Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Lasagne Recipe

It was been a long time since I made a lasagne, so I decided to make one last night. I and hubby enjoy a lot this lasagne and we consider this as one of our favorite food. I am getting better in the kitchen and I am happy for that. I find cooking very interesting, perhaps I will enroll in a cooking school it would be fun I think. Anyway enjoy my lasagne recipe, does it looks delicious?

Let them help you about your debt problem

In this time of crisis, many people get the idea to borrow money. Sometimes when we are in emergency of needing money, one easier solution is to borrow money, but sometimes we don´t notice that we are losing control about our debt and it can lead to a very serious problem. Some looses shelter, cars and any other things too, just to pay their loan. So maybe this time we need somebody to help us about our debt, and one of the leading sources of information in the Internet is the DCC (Debt Consolidation Connection). This Site DCC is resources for financial such as financial education, credit counseling, and debt management, they can also help you about budgeting, credit card debt, loan modification, and do-it-yourself resources, and be updated about the recently in financial news. They can be the answer of your question about your problem from debt, and if you like you can check their Site Debt Consolidation Loans and learn more about their offer. You can find some article which helps you about your debt and other matters about how to manage your debt. I think this will be really helpful for us to manage our debt problem and they are happy to serve us and give us a better life.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Award from Jetnah

I got this lovely tag from my comedian friend Janet. If you would be with this girl na andam nlng jud kay makaihi ka og katawa LOL. She has a lot of sense of humor in the world so if we (Jenny, Shy and Janet) join together cgehe lang me tawa hangtod musakit amo tiyan. Ok tama na gurl basin nibukad na imo atay diha..Anyway lamat ayo sa award so uulitin. I need to speak english now LOL, to all my friends you are free to grab this "Love You" award.

The new offer course from k alliance

Last weekend I met my friend who lived here also in Sweden, as we usually do, chat, eat and chat again. She is really happy because she started her computer based training course which own by k alliance. She likes the course and learn a lot about computer and also she gain her knowledge about computer work likes IT and so on. She just confirmed by a classmate that k alliance is now offers distance learning courses which are really convenience to people who like to do the speed of their own study and also they can select where and when to study. I think k alliance is very smart for producing this kind of courses. They save much people´s time to do other things and they make people easily to study.

My friend is planning to chance schedule by applying a new course which is the distance learning courses which are the newly courses of k alliance. The K alliance´s distance learning option, which allows them to participate in a live class without physically being there. And my friend really likes the idea because she thought it´s very convenience. Maybe next week she will start her new course and she told me that she is looking forward to the new offers of k alliance.

My new close shoes

I just bought this close shoes and I really like it, I could not imagine I wear this kind of shoes. I used to laugh when I see this kind of shoes and I said to myself that I will not going to wear this kind of shoes. But I was wrong because I started to love this kind of shoes and I am planning to buy more for collection. I decided to wear them sometimes so that they will stay longer LOL. Anyway I need to minimize with my shopping habit because I think I had too much money waste because of my wants hobby. But anyway I am happy everytime I go for shopping, all I need to do is to minimize it and that what will I try to do if I can control my shopaholic altitude.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Problem with my computer

This passed few days, my computer just shot down itself and I don´t have any idea why. I get irritated because I never experience this kind of problem for almost two (2) years, just this passed few days. Perhaps our computer need to be clean up that´s why I am searching the net about registry cleaners reviews so that I will learn why computer need to be clean up. And I was not disappointed because I found what I was looking for. And hopefully, after registry cleaner, my computer will works like it used to be.

Get the best insurance at

There´s a lot of motor traders insurance produce each day and one of them are the which have different kind of insurance. They provide the high quality insurance products because they want to serve their costumer with the best insurance that they wish for. They are the one of the country´s biggest independently owned insurance brokers and have created best relationships with a multiple of the UK´s leading insurance companies. The best about this company is, once they receive your information through online, they immediately create a complete policy to suit you at the lowest rate possible. Once you purchase to them, they will check prices by using their advanced computer so that you will get the best rates on the market.

