Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Chocolate muffins

When I get bored, I always try to find something to do so my boredom will gone away. So I came to idea to clean our kitchen, and after I have done cleaning. I was sitting down in the kitchen and think what else I can do, and I end making chocolate muffins. I think this was my second muffins that I made by myself without any help from my husband. I am really proud that I learned how to bake and become one of my hobbies. My muffins look not really presentable but trust me it taste yummy, and my husband love it.

Monday, 27 December 2010

2 nights..

My sis-in-law kids while opening their gifts

Like we usually do, we spent Christmas Eve at my parent-in-law place and come home during Christmas day, but we haven´t able to come home during Christmas day, instead we stayed for another night at my parent-in-law because my sis-in-law wasn´t able to visited us during Christmas day due to busy days. We can´t go home since we haven´t give our gifts to my sis-in-law kids so we stayed for another night.

Since living here, I haven´t sleep for two nights at my parent-in-law place, this was the first time. I thought it will be boring, but our Christmas day turned out a great Christmas day with my second family. I and my mom-in-law have a good chemistry, we had a good conversation and we played game and laugh together. While my husband was with my dad-in-law, having a good conversation likes we had. So it was a great bonding together.

Gifts from my in-law

Our stayed to them turned out to be a good idea, we met the rest of the family, have gave the gifts to the kids. And finally last night we we´re home. On our way home, we walked through the forest toward to tram station, it took us 15 to 20 minutes to walked hand in hand in the white, freezy winter time, even it was cold we still enjoyed it. It was a wonderful view, white everywhere. Walking three of us, included our baby Junia ( it is strange but we are use to call my baby in my womb as a Junia ) was a great feelings.

I got gifts from my parent-in-law, I thanks my parent-in-law for accepting me as their daughter-in-law without any doubt, which made me very happy everyday.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas EveryOne

Time check! Three in the morning and here I am just woke up ha ha. I went to bed around ten in the evening and my husband went to bed around two in the morning. Here I am clicking the keyboard of my laptop, while husband is deeply asleep. When I woke up he was beside me and greet me a MERRY CHRISTMAS, since I just woke up I am not in my mind LOL, which made me answered him " it is not Christmas ye " instead of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO.

We are invited at my parent-in-law place to celebrate Christmas eve, we probably sleep there, and on Christmas day, we will go at my sister-in-law house and spend a few hours there, and give our gifts to her kids and will be back home in the afternoon on Christmas day.

During this kind of celebration, I always miss the Christmas way in my hometown Davao, it has a big difference from here. Christmas day here is like an ordinary day, just have a private dinner with family and watch the traditional cartoon show in the TV and that´s it. But anyway I need to use to it, since I lived here, I think it will takes time to use to it.

Last year I spent my Christmas with my parent back home, which made me miss them a lot. It is not easy to be away from my parent since this is the first time I am away from them since birth ha ha. I´m sure my mom will cry this Christmas Eve, I remembered what she said to me when I was with them last Christmas " she was crying said, next Christmas you will not with us again " . My mom is very emotional and can cry easily, like me ha ha, maybe, just maybe in 2013 I can spend Christmas again with them, we will see. Anyway have a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wish List

There are 49 hours to go before Christmas, have you already a wish list? I have some of my wish list, and I don´t mean that I should have them in this Christmas. It is some of my pleasure things that made me happy, don´t get me wrong, it doesn´t mean that I am not happy of what I have,I am just one of those thousand women who has a wish list which made them happy. I don´t know if I get these things, but they are some of my wish list to have. I´m sure we have different kind of wish lists, that things above are only material wish lists, and my most important wish is good health for my family back in Phil and here in Sweden specially my husband and our up coming baby.

Who knows maybe one day I can buy one of those things in my list huh?? there is no impossible in this world, or maybe you will send one of those things for me as a Christmas gift ha ha? How about you, what are in your wish list, I don´t mean only for Christmas but things that you have been dreaming of to have in your life. Christmas is not about giving expensive things, it is all about sharing love to each other, and I am really greatful and contented of whom I share my love with because I am 100% sure that he loves me unconditionally and I hope that he realized how much I love him.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finished cabinet

Finally. Our cabinet is finished. I talked about our cabinet in my previous post, and finally I can post our finished cabinet. Last week we bought the remaining interior of our cabinet, it is only the matter of putting it in the proper place. Our cabinet has been finished the few days but haven´t able to post about it, but finally today I have the energy to talk about it. I have been lazy these days, maybe because of my pregnancy or maybe because of the cold weather. Husband and I love our new cabinet, it is easy for us now to get our clothes in proper specially me who is messy. My clothes could be everywhere in the apartment which I felt ashame about it, but I´m trying to do my best to put my things in a proper place likes my husband. But anyway here are shot of our cabinet.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My teacher is also a writer

We had our party lasts week and it was fun. There´s a lot of food, good conversation and some games. We had a question and answer game, and my group had won this game and as a price we got my teacher new released book, and of course all got it too. I thought it´s only the winners who will have it, but I was wrong. My teacher is not only a teacher, she also a writer, she loves to write different kind of stories and I have read one of her books and it was great book, I enjoyed it a lot specially because it has an easy Swedish words.

I have already started to read the book above, and I enjoyed it so I´m sure I can finish it a week or so. You see I don´t enjoy reading but since I live with my husband I started to appreciate what is the value of the book and how important it is. You can learn different kind of aspect in life and I know it is good, that´s why I am trying my best to start to enjoy reading a book like my husband does.

