Friday, 15 July 2011


Sometimes boredom strike us even how much we try to fight it. Like for example right now. I have been at my husband´s computer for three hours but I haven´t done anything. Just looking at my friends new photos in Facebook. I have so much to blog about, but my hands are to heavy to start to write about it, instead I started to write to post.

Many of you know that I am a newly mom and I seldom post in my blogs than usual because of luck of time, but this time, right at this moment, I am so free for couple of hours because both my husband and baby are sleeping but I am not in the mood to blog. Sometimes if I am into blogging, I can make a long post for only 10 to 15 minutes, but right now, I just cant do it.

The past days, we visited different kind of places out side Gothenburg border. We cannot do a long trip since my baby girl is just three months old and we both know that it will be difficult travel instead of enjoyable. We wait until next year, who knows maybe we will have our vacation in the Philippines. Let see if we have budget for that travel.

Maybe later or tomorrow I have the energy to post where we went the past days. I think I will have a bath to refresh my mind. So see you later guys.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Picnic time

Last week I often see my friends than normal, maybe because one of them is going to visit Philippines. We are always like that, what I mean is, when somebody in our group girlfriend going to visit Philippines, we try to hang out together before she fly to Philippines. It is same when she is going back because we are sure that she will bring dried fish which we all love and miss to eat.

The first attempt of going to picnic was successful but it was a bit chilly, it was not obvious on the photos, but trust me it was a bit cold for a picnic but we continue since we enjoy it. And who cares, we enjoy each other´s company.

And the next picnic was perfect, we even had the chicken, pork and fish barbeque. The last time one of us brought a grill material but it wasn´t use at all instead it was used the next picnic as you can see on the photos. It was sunny that time, and we don´t like the sun that´s why we are in the shade but not for Swedish people. During that picnic, there were few Swedish were sun bathing. It was so hot that it hurt the skin, and I felt it. I don´t understand those Swedish people who was sun bathing for few hours. I also learned, that we only need five minutes to be expose in the sun to get the vitamin D we need. Anyway we will see each other again tomorrow since one of our girlfriends just came home from a short vacation in Philippines. And she brought dried fish that´s one reason why we see each other tomorrow. I will try to post about it tomorrow evening. See you then.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Update, update, update

Have you already checked your new page rank? If you haven´t then check it out now maybe you are one of those lucky bloggers who have gain their blogs page rank, as for this blog of mine, it has a steady page rank three for more than a year or maybe two years already which made me very happy. I neglect this blog for couple of months since I have new blogs in domain and I am busy updating those blogs. Even thought I have not update this blog, but blog advertisers still give some tasks since it has a high page rank, so I thought it´s time to update this blog. I just can´t leave it behind. I have few blogs now and it gives me hard time to update all them, but I try my best to update it.

Can the ignorant stranger qualify the crown?

Can the ignorant stranger qualify the crown?
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