I think this Site is amazing, I admitted this is my first time to know this kind of service which you got all you need with your insurance. Since I was amaze with their insurance service, I make sure that when we buy car, I will get our insurance in this amazing insurance service. So what about you? Do you want to get the best deal of your insurance? Then you are free to call them at 0800 021 7333 and know their exclusive rates which is prepared to be keep away from their competitors. And expect the best service that they can offer to you, and they will be happy to serve you. Anyway I will tell my brother about this insurance because I know he was long time finder with a great insurance for his car.

Rainy Days :(

It been raining this passed few weeks, and I am not really happy about it since we have one (1) more month left for summer and soon it will be autumn and it means cold weather again. I hope it will not going to rain on Thursday because my friends and I will going to amusement park. So just rain until on Wednesday but not on Thursday please, otherwise I need to sing "rain rain go away , come back in another day" LOL.

We will buy machine for my exercise habit

Since I migrate here in Sweden I am starting to gain weight since I eat a lot and also because of the lack of exercise. I have been trying to do a diet but it seems doesn't work. That´s why I asked my husband if he can buy elliptical machines that I can use for exercising since the autumn will be here really since. So I thought it´s better to exercise indoors. My husband told me to search the net to find elliptical fitness equipment reviews because he wants to know the cost and so on. I am glad that he will probably buy me a new machine for my exercise habit and I hope I will lose weight and be more sexy in future.

web host

I been blogging for almost a year now, but I admitted that I am not really good when it comes to do a web host. So I decided to purchase a web host which I get reasonable and affordable price, and I was not disappointed because I get what I want and need at They offer different kind of web hosting which has lowest prices that you could ever wish for. They are the Cheap professional web hosting services which you can get $10 a month and also you get one free domain name registration and a 30 days money back guarantee. I think this is really great offer and I had convinced myself to purchase to them and start enjoying my web host with affordable price. I think this is the best web host that we can get through online and to improve our skills in web hosting. So what are you waiting for? grab the opportunity whiles it´s still there and enjoy your new web hosting!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Here the supercharger for your car

Are you looking for supercharger for your car? Then you came in the right place because has all kind of supercharger you are looking for your car, either it´s pontiac supercharger, mercedes supercharger and buick supercharger. If you like to have the supercharger for your car then purchase at because they have a reasonable and affordable supercharger and they are the lowest provider in the Internet. So if I were you, I´m going to take the chances to buy the supercharger for my car and enjoy the great price than the other companies price. If you like you can check out their Website at

Friday, 24 July 2009

I will purchase business case for my husband

I get really excited when my husband told me that maybe it will be possible that I can visit my family this Christmas holiday. But my husband warned me to not be really excited because it is still unsure if I can travel. I didn´t mind what he told me because I am really excited that simple, I can´t help myself since I never since my family for two (2) years. I started to do window shopping, and get idea what to give to my family as my present. I also looking for Carry-On Luggage since I don´t have carry luggage and I though this is the right time to buy one because I knew I need anyway because I will bring some things for my family.

While surfing the net, I found different kind of luggage. And one of them get my attention, the Business cases, I thought it would be good to purchase it for my husband since his birthday is soon. And I am sure he can use it often since he is a businessman. I also found some Executive Accessories, they all very nice and beautiful but since I don´t have enough budget, I better purchase next time. But I am sure to purchase my husband´s new business case and my new carry on luggage. If you are looking for any kind of luggage for your travel? Then you are in the right place.

Update for my farmtown

This morning, I tried to renovate my farmtown. I bought the house I like since I got a lot of money by harvesting´s other farm and I am almost 27 level just a little more work then I will be on level 27. It was not easy because my hand was hurt and getting numb. I know that my hand need to rest but I didn´t rest at all because I wanted to finished my renovating. It took me five (5) hours to settle all things in the right place where I like to place them. Anyway to all my friend who accepted my invitation to be my neighbours (and to all who need neighbours just buzz me up, I´ll be just one message away LOL), thanks to you guy, you know who you are mwah!