Let see guys, how it goes for me, who knows one day I will be a writer ha ha.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


We went out today to buy some gifts for my sister in laws kids. First we dropped by in the City Library and returned some books that we borrowed. And went to Electronic store to buy a new strengthening hair kit since my old one was broken. And after that we hunted for the kids present. We finished early than I thought, maybe because it was not much people in the City and it was early. I asked my husband what he wanted and he said a " cake " so in the evening I baked a cake as our dessert and as usual husband likes it. I always fell great when my husband appreciates my husband appreciates what I do.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

School Party in 2010

No more school, but I need to attend school party tomorrow. I hate to go out because it is slippery in the ground and it always take a risk for me to walk since I can´t see my feet anymore because of my big stomach. But I need to the attend the party since it will be the last meeting together with my classmates and teacher. I was planning few weeks ago to bake a cake but I felt lazy so I won´t make any cake instead I need to make my last speech to my classmates and teacher, actually everybody will make a speech. So will see tomorrow, I´m sure it will be a fun party.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

School is over for this year

Finally school is over for this year, and I am extra happy because I pass my subject. No more waking up early in the morning and rush to the tram station. This time I can relax and do whatever I want and good news I am back in blogging for real and update my blog often. I said update this blog often because I will be in doors most of the time since it is dangerous for me to go out ha ha, what I mean is, it is slippery in the ground because snow has frozen in the ground and it is not good for me to walk because maybe I fall down but so far it was never happen to me, since I am really careful when I walk which leads em to be late in the school often ha ha. But like my husband said it is better to be late for ten minutes to school than to risk my baby´s life, and I think he´s absolutely right. But anyway no more rushing to school for a month, and I can sleep as long as I want ha ha. You maybe notice I laugh a lot, it just I am happy with my life. Ciao for now guys!!!

Found our bathroom furniture

I have post here a few weeks ago that we have been buying furniture for our home. We have completed our cabinet, it is totally finished now, we have bought the remaining interior last week and hubby and I are very glad about it. We also bought baby furniture but we haven´t assemble yet because we have agreed that we will assemble it few weeks before my delivery.

So everything we need for our home is almost finished. And now we are hunting for very good quality for bathroom furniture. We have talked about it few days before our cabinet was completed, since our cabinet was finished we thought it would be a great idea to find for a new bathroom furniture.

Hubby and I have been searching through Internet, we thought maybe we will find a good deal when it comes to bathroom furniture. And yes endeed, we find one, actually it was my husband who found this site www.betterbathrooms.com, we look through it, and we find their offer very interesting. They sell different kind of things you can find in a bathroom, for example heated towel rails, bathroom accessories, bathroom taps and many more. Plus they also offer bathroom suites for up to 55 % OFF RRP.

All we need to do is order and wait until it arrives in our door, how about you? Do you need anything when it comes to bathroom? Then you are in a right place!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Final Exam

It will be my final exam tomorrow, I am bit nervous because I don´t have no any idea what will be our exam about. I have passed all the previous exams so my teacher thought I am capable to take the final exam tomorrow, so there is nothing to worry, but I can´t help myself ha ha... I hope to pass the exam tomorrow so wish me luck guys :D...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Pink Roses

My husband knew that I love pink color, I have pink laptop, slipper, few pink blouses, pink converse shoes, pink bag and pink bathrobe hahaha..so obviously I am a pink lover, so today I got a pink roses from my husband, and I thought it was really sweet of him to brought pink flowers for me...Everyday my husband surprises me in different ways which made me love him more and more :D..

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Table

We went to Ikea today for two reasons, first is to buy the remaining interior for our cabinet and second is to eat the Christmas food table ( what I mean is food that usually serve during Christmas eve, but here in Gothenburg they started to serve those food during December, I don´t know the reason why they do it ) . This is the first time husband and I will going to taste the Christmas food table here in Gothenburg even though I have lived here for more than three years.

My husband asked me first if it a good idea to eat the Christmas food table since I don´t eat pork, and I thought I can eat other food and I´m sure they will not only serve pork. When we we´re in the place, it was already full of people, but we got a good place to sit down and eat as much as we wanted. It was a good idea of my husband because I almost love all the foods that they served.

After we have eaten enough food that I almost threw up haha, we moved on to the next planned which is to collected the remaining interior for our cabinet and went home. It was always fun to go out with my hubby and do whatever we wanted, so all in all it was a good weekend with my husband.

Monday, 29 November 2010

In-laws visit

It was husband birthday lasts Tuesday, and we have celebrated it privately. Husband doesn't want any big celebration likes I said in my old post. Yesterday husband and I invited his parents at home to hang out with them. I baked a konjac cake and serve it with cookies and coffee, like we usually do, chat, chat and chat until we drop LOL. I am glad since I can talk and understand Swedish which is easy now a day to talk with my in laws. It was a great time with my in laws, and looking forward for more time to spend with them.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It was husband´s day

Yesterday was hubby´s birthday, and it should be a big birthday party but hubby wanted to celebrate his birthday in private, just me and his family. I asked him one month ago if he wanted to have a big celebration but like I said he want to celebrated in private, and instead he asked me if I can bake a cake on his birthday and of course I granted his wish.

On the day of his birthday which was yesterday, I baked a chocolate cake, it was fun to bake my husband´s birthday cake. It was my second time to bake a cake which I am really happy with the result, and hubby loves it a lot ( he ate two big slices which proof that he loves it ). I brought him in a shop and made him selected two sweater as his gifts on his birthday and I´m glad he also loves it. It was not a big celebration but it was special for him since I am with him, and he told me that he don´t need any gift because he has the most precious gift in the world which is ME :)...Everytime husband said that words to me, it moves me and made me realized how lucky I am to be his wife. I am really happy that I made my husband special day memorable for him.

