Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Chocolate muffins

When I get bored, I always try to find something to do so my boredom will gone away. So I came to idea to clean our kitchen, and after I have done cleaning. I was sitting down in the kitchen and think what else I can do, and I end making chocolate muffins. I think this was my second muffins that I made by myself without any help from my husband. I am really proud that I learned how to bake and become one of my hobbies. My muffins look not really presentable but trust me it taste yummy, and my husband love it.

Monday, 27 December 2010

2 nights..

My sis-in-law kids while opening their gifts

Like we usually do, we spent Christmas Eve at my parent-in-law place and come home during Christmas day, but we haven´t able to come home during Christmas day, instead we stayed for another night at my parent-in-law because my sis-in-law wasn´t able to visited us during Christmas day due to busy days. We can´t go home since we haven´t give our gifts to my sis-in-law kids so we stayed for another night.

Since living here, I haven´t sleep for two nights at my parent-in-law place, this was the first time. I thought it will be boring, but our Christmas day turned out a great Christmas day with my second family. I and my mom-in-law have a good chemistry, we had a good conversation and we played game and laugh together. While my husband was with my dad-in-law, having a good conversation likes we had. So it was a great bonding together.

Gifts from my in-law

Our stayed to them turned out to be a good idea, we met the rest of the family, have gave the gifts to the kids. And finally last night we we´re home. On our way home, we walked through the forest toward to tram station, it took us 15 to 20 minutes to walked hand in hand in the white, freezy winter time, even it was cold we still enjoyed it. It was a wonderful view, white everywhere. Walking three of us, included our baby Junia ( it is strange but we are use to call my baby in my womb as a Junia ) was a great feelings.

I got gifts from my parent-in-law, I thanks my parent-in-law for accepting me as their daughter-in-law without any doubt, which made me very happy everyday.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas EveryOne

Time check! Three in the morning and here I am just woke up ha ha. I went to bed around ten in the evening and my husband went to bed around two in the morning. Here I am clicking the keyboard of my laptop, while husband is deeply asleep. When I woke up he was beside me and greet me a MERRY CHRISTMAS, since I just woke up I am not in my mind LOL, which made me answered him " it is not Christmas ye " instead of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO.

We are invited at my parent-in-law place to celebrate Christmas eve, we probably sleep there, and on Christmas day, we will go at my sister-in-law house and spend a few hours there, and give our gifts to her kids and will be back home in the afternoon on Christmas day.

During this kind of celebration, I always miss the Christmas way in my hometown Davao, it has a big difference from here. Christmas day here is like an ordinary day, just have a private dinner with family and watch the traditional cartoon show in the TV and that´s it. But anyway I need to use to it, since I lived here, I think it will takes time to use to it.

Last year I spent my Christmas with my parent back home, which made me miss them a lot. It is not easy to be away from my parent since this is the first time I am away from them since birth ha ha. I´m sure my mom will cry this Christmas Eve, I remembered what she said to me when I was with them last Christmas " she was crying said, next Christmas you will not with us again " . My mom is very emotional and can cry easily, like me ha ha, maybe, just maybe in 2013 I can spend Christmas again with them, we will see. Anyway have a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wish List

There are 49 hours to go before Christmas, have you already a wish list? I have some of my wish list, and I don´t mean that I should have them in this Christmas. It is some of my pleasure things that made me happy, don´t get me wrong, it doesn´t mean that I am not happy of what I have,I am just one of those thousand women who has a wish list which made them happy. I don´t know if I get these things, but they are some of my wish list to have. I´m sure we have different kind of wish lists, that things above are only material wish lists, and my most important wish is good health for my family back in Phil and here in Sweden specially my husband and our up coming baby.

Who knows maybe one day I can buy one of those things in my list huh?? there is no impossible in this world, or maybe you will send one of those things for me as a Christmas gift ha ha? How about you, what are in your wish list, I don´t mean only for Christmas but things that you have been dreaming of to have in your life. Christmas is not about giving expensive things, it is all about sharing love to each other, and I am really greatful and contented of whom I share my love with because I am 100% sure that he loves me unconditionally and I hope that he realized how much I love him.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finished cabinet

Finally. Our cabinet is finished. I talked about our cabinet in my previous post, and finally I can post our finished cabinet. Last week we bought the remaining interior of our cabinet, it is only the matter of putting it in the proper place. Our cabinet has been finished the few days but haven´t able to post about it, but finally today I have the energy to talk about it. I have been lazy these days, maybe because of my pregnancy or maybe because of the cold weather. Husband and I love our new cabinet, it is easy for us now to get our clothes in proper specially me who is messy. My clothes could be everywhere in the apartment which I felt ashame about it, but I´m trying to do my best to put my things in a proper place likes my husband. But anyway here are shot of our cabinet.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My teacher is also a writer

We had our party lasts week and it was fun. There´s a lot of food, good conversation and some games. We had a question and answer game, and my group had won this game and as a price we got my teacher new released book, and of course all got it too. I thought it´s only the winners who will have it, but I was wrong. My teacher is not only a teacher, she also a writer, she loves to write different kind of stories and I have read one of her books and it was great book, I enjoyed it a lot specially because it has an easy Swedish words.