Looking forward for our travel

When planning for travel, there are a lots of things must be consider likes destination, hotels and many tiny information. There are a lots of hotels which has a good service, such as Ocho Rios hotels and so on. And maybe you wish for caribbean hotels, I can´t blame because caribbean hotels is what everybody can wish for. If there a lot of hotel then of course, there also a lot of countries you can travel too.

I always wish to travel to Jamaica and experience the inclusive Jamaica, but since my husband is busy at work-I need to wait a little bit time before I go travel. I´m sure my husband will give the best travelling that I wish for, since I never had a travel since I migrate here in Sweden. And he had promised me that he will take me to the place that I like to visit. So I am looking forward for our vacation together, I know this will be memorable travel since we never done travelling together, this will be our first time to travelling together.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Get your satellite tv in your area

Have you find your Satellite TV Providers in your area? Sometimes it´s difficult to find satellite TV in our own areal right? But since Kaptain Satellite is here to help us to find the best Satellite Television, they provide all information deals about Satellite TV providers in your area. All you need to do is relax and let Kaptain Satellite find the best satellite TV for you. They can provides to different kind of places, for example a Direct TV for Denver
-I´m sure this is a good news to all people who live in Denver and one of them are my friend who migrate in Denver for almost ten (10) years now. So to everyone out there, who is looking for best satellite TV in your area-just relax and make Kaptain Satellite work for you.

We baked raspberry cave



Last night, I and hubby helped each other to baked a raspberry cave. It was my first time to bake a raspberry cave which turns very delicious. We baked 20 pieces and the one dozen we gave it to my husband´s colleague in the office because we knew that his wife is pregnant. When my husband went home today, he told me that his friend wanted to say thanks me for giving them a raspberry cave and they really like it. Anyway I am happy because they like it and also my husband, it taste so delicious. I´m sure it will not stay at less one day because it will be finish so soon.

My Christmas Holidays plan

Since I migrate here in Sweden, I never experience to do a Christmas Holidays since my hubby is so busy at work. I consider it and also he promised me that when he is not busy, he goes to take me to the place that I want to visit. But first, I would like to do my first Christmas holiday with my family in the Philippines. Two years of not seeing my family is stressful that´s why I deserve a long vacation with them this year, and I hope it will be this coming Christmas holiday. I would love to spend the Christmas with them because it was two years ago since I celebrate the Christmas with them.

I do not know yet, how does it feel to be away from my husband because since I arrived here I never attempt to go for vacation without him. And for living together for two years, I don´t have any idea what will I feel to be away from my husband. Maybe I will have a short vacation with my family in the Philippines but I make sure it will be memorable to me and to my family. I really miss my entire family specially my mom and dad, it is my first time to be away from them since I got marriage. I know many people will have a Christmas holidays in different kind of ways as long as they are with the one they love, family , friends or relatives. I hope everybody will have a wonderful holiday.

We will buy my husband´s own office furniture

Buying stuff for your home can be fun and frustrating at the same time, I remember when I just arrived here in Sweden, I and hubby almost fought because we have different kind of likes when it comes to BathroomVanities, but I admitted even it was difficult, it was also fun specially to be with my hubby buying stuff for our new home. One of things that can makes our home look nice and cosy is to have some furniture for example Outdoor furniture and many other furnitures too.

Sometimes furniture can be really expensive, and one way to avoid expensive furniture is to buy during summer because there will be a lot of great deal furniture that´s why I and hubby hunting for a Office furniture this summer so that we can experience the great deal of summer. We we´re looking for office furniture in our house since there is enough space for my husband owns office at home. We both sure that we will find great deal about furniture this summer because we knew that summer is always good season to buy new furniture. And this time we make sure that we both agree what to buy or not. So how about you? Are you also hunting for great deal furniture this summer, then goodluck to you and we hope that you get the best deal of furniture this summer!