Anyway it has been snowing these days even though it is not officially winter season yet, during this season I wish I am in my hometown, warm and sunny every minutes, hours and days...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Almost finished

We went to Ikea with my mom-in-law since we need her car to carry some of the furnitures that we need to finished our cabinet. It was fun to shop with my mom-in-law and it was also the first time that she was with us buying stuffs for our apartment. This time not much furniture to buy which means no much to carry until to the car and we got help from my mom-in-law and I am happy because she was with us, actually my mom-in-law is a very nice and sweet person.

After we have delivered all the furniture we need to finished our cabinet, we we´re invited for a dinner at my in-law house and it was also a father´s day so we thought it would be great to be there for a while to celebrate the father´s day with my dad-in-law. My mom-in-law cook very delicious food which I adore, and also I learned a lot from her when it comes to food and other stuffs. We had a great dinner and conversation and before eight we said goodbye to them since we need to work on our cabinet.

When we we´re home, husband started to put some interior to the cabinet, I was a bit useless since I can´t carry heavy things and husband don´t allow me to do anything. Husband is really caring with me these days, he was also caring before when I was not pregnant but he became more caring now than before which I love. Anyway guy I need to finish talking now and get some sleep, and I will post soon our finish cabinet. Ciao!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

First real snow on Nov. 19 2010

It was around 11 in the evening when husband and I finished watching movie, and when I look outside our window I saw white everywhere which means it was snowing,I haven´t notice it earlier since my eyes are occupied by the TV. I asked my husband if it okay to go out because I wanted to took some photos for the first real winter and of course he answered me " yes why not".

We took a very short walked and started to take some photos of me and the snow haha, my husband was my photographer and I am happy because he is getting better taking a good photos. After husband took several photos we decided to go home since it was cold and we finished taking some photos. And I´m sure there will be a lot of snow this year and it will be a long and cold snowy winter season, and I am looking forward to it even though it means cold. Enjoy the photos guy!!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My poor unfinished cross-stitch

I received this cross-stitch gift from my husband two years ago, I have been working on it but did not able to finish it until now. Husband asked me many times when I´m gonna start to work on my cross-stitch, and I just answered him " soon " but until now it is still unfinished. I was surprised because my husband started to work on it, and I felt a little bit shame about it because I have not able to finished it and he started to do it instead of me, maybe he was tired asking me. These days we tried to do cross-stitch little by little each day, because we wanted it to be finish this coming December. Let see what will happen, I will gladly to post it here when it finished.

Monday, 15 November 2010

First snow of the year

Last week we experienced the first snow and I grabbed my camera and took the first snow of the year , I accepted I am not fun with the cold weather but I still love snow. I remembered back in my warm home town, I always smile when I saw snow in the TV and said to myself " someday I will experience to touch the snow and play with it " and look where I live now, in one of the coldest country in the world. I thought I will only see snow in the TV and in my dream but I was wrong and which I am happy about it. These days the temperature is going up and instead having a snow, we got rainy days but I know soon there will be a lot of snow experience for me. This will be my fourth winter here and I love it!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Went to Ikea..

A few months ago hubby and I discussed having a cabinet in our bedroom, we have a small room which we called our small room cabinet but I am not really fun of it since it is in the hall way. My hubby and I decided to have a three meters cabinet in the bedroom which will be divided by two ( for hubby and for me ), last week hubby said that we will visited Ikea to look around and plan how our cabinet will look likes and for the expenses that we will spend in Ikea ( Ikea is a big store for any kind of furniture for the house ). After that week, everything is fixed and planned, how our cabinet will look likes and so on. The only lacking was to buy it and deliver at home.

Yesterday we we´re in Ikea and bought all we need to assemble our cabinet, small table for the kitchen, chair. We also bought baby´s bed and other stuff for our upcoming baby but we decided not to assemble, instead we will make sure that it is ready for our baby which will sees the world this coming March with the help of God. Our home right now is messy and not allow to accept any visitors haha, we need time to clean it, specially me. Our cabinet will be soon finished and I am already happy for the result even though it is not complete yet.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My first home made chocolate cake

My husband´s birthday will be soon, and I asked him if he wanted to celebrate it with his friends, and he said he would prefer to celebrate it with me and our little angel at home, but I´m sure there will be party at my in law´s house like they usually do during birthday and other occasion. I have been thinking what would it be great gift for my husband, he did not ask any gift but I will like to give him since he always give me gift on my birthday and other occasion. He did not ask but he will love if I can bake a cake on his birthday, and since I never bake a cake before, I surfed the net and find some chocolate recipe and decided to made one as a practice haha. And it went well, husband love my simple but delicious chocolate cake, and this time I will not worry because I save the ingredient for the chocolate cake whoich I´m going to bake on his birthday. I am really satisfied for the result of my first home made chocolate cake. Does it look delicious guy?

Friday, 22 October 2010

First time to travel by a ship..

When I was in the Philippines and need to travel outside my City like going to Manila or other places, I always took an airplane. I never ever took a ship to any of my travel, since I have seen a lot of accident by a ship. I know airplane can be accident too, but when I read that the airplane is the safest transportation to take, I got the strength to took it, instead of any other transportation.

I told my husband that I never took ship of any of my travel to Manila, and since he has a plan to takes me to some of the beautiful countries in the Europe sometimes. And he wants to take a ship to that travel, so he asked me if I dare to takes a short travel to Germany by a ship. I was nervous when I said yes to him since I never been to a ship, but I need to try it otherwise I will never know if I can be inside in a ship.