I have already started to read the book above, and I enjoyed it so I´m sure I can finish it a week or so. You see I don´t enjoy reading but since I live with my husband I started to appreciate what is the value of the book and how important it is. You can learn different kind of aspect in life and I know it is good, that´s why I am trying my best to start to enjoy reading a book like my husband does.

Let see guys, how it goes for me, who knows one day I will be a writer ha ha.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


We went out today to buy some gifts for my sister in laws kids. First we dropped by in the City Library and returned some books that we borrowed. And went to Electronic store to buy a new strengthening hair kit since my old one was broken. And after that we hunted for the kids present. We finished early than I thought, maybe because it was not much people in the City and it was early. I asked my husband what he wanted and he said a " cake " so in the evening I baked a cake as our dessert and as usual husband likes it. I always fell great when my husband appreciates my husband appreciates what I do.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

School Party in 2010

No more school, but I need to attend school party tomorrow. I hate to go out because it is slippery in the ground and it always take a risk for me to walk since I can´t see my feet anymore because of my big stomach. But I need to the attend the party since it will be the last meeting together with my classmates and teacher. I was planning few weeks ago to bake a cake but I felt lazy so I won´t make any cake instead I need to make my last speech to my classmates and teacher, actually everybody will make a speech. So will see tomorrow, I´m sure it will be a fun party.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

School is over for this year

Finally school is over for this year, and I am extra happy because I pass my subject. No more waking up early in the morning and rush to the tram station. This time I can relax and do whatever I want and good news I am back in blogging for real and update my blog often. I said update this blog often because I will be in doors most of the time since it is dangerous for me to go out ha ha, what I mean is, it is slippery in the ground because snow has frozen in the ground and it is not good for me to walk because maybe I fall down but so far it was never happen to me, since I am really careful when I walk which leads em to be late in the school often ha ha. But like my husband said it is better to be late for ten minutes to school than to risk my baby´s life, and I think he´s absolutely right. But anyway no more rushing to school for a month, and I can sleep as long as I want ha ha. You maybe notice I laugh a lot, it just I am happy with my life. Ciao for now guys!!!

Found our bathroom furniture

I have post here a few weeks ago that we have been buying furniture for our home. We have completed our cabinet, it is totally finished now, we have bought the remaining interior last week and hubby and I are very glad about it. We also bought baby furniture but we haven´t assemble yet because we have agreed that we will assemble it few weeks before my delivery.

So everything we need for our home is almost finished. And now we are hunting for very good quality for bathroom furniture. We have talked about it few days before our cabinet was completed, since our cabinet was finished we thought it would be a great idea to find for a new bathroom furniture.

Hubby and I have been searching through Internet, we thought maybe we will find a good deal when it comes to bathroom furniture. And yes endeed, we find one, actually it was my husband who found this site www.betterbathrooms.com, we look through it, and we find their offer very interesting. They sell different kind of things you can find in a bathroom, for example heated towel rails, bathroom accessories, bathroom taps and many more. Plus they also offer bathroom suites for up to 55 % OFF RRP.

All we need to do is order and wait until it arrives in our door, how about you? Do you need anything when it comes to bathroom? Then you are in a right place!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Final Exam

It will be my final exam tomorrow, I am bit nervous because I don´t have no any idea what will be our exam about. I have passed all the previous exams so my teacher thought I am capable to take the final exam tomorrow, so there is nothing to worry, but I can´t help myself ha ha... I hope to pass the exam tomorrow so wish me luck guys :D...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Pink Roses

My husband knew that I love pink color, I have pink laptop, slipper, few pink blouses, pink converse shoes, pink bag and pink bathrobe hahaha..so obviously I am a pink lover, so today I got a pink roses from my husband, and I thought it was really sweet of him to brought pink flowers for me...Everyday my husband surprises me in different ways which made me love him more and more :D..

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Table

We went to Ikea today for two reasons, first is to buy the remaining interior for our cabinet and second is to eat the Christmas food table ( what I mean is food that usually serve during Christmas eve, but here in Gothenburg they started to serve those food during December, I don´t know the reason why they do it ) . This is the first time husband and I will going to taste the Christmas food table here in Gothenburg even though I have lived here for more than three years.

My husband asked me first if it a good idea to eat the Christmas food table since I don´t eat pork, and I thought I can eat other food and I´m sure they will not only serve pork. When we we´re in the place, it was already full of people, but we got a good place to sit down and eat as much as we wanted. It was a good idea of my husband because I almost love all the foods that they served.

After we have eaten enough food that I almost threw up haha, we moved on to the next planned which is to collected the remaining interior for our cabinet and went home. It was always fun to go out with my hubby and do whatever we wanted, so all in all it was a good weekend with my husband.
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