Need used transmission for your car?

Are you looking for used transmissions or replacement transmission for your car, truck or SUV? Then you came in the right place because SW Transmission is here to help you with your car transmissions, they offer different kind of transmission which fits for your car, they have Chevy transmissions, Honda Transmissions, Toyota, Buick and of course the Mitsubishi, I just name a few of them-they also sell every standard Domestic and Foreign transmission. They have 3,500 independent dealers of used, remodeled, latest transmissions and even the hard to find style. Don´t worry because, they know who to deal with, who no to and where to find the right price for the right transmission for you.

Finding the transmissions for your car, can be pressure and frustrating, and they understand it, that why they do their best to bear out the perfect fit for your car. Because they want you to feel satisfied with their offer. SW Transmission is in the business to provide customers in the US and Canada with the highly quality used transmissions. So you better check out their Site and have the best transmission for your car!

Problem with Entrecard

I was not blogging this passed few days, I have been busy with my farmtown in Facebook (before I forgot, I like to thanks to my friends here in blogging who became my neighbour in farmtown, it is highly appreciate by me). I just noticed that Entrecard does not working, I know I was late to noticed this because I was busy like I mentioned. To all my fellow bloggers, THANKS for always visiting my blog and I promise to visit you back as long as I can. I am back to blogging now because I miss it LOL. I hope Entrecard will be ok so soon.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Massage chair for you

Have you ever heard the words Human Touch? Human Touch is the number one (1) provider of massage chairs in the United States and this passed thirty (30) years, many people feel better because of their product which is the massage chair. I think Human Touch is the best massage chair, because they take years to research for design and also testing by Human Touch´s international team of product developers and engineers, and did you know that, it was resulted in the development of different award-winning patented massage technologies. Did you know that Human Touch is synonymical with a good quality, reliability and of course, the style, It also well-known for being integration of modern technology.

At Human Touch they offer different kind of massage chair, they have massage chair for athletic, the health conscious, stressed, the price conscious and for the chronic pain. In this different kind of massage chair, you will get different kind of benefits. Massage Chair give additional benefits for you like, it can lower blood pressure, increase circulation, improve and expedite recovery from injury, improve sleep and enhance concentration. And also doing a regular massage can stimulates the lymph system which the body´s natural defense against toxic invaders - to help prevent sickness and develop an overall sense of wellbeing. I think Human Touch has the product that gives people a healthy life.

I have decided to buy the Italian bedroom set

Finding good quality bed can be irritating and fun like I feel now, I have been searching the net for about half an hour now, I couldn´t find bed that suits my needs until I found this Italian bedroom sets which get my attention. I admitted the bedroom set is a little bit expensive to our budget. But I thought it´s better to get expensive ones because it stay longer. Like my husband said to me, when it comes to his everyday used like for example shoes, he always selected the expensive which last longer and it means- it´s not expensive at all. I am opposite with my husband, I bought inexpensive shoes, but I bought every twice a months. I have read enough to convince myself to purchase the Italian bed set and I am sure my husband will agrees about what I have decided to buy the Italian bedroom set.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Two years living with my husband here in Sweden

Today is my officially two years living with my husband here in Sweden, and it means I have been away from my family, friends and relatives for two years. It was not easy step for me to be away from my family because ever since I grew up, I never experience to be away from them, even sleeping in other house likes my friends house - I never done it in my whole life. But now, since I marriage a person who is in the other part of the world likes my mom said. I need to sacrifice to be away from them, I think it´s not really a sacrifice because this is where I belong to my loving husband.

I never regrets when I said yes to my husband because he deserves to have my yes. Living here in Sweden is not easy, but my husband is always there for me. He never ever treated me bad even thought I am away from my family and also I am alone here, no relatives only some friends who I only met here. Being marriage to my husband is wonderful, I knew it´s not like a paradise, sometimes we face trials in life and we always do our best to understand each other.