When we we´re inside the ship, I started to feel dizzy and freezing haha... I was terrifying that I almost said to my husband that I wanted to get out from that ship. I told my husband how I felt and then he asked me if I wanted to get out from the ship, but I wanted to try it and besides ship here is more modern and nicely build so I said to my husband " no we stayed ". And he tried to entertained me like roaming around the ship and for few minutes I started to feel relax and I haven´t notice that the ship is already moving and going away from the harbor.

It took two hours for us to be in Germany and I was really happy and proud of my self because I accomplished to took ship to travel with the help of my husband. It was not dangerous at all like I thought before, now that we already knew that I can take ship to travel, husband and I will not be hesitate to take ship if we travel somewhere in Europe sometimes because we already knew that I can be in a ship. Yepey!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010


I woke up late this morning, which made me feel stress getting ready for school. I took a short shower, ate my breakfast and run to the tram station to catch the tram, otherwise I need to wait ten minutes for the next tram. And when I just came inside the school, my eyes was toward in the big TV screen in the wall and I read this words " NO SCHOOL FOR TODAY " I think it sucks but good for me I can go home and relax and get ready for the school tomorrow :D..

Friday, 1 October 2010

Autumn is in the air

Yahoo.. Time travel so fast and it´s already October. My stomach is getting bigger everyday. This morning whiles watching the beautiful view through our window, I realized it is already autumn and soon time to change the clock into autumn time.

Everytime I go out, I see the sign of autumn season, different colors of leaves are in the ground, chilly weather and everybody are wearing layer of clothes with matching boots. This is the time when I start to miss my country, I was there last December until March but I already miss my country, I am sure it will be like that because that´s where I grow-up and my other family is there too. Who knows, maybe after two years I can able to have my vacation there with my husband and my little angel who is still in my womb.

I hope this update will makes continue, I know I always say that I will update this blog as often as I can, but too bad I can´t. I won´t promise this time, instead do it hehe..

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vacation is over

My vacation is finally over, and I have already started school last monday, and I am extra happy because they are nice to me, that is the reason why it did not give me time to visit my blog for few days. I met new classmates and teachers. But since today I have only afternoon class I thought of visiting and writing post here. I am ten weeks pregnant now and I love it. It´s little bit hard for me to wake up early to go to school, and during lesson I fall asleep HAHA, but I think it´s normal for me since I am preggy. I also try to study everyday with my husband ( I hope it will be a routine, because I know its good for me ) since I added two more subjects for this term. I am planning to put a schedule for posting here in my blog, so that it would be easy for me to combine things that I do everyday. Let see if it works! Anyway thanks to everybody who congratulate me for being a pregnant. See you in my next post!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Yes I did update

I was totally tired of blogging for almost two or three months, I think it´s because of how I feel, my body is working a lot for a new change. My new hobby is sleeping, I can sleep three times a day LOL, and I am really lazy to move and go out in the city, meet friends. I think I haven´t post here that I am two months pregnant, not really sure how many months until we will meet the nurse or doctor next week. I just counted base on my delay menstruation.

I didn´t realize that I haven´t posted for a while until my husband asked me if I am still blogging, and I told him it was quite a while since I last blogged. And he said why don´t you blog about your new status in life ( status: will be mommy soon ). After that conversation with my husband, I thought a lot if I will still want to keep my blog, and I have decided, yes I will keep my blog forever and I am planning to make a new blog for my experience being a pregnant until being a mother and so on.

I know I posted here that I will do my best to update always this blog but I just can´t, I think it explains being a pregnant. I felt weird of my self, what I mean is, yesterday when I cook my favorite dish and tasted it, I thought it was yuck and I want to vomit, really strange huh? But I´m starting to learned that it is not strange, it just I am pregnant and it is normal for all woman who is pregnant.

Oh time travel so fast, tomorrow will be my first day in school, and haven´t realize it yet, that summer will be over soon. And cold weather is approaching these days. Back on wearing light heavy clothes again, and after that here comes the winter season. I am a little bit worried for the winter season, because I am pregnant and it would be always dangerous to walk in the slide ground with freezing ice. But I will be extra careful for me and my baby. So let see guys, how it goes for me. I can say this is my happiest moment in my life, waiting to be a mom and hoping everything will be alright. So guy, see you around!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Out with friends these days

These days I have been out with my friends, doing anything likes watching movie, eating and just hanging out in the park and feel the heat of the sun. We always try to enjoy the summer weather here in Sweden because soon it will be a cold weather again, back wearing our heavy jacket and boots. But for this time we try to enjoy the heat of the sun, everytime we have a lovely sunny day almost all people try to go out in the park and just enjoy the heat of the sun. Hubby and I had a walked last weekend and we both enjoyed it specially the sun was friendly with us. Anyway my girlfriends and I planning what to do this coming weekend, but whatever it is, I am sure that we are going to enjoy it. Have a warm summer guy!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer everywhere!

It´s been so hot these days here in Sweden, so hot like Philippines! And I know that all Swedish included me if I am Swedish LOL are happy because of the hot climate here. People here in Sweden think that sun is a treasure since we see it very seldom in a year and always cold. Everytime I walk in the park this month, I see many people sun bathing in the park, which reminds me back in the Philippines, which all the people hate the sun and always bring umbrella, but here if you have the umbrella with you I am sure they will laugh at you or think that you are weird person. I have experienced three times summer here and I have never seen somebody bring an umbrella. Sometimes I wonder how could they stay in the heat of the sun for a hour, they must really love the sun. But they haven´t realize, they can get cancer or other kind of diseases of what they are doing But I can´t blame them, like I said sun is very precious here in Sweden because of the cold climate here and sun show up very seldom in a year. Anyway have a wonderful summer everyone and enjoy every minutes of it, because soon Mr. sun will has his vacation and we will see him again next year!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Finally I did update my blog

Hey guys, still remember me?Lol..its been awhile since I blog here, I was busy with my small business online, supposed to be I should update my blog often since I am free from school but because of my business I always get busy and lazy updating my blogs. But I will try my best to update here, since I miss YOU and my blogs.. How is everybody?? Haven´t heard from you for a while, After this post I will try to visit all your blogs and be updated with the latest, you know I´m too late here lol.

