Saturday, 28 November 2009

Small Party before I leave

I invited my friends to have a lunch in my place and I will cook all the food for them, from appetizer to dessert. I´m not good in cooking but I will try my best to make the food delicious. This was my husband´s idea to have a small party for my friends before I leave, and I thought it was a good idea. Since my time here in Sweden is getting shorter, I tried to make it perfect each day ( mura mn og dili na mubalik lol ). I was lonely since Tuesday because my husband was away for a business trip, and supposed to be he was home yesterday but something happen that he needed to stay for one night in Ukraine, when I knew the news it made me sad and almost cried. But I am still thankful that it was happen otherwise something bad happened to my husband in the airplane. But anyway back to party talk, I will prepare a Swedish food since all party I have attended, I ate all Filipino food. I am excited for this party since it is the first party that I will organize, and I hope my friends will like my food and my company. I will post some photos here after the party, so wish me luck guy.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

5 days to go...

Yehey! one day to go my husband will be back home from his business trip. I have been missing him so much specially his words " I love you " every morning I wake up and every night I sleep. I was crying the first time when I went to bed alone, I needed my husband´s presence beside me which made me felt not sleepy. And I was very worried about him, since he sent me sms that they had a problem to landing because of too much fog, when I received that message I can´t slept and only waiting for his sms. Until I fall asleep waiting for his sms, and when I woke up I checked quickly my phone and got one sms from him saying that they had successfully landing at Ukraine airport. I was felt relief after reading his message, and realized how difficult to be away from my husband. Now I wonder how will I feel when I will be in Philippines with my family but far away from my husband, anyway it´s only time will tell.

Present for my sisters

I was been busy these past few days to buy different kind of present for my family, since I will visit them during Christmas so I need to buy some present for them. I have bought present to my parents and brothers except my sisters. So I am planning to buy them beauty care, I knew one of my sisters love Aveda product so I will try to search the net to find that product for her and maybe find too for my other sisters.

While searching the net, I accidentally open this site called which offer different kind of beauty product such as hair product and skin care products which are perfect present to my sisters. And guess what I found the one I was looking for my sister the Aveda product. Because they are having Discount Kerastase, so why don´t I buy some for my other sisters. They also offer Bumble and Bumble, CHI, davines, Elnett and Mason Pearson products. I am glad that I found this site because that means that I will no problem finding a beauty product for my sisters, because it´s over because of Luxuryparlor! Why don´t you check their site!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy days

Yes, I have been busy like a bee these days, Last weekend, I never had a chance to sat down here in my computer and do my blogging thing, because I and hubby we´re invited by a friend and my in-laws to visited and hanging out with them. Saturday was in our friend´s house and Sunday as marked as family times so we we´re invited at my in-law house, to both occasion we came home late so no time for me to blog, which made me missed my blog so much (lol).

Anyway it is my husband´s birthday today, so I woke up early which I don´t usually do. Since it´s my husband´s birthday, I woke up early and made a breakfast in bed for my husband which made him laugh because of happiness, since he´s not used to me, waking up first before him ( he´s always wake up first all these years lol ). After he´s breakfast in bed or supposed to be our breakfast in bed since I joined him, we went back to slept and set the alarm at 7.45 am to get readt for his work.

When he woke up, I was still in the bed and planning to stay a little bit since I woke up at 6.20am to made breakfast lol. When my husband left, I decided to jumped out from the bed to my computer, and search some blueberries cake for my husband (I am making this post whiles searching for a delicious cake to make for my husband). And later today, I will go to the mall and find card for my "birthday boy" and the most important man in my life, peace papa. I hope I can make a delicious cake for my hubby, wish me luck guy (wink).

Thursday, 19 November 2009

14 days to go...

It´s been awhile since I blogged last, I was been so lazy to update my blog these passed few days. I think there something to do with my travel and my feelings. I am happy because finally I will see my family for the first time since I migrated here in Sweden, and sad because it will be the first time that I will not be with my husband, I´m sure it will be difficult to both of us not to see each other since I never slept over to a friend here in Sweden since we lived together. And suddenly we will not see each other for three months which are not really a good idea but we don´t a choice, we cannot have both. We need to sacrifice to get the other´s happiness.

It´s 14 days to go before my flight, and there still a lot of things I need to do before my flight such as medical check which will be tomorrow morning, buy some pasalubong, pack the things I will bring with me, I have started already but some of my clothes need to be in laundry first before I can pack them, my husband´s birthday ( I need to bake a cake for him and some little gift from me ) and last but not the least my small party here before I leave Sweden. The aim of my party is to just hang out for the last time to all my friends here in Sweden before I leave. Since I will be away for my 24 birthday so I and hubby thought it would be great to have a small party before I leave. Not only that occasion, because I will be away too during personal occasion such as Christmas and new years, our 3rd year wedding anniversary and valentine. Since my husband wanted to make sure that I am happy during that occasion, he has already granted my wishes which are new bags, iPhone 3gs and also the ticket for Philippines, which made me really happy and thankful with.