I am thankful that I have the man who will love me no matter what happen, who comfort me when I feel down, who wipe my tears when I cry, who understand me everytime I get mataray and stubborn, and who love me more than anything else in the world. Our love is getting longer and stronger ( and looking forward for more years with him) and I am thankful for God, for giving me this man who touch my heart and soul.

inexpensive railroad ties

Improving our transportation infrastructure can be really expensive, it can cost million of dollar, but since we are in a high tech generation, we can make some alternative and one of them are the composite railroad ties, and maybe you wonder what made of this railroad ties. This made of recycled plastic (good) which can be last up to 75 years which are longer than regular ties which last only for 15 years or so, and they don´t have the harmful chemical used to make the wooden ties last longer. I think this new technology is very helpful for every one of us.

Our food trip together

We end our weekend last night, by cooking together as we usually do during weekend. This is also one way to bonding together since we can´t do some vacation because og my husband hectic schdule at work, but he promised me that, when he will not be busy anymore, he will take me to any places that I like to visit. My husband don´t like just to sit down, while I am in the kitchen preparing our food, he always love to help me to do food stuff when he does nothing. So last night we prepared the food together, I made Chinese chicken curry and rice, and he made carrot cake. My husband is always good in the kitchen evens before he was a bachelor, he does everything and here in Sweden maid is not normal. And everytime I make food he always love to help me and I am happy for that because not all husbands like to work in the kitchen right? Anyway below is our food lasts night that we made together and it was so delicious YUMMY. It was a good end for our weekend together.

Friday, 17 July 2009

I need more neighbours in my farmtown

To all my friends here and who are playing farmtown in Facebook, I need more neighbours so please let me know if you need more neighbours too, so that we can exchange neighbor LOL. I am slowly but surely addicted to farmtown Yehey, this is achievement LOL. Please guys leave me a message please, let us to be neighbours.

My favorite Armani Jeans

I love collecting bags and I try to buy some almost every month if I have a budget. Besides of bags I also love to collect different kinds of jeans and I like to share some of my favorite jeans from Armani Exchange that I always wish to buy. Armani Exchange is created by Italian designer and entrepreneur Giorgio Armani, he interprets his own sensual and unique style to made a casual but sophisticated collection for the young ,urban and sexy.

Below are my favorite jeans from Armani Exchange. Not only are they made of high quality materials, they also show the form of your legs well - and you can wear them with high heels, sandals or even boots. So I think it is really advantageous to have this kind of jeans.

Maybe this is the time to buy your own favorite jeans from Armani Exchange, because for this season they are offering new premium Denim at the price of $98 only, And I think this is my chance to buy my favorite jeans. Armani Exchange company is offering a text A|X contest and also campaign SMS where people are able to win a pair of denim every day for this month. All you need to do to join this contest is to text the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264) - for more information visit I will join this contest - who knows, maybe I will win and I don´t need to buy new ones.

If you are going to purchase a full priced pair of denim from Armani Exchange, either in store or online, between 7/7/09 until 7/19/09, you will recieve a gift card of $20 off for your next purchase of $100 or more and this will be valid until 7/30/09. That is a great offer, don´t you agree? You can visit their A|X Blog and you can also follow them in twitter@ArmaniExchange.


I chatted to my family in Philippines

This morning I was chatting with my family, I talked to my mom and dad. They both asked when I will visited them because they miss me so much. I also talked to my sister and already asked some pasalubong, OMG! I need to have a budget for their pasalubong. When I was talking to my dad, he told me it not suit me well with my bangs, he laughed when he said it, so while we we´re talking I put some hair clip in my bangs LOL. I can think that my mom and dad miss me so much the way they talked. It is getting better now, because my mom don´t cried anymore when we talked, not like before because everytime we chatted she cried a lot. But I am glad because she don´t cry this time, I am really happy today to both see my parents healthy and that the only thing I wish for. I hope to see them this year.