Since I am free from school, there are some activities that my husband and I did, like visiting some beautiful parks in the city, I did my first onboard on the ship and many more. My husband took the opportunity to bring me to some places that he knows that I would like to visit, and I love him more for that. I´m going to share it here, so you are update with what was happening to me these couple of weeks.

Hhmmm..what more? Oh yes, I have been enjoying meeting friends and new friends because of my business, I get time to spend some times with different people who I haven´t met before. I have one month and 14 days to go to start my school again, so I try to enjoy every minutes being away from school, and it summer and finally MR. SUN came to Sweden to give some light and warm, love it since we will only have three months of sunny and warm weather the rest will be cold weather.

Until here guys, have a warm and wonderful summer days...

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Grace Amazing Giveaway

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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Happy Mother´s day to all mothera in the world

Yay! Mother´s day will be tomorrow, and I can´t help not to remember my mom, I already miss her even thought I just came back from my vacation to see my family. Honestly I never give my mom any gift for all the mother´s day event before. I just greet her, give a kiss and hug and that´s it, so this coming mother´s day which will be tomorrow I want this mother´s day for my mom will be memorable. I want to give her a gift for the first time mother´s day that she will receive aa gift from me.

My friend just call me this morning, and told me to search the Sears in the Google because giving away from 40% to 50% OFF to whom will buy a gift for their mother. After I put down my telephone, I quickly sat to my computer and find Sears through Mr. Google. It would be also great if I can get a Sears coupon so that I can save more money and buy other things that I need. Through reading the Sears offer, it made me convinced myself to buy stuff for my mom because they have a very great offer this mother´s day. So what are you waiting for check the Sears and get the Nutrisystem coupons and make your mother happy this coming mother´s day. Advance Happy Mother´s Day to all mother in the world, and thanks for doing things to us.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Movie date with ex-boyfriend

( my picture is not really clear, that´s the only problem when you used iphone it doesn´t take clear picture at night, I know I need to adjust the setting but I don´t bother to do it, LOOK at the picture behind me, it´s iron man lol)

Hubby and I had watched the first iron man in the theater and we both like it. And when I know that will be iron man 2, I was very excited to watch it again with my ex-boyfriend and ex-fiance. My husband is busy at work as usual, so thought he would no time to watch movie with me so I asked him if he can download the movie iron man 2. And yesterday after my school, I went to the market to buy lax fish because I haven´t ate lunch yesterday because what was on my mind was the fries lax and a rice. So I don´t have the appetizer yesterday to ate lunch. While on my to the market, I received a call from my husband he was talking about the movie that he has it (I thought he finished download it).

(kex chocolate instead of popcorn, just to be new?

When husband got home, he told me to slept a little bit so that I won´t sleep during the movie time, and I asked him, "Are we going to the Cinema to watch iron man 2?" And he answered YES. While we were waiting for the right time to go out, we just sat in the bed and chatting, what was happened to our daily school and work. Anyway it was a very great movie, it showed what will happen to the next century, almost all equipment in the movie is worked by a computer.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

It was a great time together

When I came here in Sweden, I don´t know anybody except my husband and his family, and it was not really fun. So my husband surprised me by inviting he´s previous boss Lennart and his wife Ivonnie ( who is my close friend now ) in our apartment to have a lunch. When they came I was really surprised because I didn´t expected that Lennart´s wife is filipina, we quickly talked to each other, and I find her very humble and sweet person, so I get quickly felt comfortable with her. She always visit me and brought me to the city, and ate lunch in different kind of restaurant, she´s the one I share my problem with because I trusted her and also I felt comfortable to talk to her.

(Fried milk fish, almost burned haha)

Ever since that day, we became good friends, she tried to visit me here in the City just to hang out with me, so last Friday she visited me and I wanted to cook some of her favourite food for dinner. Of course I know that she love milk fish, so I went to the Asian store to bought her favourite food. I also made beef afritada because I know she loves it too, and I fried the milk fish. Ivonnie and her son Noah arrived earlier than I expected, I was preparing the food when they arrived, so we had a little chat whiles I was making the food. Around 11 my friend Janet ( Janet is the person who I can laugh easily with and who has a good sense of humor like me so we like each other very much ) arrived too, she asked me before if she can came and had a little talk to each other and taste my food. And I said "of course you are very much welcome" it was a good timing because my foods are just finished and ready to served! While we we´re eating, I received a text from my other friend Monica ( she was my classmate when I was new in the school ) saying that she´s on the way in my apartment.

(Beef afritada, it was my first time to made this dish)

While we we´re eating we talked different kinds of topic like for example person who is pretending, we both don´t understand why does person try to pretend LOL. After eating, Janet said goodbye because she need to work, and Ivonnie, Monica and I walked toward to the mall. It was a great time with some of my close friends, and I´m looking forward to the next chikka hahaha..

online education

Here comes the weekend, the day that I love most because why? it simple because I´m free from school and it means I can use more my new laptop. This morning I try to find new things to do in my new laptop, and I found this exam software a free online education which I thought interesting. I don´t have much time to use my laptop because we went to a friend´s party actually a baby shower party. I love the party, the people, foods, wine and specially the two months cute little boy who has entertained me a lot. I able to carried him, and tried to talk to him eventhough he can´t talk ye,t but can able to see me.

