Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back Pain

Nowadays, I can´t sit in front of the computer for a long time because my back start to hurt. I don´t know why. I am surprised because it never happened before. I don´t sit in a wrong angle and I used this chair before, so I do not have any idea why my back start to hurt. My suspicious is, maybe there, something to do with my early pregnancy. I´m a bit sad because I cant stay as much as I wanted to my computer, because of my back pain it limit me to stay blogging/facebooking. I will talk my doctor about it, because it can be a serious or I am also curious why this is happening to me.

Friday, 5 August 2011

5 Nonprofit Teaching Organizations

To be a teacher means that you are a part of something bigger. If you want to truly make a difference in the life of the youth, then these organizations are a great way to do so.
1. American Federation of Teachers: They are what teachers stand for and they stand united in this organization. They have welcomed in non-teaching personnel but that is where the heart of this organization lies. They are full of teachers with a purpose and they stand to represent and to protect the teachers out there. This is an important organization to become a part of early on in your teaching career.

2. National Academy of Education: Though this group isn’t as discussed as others, it is an important one to be informed of. They are the group that creates and pushes policy for those within education and therefore they have some important things to say. If you want to understand the ins and outs of how things exist within the field of education as a whole, then this is the group to be a part of or at least be aware of.

3. National Education Association: This is a group that not only focuses on teachers but also on parents as well. This group welcomes in parents of students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel within education so it is a well rounded group. It exists to unite all of the forces that are at play during a child’s education and therefore it’s a very important group to exist. It’s a nice change of pace from other groups since so many aspects are covered.

4. National Parent Teacher Association: We’ve all heard of the PTA but we may not recognize just how important it really is. As teachers the relationship with parents is vital to their success and being. This unites the two groups and through a national nonprofit group it highlights what can be done and what is done within a school and abroad.

5. Consortium for School Networking: This is a very up and coming group and an important one to be a part of. This takes the newest and hottest issues in schools and points them out so that teachers, parents, and even students can be a part of solving them. It looks at the current landscape and gives everyone a voice through a great forum that teachers will enjoy being a part of.

Each nonprofit group offers very different things to a teacher. It’s important to be a part of these and to make a difference in the community that you teach within.

Mary M. Frederick enjoys blogging about the extensive career opportunities available with a master of arts in teaching.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pink Apple laptop

I wish to have this pink laptop. I really want it. I have my pink netbook but I started to get tired of it, maybe I just want a new laptop that´s why I felt like that. I know I don´t need it, it just I want it. It is very big different between want and need. My husband saw another apple laptop photo on my phone, and he asked me why I took a photo of the laptop, and I said I want to have one like that, and that´s it. I don´t have any idea when I can own a laptop like this, maybe when I work or maybe I will never have it. Anyway it is like I am craving for this laptop, I just want it. Maybe I need to work to buy the things that I wanted specially that expensive one like this lol.
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