Best place for your operation

Plastic surgery operation is very common this day, and it could be expensive and inexpensive to people. But when it comes to this kind of operation we should consider to research before doing it and one of the most popular plastic surgery is the rhinoplasty. Have you imagine that travel to Europe for operation can be cheaper? Did you know that, the big advantage of rhinoplasty abroad is the price. And if you hesitate to believe then try to read this Rhinoplasty cost and you can compare the prices in different kind of countries and other important information. And I´m sure after you have done read it, you will have enough reason to believe it. If you are planning to do operation in any part of your body likes breast enhancement then the Central Europe is the best place for your operation.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Am I addicted?

This passed few days, I didn´t do any sponsors review since I started to love to play the farmtown in Facebook. I´m not really sure if I am starting to get addicted to the game,I don´t have any idea, I just enjoy the game and started to forgot to do some review. But anyway I am starting to make a balance between my blog and farmtown LOL. Anyway I need some neighbor in my farmtown account so if you are interested, just leave me a comment and let us to be neighbor each other.

I will buy new luggage

I am really excited to have my vacation in the Philippines even though it is not really sure yet, since I need to have a budget money and I am still waiting for my permanent visa interview. I hope it will be next month so that I can start to travel around Europe since I will get a European Union Visa it means I can visit more than 27 countries here in Europe. But I am more looking forward to visit my family in the Philippines. But first I need to buy something for them like a present, it´s been a tradition to a Filipino people to bring something to their family when they are from abroad. So for me I am a little bit busies looking for something to my family since I have a big family back in Philippines. So it means I need a big luggage so that I will have all things that should be with me when I am away. That´s why everytime I sit in my computer room I don´t forget to surf the net to get my new luggage because I know that I really need one for my coming travel.

I know it´s not really sure yet but I am still excited about it, and I am always pray that I can able to visit Philippines because I really miss my family specially my mom and dad. It was really funny because I have told my family that maybe I can visit them this year and they we´re so happy and my mom and dad starting to said what they want me to bring for them. Anyway if ever I have a lot of budget money I will buy something for my parents because I know they will be really happy for that. So hopefully I visit Philippines before this year end.

Interesting Blog

While I was surfing the net this morning, I landed to this Pimp My Style Blog and I read about it to feed my curiosity. Through reading I learn about how pimp my style started, There are three girl who lived in Greece who made a new innovative things in style, hair, make up and nails. The three girls keep their connection through the community of Pimp My Style and made their brand. And they will going to launch their online appointment service that a costumer can book their appointment by online and inform them by sms. So I think this is really interesting to follow what will their journey achieves in the future.

We try to enjoy our vacation

When it summer here in Sweden all people try to visit other countries while the other are trying to enjoy to stay here and do some activities. For me and my husband we decided to stay here in Sweden since we don´t have some budget for vacation somewhere, but we try to do that next year. But while waiting for that, we try to enjoy our vacation here, and we try to do some activities like going to the other places here in Gothenburg, like big amusement park and so on. And next week we will do activity like I said and we will need a Roller Skates because we will going to skates in the special places here in Gothenburg which was currently finished.

I am really excited since it was long time ago since I do skates and it was in the Philippines, I wonder if I still know how to skates. But I will see next week, I will also invited some of my girlfriends because the more skaters the more fun right? And I hope they are not busy and no schedule for meeting people, otherwise it will be only me and my husband. How about you? how do you spend your summer vacation? Anyway whatever you do in your summer vacation, I hope you enjoy and love it.