We went home around 5pm and I had time to continue what I was doing this morning, I also tried to make test which was fun because you can able to make and take the quizzes at the same time. There are over 100,000 quizzes have been made and trusted by over 1 million quizz taker the I thought this is very good test for me to train my brain. And through this site you can able to meet other people who are in the system so you can train your brain at the same time meets people all around the world.

You can also check the office depot coupons and see if you find their rate reasonable and affordable.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My new BABY

I had mention in my other blog that I was planning to buy mini pc because I like to have a one ( good reason huh ). And I told my husband about my plan, so last Thursday when he got home, he asked me to showed him the mini pc that I wanted through the Google. And of course I immediately showed him the mini pc that I wanted to have.

And after I showed him the mini pcI wanted, he quickly checked different kind of store online if the one I like is still available. And lucky me because it was available in one of the store which is near in our apartment, so my husband said to me dressed up and we will go to the store and check the mini pc you wanted. We went there, and checked the mini pc and I was surprised because husband bought it, I was really surprised because I thought we will buy it during weekend but I was wrong. Hhhmmm.. my husband surprise me sometimes with good things and which I love!

My mini pc was still untouched because I am waiting for the connection of it, we already subscribe to 3 company last Saturday but until now the mini pc has no connection yet, so hubby decided that we will go to the store tomorrow and tell them about the problem. I hope I will get connection tomorrow so that I can start enjoying my new "BABY" haha.. what you think about my new baby???

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Which haircut?

I been thinking about having a new haircut these past few days, because of three reason, 1. is I have a problem during I go to sleep, it goes all over my face and I do not like to ponytail it, 2. summer is coming which I´m sure I will feel uncomfortable with my long hair and 3. is to have a new hair and look. I took two different kind of photos of me, the one which I have a long hair and the other one which I have a short hair. I both like my two looks, but I don´t know which one will suit me well, I already asked my husband and he said I look well in both hair style, but he likes me more with the short hair.

Salon here is quite expensive, I still can go there if I like, but I prefer to cut my hair by myself and keep my money instead for the other matters that I like to buy, and it´s more fun to cut my own hair and see the result. It is not new for me to cut my own hair because I have been doing this way back in Philippines, and even sometimes my friends asked me to cut their hair.

So guy, I would love your own opinion, I´ll be here waiting mwah!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Trying to do diet

I think I haven´t post here that I started to do diet since I´m getting bigger which is not good for me who is a short person. I will hate to be a short and fat girl haha, that´s why I´m trying to do diet. I checked earlier how many kilo I am and it turned that I am 46 kls. and take note I haven´t eat anything yet, so I thought it horrible, I must do a diet if I will not like to be call a short and fatty girl lol (kung sa bisaya pa lang LUMBA LUMBA haha,yucks). Before I was only 42 kls. and I gained 4 kls. in just a month Oh My God this must be crazy lol.

All I am concerned now is about my diet and nothing else (I just finished my exam anyway haha). I must lose weight that´s for sure. Anyway husband and I went to the mall yesterday where we can checked if the netbook I wanted is still available (I will post about it soon) and after that, we went to the Drug Store because husband wanted to buy something there. While walking home, he showed me this juice (refer to the photo above) and said "try this maybe you would love it and it´s good for a diet" since that time I was full, I wasn´t able to taste it until today for my lunch time, (just finished zipping it). I love the taste and I was quickly get full, I think I would love this for my diet but first I want to know how long I will feel full. This juice is rich in protein, 23 vitamins/Minerals, meal on the go, and specially the one I love it has a Low calorie diet.

I hope this will be my instrument for my diet because I need to lose weight badly, and since summer is coming I should be sexy because I´m sure I need to wear my two piece haha!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New layout and award

I missed my blog entry for yesterday because of my laziness, but I am back now with full of adrenalin to write a post. I was inspire to write a post today because I found my new LAYOUT which I hope will stay for a while since I changed LAYOUT a lot. I was looking for LAYOUT yesterday, but I got disappointed because I can´t find something I wanted. And today while checking who visited me so that I can visit them back and one of those people who visited me was Ritzchelle and she share an award to me. I visited her blog to grab the award and I was very happy because I found out that she is giving a FREE LAYOUT and I did check her FREE LAYOUT right away and found one for my blog. After I installed it, I was satisfied and happy because I really love the new look of my blog (Thanks Ritz for the free layout, and want you to know that I love all your free layout, and your such a talented person).

Anyway THANKS for the sisterhood award, I really appreciate it. And I would like to share it to all my blogroll friend, feel free to grab it girls (wink).

Here´s the rule:

1. Put the logo on your blog or posted
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I met people who are running in politics (update about my vacation)

During my vacation in the Philippines, I met my family, friends and relatives. And while I stayed at my parent house, I accompanied her in all her activities and most of her activities are meeting different kind of people who are candidates for politics to talk what they will do for the up coming election and since I am with her, I had a chance to met some of those people.

I was really happy because I had a chance to met the daughter of the mayor who I admire a lot, and this time she will be the candidates for mayor since it her father´s ( Rodrigo Duterte ) last term being a mayor this year, ( He was first elected 1988 and reelected 1992 and 1995. In 1998, he ran for the House of Representatives and won as Congressman for the 1st District of Davao City in Manila until 2001. In 2001, he ran again for mayor in Davao and was again elected for his fourth term. He was reelected in 2004 and in 2007 and currently a mayor in Davao ). I hope his daughter will win for being a mayor and her father as vice-mayor a vice-mayor so that Davao will stay to experienced relative peace and stability, I know some people doesn´t like the mayor but we have different kind of opinion as for me I like him being a mayor in the city.

