy " soon. Wish me luck guys.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Was Worried

When I heard about the tsunami news that it could be possible that will hits the Philippines, it made me very worried. So I surfed the Google news and read for more information and I knew that my hometown is one of the possible area that could hits by tsunami. I immediately texted my brother about it and warn them to be ready about it. And my brother texted back that they don´t have any warn from the philvocs. After I received my brother´s text it made me feel calm and relax. 

I saw the news about Japan, and it made me feel sad of what had happened and I pray that they can overcome all those problems that tsunami gave them. And to all those people who have lost their loveones my deepest condolence to all you. I know it is not only loveones they lost, it is also  property and other things that are important to them. Let us pray that those people who are affected with what is happening in the world not only in Japan but all over the world, can overcome this tragedy they are facing right now.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

#2 of Just Beautiful - Aero Show

Time travel so fast, I can´t believe it already Wednesday  again and time for the meme call " Just Beautiful ". I felt it was just yesterday I post my first entry here. But anyway I enjoy this meme since it´s all about beautiful photos which I have thousands of them LOL.

Btw, here is my entry for today. Last summer husband and I watched this show called " Gothenburg Aero Show " This is all about aircrafts. I remember I love it and it was breath taking show. I hope we can able to watch it again this summer with our little one with us. Anyway, the picture I took was very good right? I haven´t noticed that a photographer was on the picture, it was not intentional, but it turns out very good shot.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kindly visit my new blogs

I was blogging since 2008 and that time I was very active since I just started blogging, it was easy to hook up and get addicted to it. But after that year, I started to get busy in the school which made my time occupied and lost the desire of blogging due to my hectic schedule from school. Since I really need to focus to school so I left behind my blogs. I had my school vacation but then I use that times to visit my hometown Philippines, so still no blogging for me.

After my long three months vacation, I slowly update my blog since I have only one subject in school. But then, I lost track again. Let say I had my vacation from blogging again. Until last December 2010 I have a lot of energy to blog, which obviously I missed my blog a lot. I started to post three or four times a week and which have continued until now. And I had decided to make another blogs which have own domain and web host. Let see I want to explore more about this blogging world, since I have more time being at home because I am expecting our baby this month. And it means I will be a stay home mom, so I decided to make another blogs.

I hope you will going to support my blogs like you support this blog. My new two blogs are open for exchanging links and follower. So if you have time you can visit my new blogs in these address DIAPER DAYS and SHY..the " Lens Louse Girl ". I expect to see you there!!!


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chicken Pie baby

I was going through my pictures, and I saw this chicken pie we made few months ago, and I remembered that husband and I love it. I tried to find the recipe but I can´t find it anymore ( sad face ) so I think I need to find new chicken pie recipe, any suggestions bloggers??? Would love to try new recipe.

This kind of recipe I never tasted it when I was living in Philippines, as you know guys, we always eat rice something like chicken, fish or other viand. It is sound boring? Not for us, as Filipino, we grow up with rice from the first taste until we die LOL. 

Since I migrated here in Sweden, I have explored different kind of food, from American, European, Asian and other recipes. And so far,I have some favorite already, like this chicken pie on the photo. Have a nice weekend guys, and hope you will have your favorite recipe for this day! Anyway can you share your favorite dish? Would love to know your favorite dish or if you like you can share the recipe.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Just Beautiful-husband and I

I just joined this meme called " Just Beautiful " it has been up on it´s 5 weeks and this is my first entry, but I will try in the future not to miss every single of this meme.

Maybe some of you doesn't know that I am a " lens louse girl " that how my husband call me since I can´t take picture without me on it LOL. Here is my entry for today, I took this picture few days ago, when I asked my husband if I can hug him, and without him knowing, I took picture whiles I hugged him and it turns out very good picture, and when I showed him he said keep it because I love it and I do the same too. So this one of our favorites pictures.

I still have a lot of old and new pictures, which I thought it´s beautiful but I need to wait next Wednesday to share it here.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The King´s Speech movie

It was few minutes when I opened my netbook and started to do blogging at the same time watching the Golden Globe Awards, and suddenly my husband sat beside me. I told him it made me interest to watch the movie " The King´s Speech " because it won some awards. And husband replied me a question, " would you like to watch it now ? " and of course, I said " yes " and husband said " give me five minutes then we watch it " I was surprised because I thought it will took him days to get the movie.  

After the short five minutes, our eyes attention are already in our big screen TV. I´m not sure how longs the movie was, but it was finished around 1:30 in the morning, which made me very sleepy and no energy to go back in my blogging world. The movie was not really special for me, but I love the scenery, both actors and actresses are very good specially Colin Firth. If you watch it, you can feel that you are in old times since the whole movie was in an old time, it was in 1930´s. You better watch it then, and tell me what you think about the movie.
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