I hang out with my girlfriends

My girlfriends Jenny and Janet visited me here in my crib yesterday, since I and Janet have a pasalubong from our girlfriend Jenny who just recently had her vacation in Philippines. It was a month ago since we hang out together, so we decided to meet again and get our pasalubong from Jenny. Jenny brought dried fish (tuyo in tagalog) and I was really happy because it was quite long since I last eat dried fish. We cook together for lunch, we had rice, mongo together with the dried fish and it was YUM. We had a chatted together, karaoke and laugh a lot. It is really amazing because when we we´re together, we feel happy and we like each other company. I think that is the benefit having a nice friend like them, when I am with them, I get stressless because of the feeling when I am with them. Anyway Tack for er och jag hoppas att vi kan umgås igen, det var så kul att se er.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Triple award from Mr. D

I received this award from my friend Mr. D and I only have time now to post this awards from my kind and supportive friend here in blogging world. I am lucky to met him even thought we don´t met in personal but he seems so nice person to me and to all our blogger friends. Anyway Mr. D thanks for the award and sorry for the late posting peace.

car insurance

I and hubby have a lot of plan this year and one of our plan that we thought that could be possible is to have our own car, since I love car evens thought we live at the center of the City. My husband told me that having a car has a lot of responsibility, and it is serious matter. So he told me that when we buy car we make sure that I get car insurance in case something happen that is not nice. Having a car insurance is really advantage to all who want to have a car because it´s really help a lot, it´s cover you if something happen badly that unexpected. And I am really excited and looking forward to have my own car.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


When I woke up this morning, I checked my ppp (payperpost) acount and guess what? I am the BLOG OF THE DAY. Actually it is my other blog, the Entertainment Blog not this one, just wants to share it that´s all LOL. This is my first time to be the blog of the day. Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, 13 July 2009

My first Mung Recipe

I and hubby went to the Asian store which he discovered and though that, it would be fun to bring me there. And it was really fun endeed, because I found some foods that I never thought would exist here like for example mung beans (mongo beans) and others too. I bought mung and other food too, we tried also some dessert from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and other middle east countries. We realized it was not asian store at all because, as we saw it was more middle east food but there are some product which is from Asian like mung (but mung can be also found in other countries). It was fun to go out with my husband to a new place which is both new to us.

Anyway when we got home, I cooked the mung, since I never done it before I need to look in Google how to cook it. At first I was starting to be sad because it seems the mung I cook for half an hour is not soft yet, but after that I realized maybe it takes more minutes or hours so I let it until it became soft. It was funny because after an hour, it became soft or cook, it was became twice portion to my recipe so I only used half of the mung which was cooked. This is my first time to cook this mung beans recipe and I was really happy because it turn out delicious and my husband love it.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Looking for real estate site that help animals?

There are many different kind of real estate in the business this day, and one of them are Wilmington NC Real Estate which is specialist helping peoples who live in Wilmington NC area. This is unique real estate because it helps animals. I know it is not easy to find the real estate that fits our need, I have been experience it, when I was in the Philippines and was looking for a new home for my family, I admitted it was difficult but also fun. Calling to all people who live in Wilmington area and looking for real estate which helps animals, then you came at the exactly place where you can find your best real estate for you and your family.

Friday, 10 July 2009

We are certified farmtown addict LOL

Farmtown is my new addiction and it makes more fun since my husband is a new member of farmtown. It so funny because even my husband is on work, he can still chat to me and asking if I have something to harvest (take note my husband will going to wake up around 4 in the morning today, just to harvest his corn since I am still sleeping that time lol). We both give and take, I harvest for him and he harvest for me. He always send me a flower gift almost everyday, he so sweet that is one reason why I love him so much. We are certified farmtown addict.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My blog make over

Yesterday my friend Fe made a make over with my other blog which is the "Chitchat about Entertainment". I really like the new look of my blog, and I would like to thank Fe for making my new layout. So if anyone out there who want to make a make over to their just visit Fe´s Blog and tell her that you want to have a make over, she has a very affordable blog make over and I am sure you can avail with it. And please visit my other blog too, and maybe you like to exchange links so just leave me a message. Happy blogging!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My husband wish to buy

Every husband has their own wish list, and my husband big wish is to get this very expensive slide TV with fireplace, I don´t know really what do you call this. Since my husband don´t like to see our TV whiles it´s off, so he surfed the net and found this picture (that´s why I don´t know what to call it since I only save it from our computer). This is my husband wish to buy so that he will not see a black screen TV, but I thought our TV is nice and I don´t find any reason to hide it whiles we don´t use it but my husband is not like me ^_^. You can see our TV picture below and tell me what can you say, and what is better to have. I am sad because since our TV is only 1 and a half year old, but my husband is planning to buy new one which is expensive. But anyway it is what he wish for, and I will not going to disagree about it, and also I like it too even though it´s expensive. Let see if we can able to buy that expensive slide TV with a fireplace below.