I like to be with my mom when I was in the Philippines and see how active she is, in her work eventhough she is getting old. My mom doesn´t like to sit down at home, because as she said she felt like having a fever if she just sit down and do nothing. I already miss my mom, specially when she made a cappuccino for me. I hope I can able to visit Philippines again by next year if I will not be pregnant. Anyway here are some of my photos with the candidates (goodluck to them)!

Friday, 9 April 2010

I met my girls

Yesterday friends and I had a chance to met and bonding together, and like we usually do cook Filipino foods, talk and share each other´s experience and personal life sometimes. I haven´t able to bought a magic sing when I was in my vacation lasts month, so I asked Jenny if she can brought her magic sing with her because I want to sing loud and clear LOL, and yes she brought it with her when we went to Janet´s place. And guess what, I didn´t help them to cook foods, instead I asked Jenny to put on the karaoke system so that I can started to sing, and also I asked Janet if she can prepared hot water for me because I wanted to drink tea, and as usual they we´re nice and did it for me ( I honestly accepted that I am lazy when I am with Jenny and Janet because I know they treated me like their youngest sister who is lazy lol, peace girls ). Anyway it was a great day with my girls even though I wasn´t feel well yesterday and until now and same with Jenny, she is sick too.

We met each other through dating online

Maybe some of you do not know that I met my husband through dating online site? yes, I met my husband through dating online site. We have different kind of belief, some believe that they found their love of their life through online dating, (I am one of those people) and other doesn´t believe at all that online dating works. Like I said we have different kind of belief, but I and hubby belief that we are destiny to each other, honestly I can´t believe that I am here in Sweden living with my husband who I just met online, and who has different life likes I do. See how destiny works!

Sometimes hubby talks about how lucky he was to found me, and he can´t believed that he is mine lol. I think we´re just lucky to found each other from a million people in the world, that´s why we always take care of our relationship, because we want this relationship to be last forever. And whatever tomorrow brings, we always treasure those times we spent together.

How about you? Have you found your love of your life? Why don´t you try to meet women online, who knows maybe your princess is waiting for you out there. And if you like you can also read any woman´s mind through pickup artist forum and learn about women, and have fun!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Last month when I was unpacking my things from vacation, there are some of my things that I can´t find, and made me realized I forgot to packed them with my other things. To make sure that it wasn´t lost somewhere while I had my trip, I texted my sister and I got reply like this " it is here, would you like me to send it to you? " after I read that message, it made me felt angry with my self because those things are more important than the other things I brought with me. It was my sandal´s sole, postcards I made for hubby and my friend presents. I can´t believe those things are not in my luggage, because like I said those things are important to me.

Anyway I thought, done is done there´s nothing I can do about it except if I like to travel again but it won´t be happen, maybe next year but I don´t know if those things are still there. I was away from my hubby during three different kind of occasions which are our 3rd year wedding anniversary, my 24th birthday, and Christmas and new year. And during my vacation, I made different kind of postcards which I planned to gave to my husband when I come home again but I forgot it. So I need to make a plan to buy postcards, and one way is searching through online for colour postcards which I´m sure I get some of those thousands postcards online for my hubby. I am happy because after a hour of searching online, I get what I need, I´m sure I make my hubby happy for my little surprise.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Got pr 3 for ten months

Yay, I missed my blog entry for yesterday because I was so lazy due to my flu and headache problem. But I´m better today, that´s why I sit here in my computer and making my post. Before making this post, I visited my co-blogger and left some comment to their post, and I have read some of their post about pagerank update, which made me check my pagerank because it was last May 12 2009 I get back my pagerank three so I wonder if I still have my pagerank till now April five 2010. Maybe you wonder why I know the exact date when I get my pagerank again because I took note of it. I was curious and wanted to know if I still have my pagerank three so I visited a Site where I can find out if I still have my pagerank and yes I still have my pagerank three which made me very happy, to be exact I have my pagerank three for almost ten months now. And I hope Mr. G. will make it last for a year or so, and my pagerank will not be like this because of YOU, thanks to all my co-bloggers who are not tired reading and visiting my Ste specially to whom left comments.
Check PageRank

Maybe some of you wonder, how I maintained my pagerank for this long, it just simply really, I just don´t put any advertiser in my sidebar and that´s it. Because if you are talking about posting three times a week, I don´t do that, actually this blog has no post for three months but it survives to still have a pagerank 3. But I don´t know maybe tomorrow or the next day, it will have zero rank, but I am still happy to have rank three for ten months. So to everyone who gets their rank high (congrats) and to whom are working to have a high rank (keep it until you reach the goal you wanted). Have a nice day guys!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Snow drop, is anyone saw them already?

Spring is in the air these days, and it would be great to walk in the forest to see some snow drop. Supposed to be I and hubby are in the forest this time, but due to cloudy weather we decided to stay home, and walk in the forest next week instead. And here I am boredom occupied me, maybe because I miss my family even though I just came home from my long vacation. There´s a lot of things I need to be done this weekend like finish reading my swedish book, laundry and cleaning our apartment, but nothing of them I have done. I need to wait an hour maybe I get the energy to do those things, I know it´s not wise to wait but what can I do, I just feel so lazy and useless haha.

But anyway since we haven´t walk in the forest today, I looked through my computer picture if I can find the picture of snow drop I took last week while walking outside in our school building with my classmates. And after a minute I found it and wanted to share it with you guy. There are a lot of sign when spring is coming and one of them are the snow drop growing everywhere. What about you? What was the sign you saw that it´s already spring? It would be interesting to know it. Ok till the next post and enjoy your weekend guy...

