Wednesday, 13 April 2011

# 6 of " Just Beautiful " - me and the teddy bear

Another " Just Beautiful " entry again, I love this meme a lot that even though how busy I am I can still post lol. Anyway my entry for today is this flowers which form of teddy bear, my husband took this photo of me last summer. I am looking forward to see other form of flowers this coming summer, surely we will visit the park this coming summer with our little girl. Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It was a great Sunday

Last Sunday we had our first spring walk with our baby Camilla. It was sunny and not windy, which is a perfect day to sit in the park and enjoy the heat of the sun. While waiting toward to the park in the City I noticed there are many people walking or sitting down and enjoying the sun, not only that, I can see the smile in their faces.

We dropped by in the Asian Store and bought some food that I missed back home ( I am thankful even though I lived here in Europe I can still find some Asian food ) after that we went to food store and bought also food that we we´re going to eat while we will be sitting in the park.

Baby Camilla was sleeping when we we´re enjoying our late lunch, and exactly we finished eating and relax a bit, Camilla woke up and start to cry which probably she wants to eat too. We decided to go home and didn´t dare to stay long since Camilla need to eat too. Btw, the weather today is opposite last Sunday and yesterday, it´s raining and sun is still sleeping LOL.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

# 5 of " Just Beatiful " - Beautiful sun set

Another Wednesday is and it will be another " Just Beautiful " entry for today. I was been so busy these days but I always try to not miss this meme since I enjoy photos a lot.

And my entry for today is the lovely sun set, I took this picture when I was staying in the hospital after my c-section delivery. I was on my way to eat breakfast when I saw this wonderful God´s creature and thought of capturing it. Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Late meal

Since we become parents, we have a crazy schedule when it comes to our meal. Like for example today, my husband run to the nearest pizza shop to buy pizza for our lunch time. I haven´t got a chance to make lunch since I am handsfull with my baby Camilla. And guess what time we eat our lunch? It was around 4 in the afternoon, I was really hungry. The husband and I agreed that, it is not easy to be a parents but it is worth it, all the tiredness, stress and crazybusy, will gone when we see our baby girl. I guess this is how to be a parents, and we are ready to face all the challenge for that.
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