We watched Ice Age 3 D

Just got home from a date with my husband. We watched the Ice Age 3 in the theater which is only walking distance from our apartment. It was really great movie, it makes your stress goes away because of laughing (this is one of my favorite way to bonding with my husband). When we do this (I mean the dating and watching movie) I feel I am still single because of this, I remember when I have a date with my ex boyfriends before. I always love to watch movie instead of eating in the expensive restaurant. I and hubby thought, it was a great day for both of us. I never tried to watch animated or cartoons movie before since I met my husband who love this kind of movie and I started to love it too. Anyway try to watch the movie and I know you will not regret any single coin of your money, because I think it worth it. See you tomorrow, I need to sleep now goodnight everyone mwah!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We will going out for a date (watch Ice Age 3)

I and hubby will have a date today, around 9 in the evening. We will going to watch Ice Age 3 in the theater which is walking distance from our apartment. We both love the movie from the first Ice Age and we will see if the series 3 will be more fun. And it makes more fun because we will watch the 3 D one, so I think this can be a nice date with my hubby. Anyway who have seen the movie already? What do you think of the movie? So see you all guys later, I need to get ready for our date LOL.

A Long Tag/Award

Spread The Love Award

I recieved this lovely award from my blogger friends such as Amy, David and Jenny (and to other friends who I didn´t mentioned here because I forgot). Thanks you my friends for sharing this award ^_^.


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I´m passing this to all my friends who don´t recieve yet this award, free to grab it guys!

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You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

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You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

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How do you view success:

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What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

We will attend a family reunion ( Family Wennerholm Reunion)

I did not made much review this passed three days because I have been playing Farmtown in Facebook. The reason I joined the Farmtown because I was bored to do review, so I thought it would be nice to do new things than posting review all the time. I was playing Farmtown for 3 days and I am already in level 18 and soon I will buy some stuff likes for example a house and other things too. It so funny because even my husband help me about my Farmtown for example waking up around five (5) in the morning and harvest my plant and after that he plant again and this time I harvest it myself because I am already awake. I and hubby will be away later around six (6) in the evening here and visit my parents-in-law and we will going to sleep there, and the next day (Sunday) we will going to attend a family reunion (Family Wennerholm), they do this reunion every five (5) years, and since I am a part of the Wennerholm now, I will be there tomorrow. It will be held in South of Gothenburg. It will takes two (2) hours to get there by car, and I hope I will not have a problem in the car (like starting to feel dizzy and puke). I will try if I can get some photos on the actual reunion, you know I am shy LOL. I feel excited and nervous at the same time, since it will be my first time to meet the rest of Wennerholm. See you the next day guys, have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

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I am a newbie in the Farmtown

As you can see I didn´t update my blog yesterday and I did not grab some opportunity. Simple, because I was lazy and little bit bored in my blog so I went to my Facebook and found this FARMTOWN game which is absolutely free. So I tried to played it and see if I like it, and make some new routine other than blogging. I started yesterday and I found it interesting and fun to play. I also want to give my self a little time to miss my blog LOL, so here I am back to blogging since I miss my blog LOL.I post a picture of my farm and as you can see, I am poor because I don´t have house and other stuffs too. I need to have a high level to able to buy stuff, and I am working on it! Maybe some of you guy, are playing this game. Maybe you can hire me for a job? Leave a message if you want me to work in your farm, it will be high appreciate.
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