Friday, 26 March 2010

New found recipe

While I was blog hopping yesterday, I read one post talking about pasta with mushroom and tuna recipe, through reading the post made me feel hungry and thought it would be great if I will try the recipe, just to have a new recipe and try if me and my husband will like the recipe. I called my husband and told him to buy the ingredient for my new found recipe, and when he came home with the ingredient I made the recipe. After 30 minutes in the kitchen, our dinner is ready, the pasta with mushroom and tuna recipe. I was really happy because both me and my husband love the new found recipe. I will added it to my recipe book, because we both love the recipe and it´s healthy. For me who is learning in the kitchen, surfing the net is very helpful to learn to cook different kind of recipe even though it´s not my original recipe, it´s nice to copy other´s recipe sometimes LOL. If you are interested about the recipe, just give me a comment and I will give it to you. Have a nice weekend guy!

I remebered that day

While checking my iPhone this morning, I received a text from my old friend, and saying, that she will get married after three months from now. I was surprised, because I thought it will take years before they will get married,but I am still happy for my friend because finally she found her partner in life, and we have saying " expect the unexpected ". After I have read the text, it made me thought about planning a bridal shower for my friend and it should be a memorable one.

I have some ideas already, but it would be better to read a review online about bridal shower theme, so I will get more information. And I wasn´t get disappointed because I get the information I needed to have a memorable bridal shower for my friend. And I got the idea to make a homemade bridal shower invitations, and it would be fun to do it with my friends. And I´m sure we will share ideas to have my friend a perfect bridal shower that she will not forget for the rest of her life.

I can´t help not to remembered my bridal shower, it was managed by a close friend of mine. I can say she managed it well, so I was curious how she made that perfect bridal shower for me, and she told me that she has been reading online review about bridal shower favor ideas. It´s nice to have a true friend who surprise you sometimes right?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Yes I met her twice (update about my vacation)

Since I made my blog I met different kind of people all around the world and I love it, to know their culture, life etc. And one of the person I met was from my hometown Davao which made me more interest to know her since we lived in the same place. We started to have a conversation through my blog´s cbox, and since that, we exchange message each other until I planned to visited my hometown Davao.

I told her about my vacation and I wanted to meet her in real if she has time, and of course, as her friend she wanted to meet me too (it´s cool), so we decided to meet each other in real. And when I flew to my hometown I got the chance to met her, I can say she is really cool person likes me, we went together for shopping ( we bought the same sandals, haha ) and ate lunch together ( thanks for the treat te ). And before I flew back here in Sweden, we met again for the last time. She is the first person I met from my online friends, I wonder when I can meet my other online friends, like you reading my blog.

PS. To ate Kathy, thanks for the short good time together, I really appreciate it, till the next time we meet. And I know you´re already in Stockholm, so enjoy your stay there and take a lot of photos to show me and other of your friends mwah.

Friday, 19 March 2010

First Day in Phil...

My first day during my vacation was with my youngest sister who picked me up from airport, due to my unrelaxed feeling I got after our landing to Taipei, so I decided not to flew to my home town Davao instead I and my sister and company stayed in the hotel nearby in the airport, and book ticket to Davao the next day.

After we have checked -in in the hotel, I was starting to felt hurt in my stomach which means I was really hungry. Like I usually do visit the Mall of Asia everytime I visit Manila, and had our lunch there, we ate to my all time favorite KFC. The food was delicious and the company was great. Sister and I tried to walked inside MOA and I look around, after 30 minutes of walking, I found myself fitting some VNC brand of shoes, I like this brand since they have a small sizes of shoes.

I have fitted some of the VNC collection and I like some of them, and I made sure to get some of their new collection. I didn´t leave VNC store without any new pair of shoes from them, one pair is not enough for my happiness so I get three pairs instead lol. And we continue to walked around until we decided to went back to the hotel and relax and be ready for our flight to Davao the next day.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Short Post

First I want to apologies to my co-blogger for not visiting their blog for few months, since I was on vacation and when I back home, I need to focus on my study since I was late for six weeks. But since my exam was over today, I can slowly update my blog. I have promised you guy, that I am going to post some of my activities while I was on my vacation. I plan to do that tonight since I got problem uploading my photos through my computer. After this post I am going to visit other blog who has visited my blog many times..So see you guy in your blog.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

House Plan for us

Planning for a new home could be fun if you find the right house plans for your dream house. Both me and my husband are looking for the right person who will design our dream house since we are planning to have a baby, so we both knew that it would be great idea to find earlier a house plan for our home. I am not pregnant yet, but I and hubby are excited to have a baby since it will be our very first baby. So we both wanted to find a new place to start with our baby soon ( I hope by this year or maybe next year, we will see what God will gives us.

I and hubby are both busy from work and school, but we tried to search the net each night to find the best designer for our dream house. But unfortunately we have been searching for atleast a month now, until one of our family friends recommended this http://www.houseplansandmore.com and see if we will like their service. We both happy and tried to visit the site and read about their service and see what they can give us. I started to read about their site and through little time I have learned some of their services, they offer a huge number of different kind of home building resources, and also a very helpful tools to help to get your lifestyle. They offer a pre-drawn floor plans which are ready to buy and build as soon as you purchase it. You can also start with your own design and they will do what you want.

I thought it is very interesting site, and I will tell my husband to read about their site and see if he will agreed to me that it can be very interesting to try their service. This can be fun both for me and my husband since it will be our first home with our future baby. How about you? Are you tired looking for a home plans that fit your lifestyle? Then try this home plans and see what you get!

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