For the next week, I will be totally busy as bee lol, but I know I can do it, all I need to say is AJA! I am getting excited for my trip but I can´t took away the sadness in my heart that I will be away from my husband. Honestly, I don´t have any idea what will I feel when I will be in the Philippines, maybe the first time I will be happy then suddenly sad, anyway only time will tell, let see what will happen.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

stable pagerank for at least half a years

Sorry missed a few days here, have been so lazy updating my blog, but it is opposite to my other blog, it is because I tried to update that blog about my before and after travel ( so if you like to be updated about my blog just click this and you will be in my other blog ). Before I forgot I would like to thank you guy for always visiting my blog and leaving comments which made my blog status stable for six months now. Yes it was six months old yesterday that my blog has a pagerank three, which I am really thankful because sometimes I forgot this blog to update but the status of this blog is really strong.

I don´t know maybe later, tomorrow or next week my pagerank will be zero and I will not complaint about it, if my page rank will be zero. Anyway the day of my departure is getting nearer each day, which mades me feel excited to see my family, friends and relative in my hometown Davao. Honestly I felt happy and sad, happy because I will see my family again and sad because I will miss my husband so much. But like people said, it is nice to be far away to each other sometimes to express and measure the true love, which is definitely true.

For me and my husband we trust each other so much that when someone is away to each other we don´t ever think negative thought because our trust and love to each other is always there no matter where we are. But we know that we will miss each other a lot, because we never been away to each other since we live together for two years and four months. I know my husband is happy for me because I will see my family and he knew that it is my wish for this coming Christmas to see my first family, and I know he is also sad because he can´t hold me in his arm for at least three months ( poor husband ). Anyway enough for drama lol, what´s up for the weekend guys?

Monday, 9 November 2009

dance shoes

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are here, enjoy your new pair of dance shoes!

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Yeah I know I have been busy to something else than blogging. Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys about my previous post that my husband will tells me a news, YES! He tell me a secret that my plan ticket for Davao was confirmed and will stay there for exactly three months. I know it´s a little bit long vacation, but my family and friends miss me, and same with me. So my husband told me that I deserve that vacation for three months and I am excited to go back to my husband after three months because we we´re planning to add a little angel to our family. Hopefully we get it quickly lol, I am really excited to end my other side of me and started with a new side of me which is being a mother and it would be same with my husband, sometimes I think he is more excited than I, anyway I could understand that since he never been a father before we lived together. Who will have vacation to Philippines this coming December, maybe it would be fun to hang out sometimes..

PS: One of a blogger, told me that this blog has a virus, so I will ask you guys, does my blog has a virus which you will know when you open this blog? an answer would be great, because I never notice it (if there is a virus).

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Sorry guys, I have been either bored blogging or busy to update lol. So what has happened lately? Nothing much, I am just not on mood posting. Anyway I have posted here that my husband will be away for four days, but it was delayed due to swine flu break out in Ukraine so they decided to stay for a while and made a vaccination for swine flu, my husband has done his vaccination and it gave him bad feelings, like headache and weak, but his fine now and working hard as usual. I also need to have a vaccination, but when we went to the Health Center which beside our apartment, they said that the vaccination for swine flu was finish so I need to wait for a few weeks or maybe a month, good for me :P ( I said it was good for me because I hate injection, I never experienced injection except when I was in grade 5 and living in the Philippines that time, and I hate it a lot, since that I avoid injection, I absent in the school everytime I hear that they will gave free injection, I know it was not good idea to hide but I still love it because I will be free from all kind of injection that my classmates have ). This time I am really excited for the news that my husband will tell me today or maybe the next day. I will happily tell you guys about it, when it´s already confirm. So till the next time guys. Ciao!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Alone for 4 days

My husband will be away for at least four days, because of his work, either me nor my husband like it, but it is a part of his work and it´s need to be done. This will be the first time that I and my husband will be away to each other. I know we will both feel strange to sleep alone. I tried to joke to my husband and said: Darling I can fit on your lagguage, why don´t you put me there and wrap with your clothes and my husband just smile and said: Darling if you don´t like that I am away from me, think that I will feel the same too. But this is the part of my work that should be done, there will be more in the future that I will be away from you, so let´s try to start now. We just laughed each other and hug tight.

I was thinking to ask one of my friend if I can sleep over while my husband is away, but I though I am just disturbing their family, so I better stay at home alone, at least I have my own computer and I can do what ever I wanted. But anyway I can still do what I wanted even my husband is here. I know to some people they feel happy everytime they are away to their partner because they can do or eat what ever they want, but in my case I can do and eat what ever I wanted when I am with my husband. My husband will be leaving this coming thuesday morning and will be back on Friday night, I know we will miss each other...
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