Sunday, 30 January 2011

I copied!!!

While I was blog hopping, I found one of my bloggers friends post about this Peach Tart dessert. I said to my self I will make this one day. I thought of making this Peach Tart since I almost have all the ingredients except the Peach and sour cream. And it was timing that my parents-in-law will visit us, 30 minutes before they arrive I was preparing this Peach Tart dessert.

When my husband came home with some food that we will going to serve to our visitors, and saw me preparing to bake something, all he said that " it is interesting dessert you will make ". Exactly I put the Peach Tart to the oven, our door bell rang, which means our visitors was here. It took exactly one hour for the Peach Tart to be finished. And you can see the picture above how it looks like.

When I took the Peach Tart from the oven, I started to think if I am going to serve the dessert since I am not sure if it was going to taste good and plus it was my first time to make it. But after that hesitation, I end serving the dessert to my in-laws, and I was so happy because they loved it both included my husband. The Peach Tart didn´t survive because husband ate the last piece before going to bed. Thanks to BBTOO for sharing the recipe.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friends are a blessing

Few days ago we visited Janet, since she just fresh from Philippines and she brought Filipino. It has been like tradition to visit friends who has recently from my country Philippines and eat Filipino food. When I had my vacation from Philippines, I couldn´t able to bring Filipino food with me that´s why there was no " meet ups happened in my cribs " but I will try next time to bring Filipino food. It was not normal meetings ( usually it is always me Jenny and Janet and no more ) but that time there were other Janet´s friend who were there too. I met Janet´s friend through Facebook, that was almost the first time I met them in person.

I met Khim ( I met Khim through Facebook ) and Nheng ( Nheng or Easther was my previous costumer in my small business). They are very nice person that´s why I am happy that they became my friends too. Yesterday was my unusual day, I seldom met friends who lived outside the City and it was happened yesterday. Janet and her kiddos, Jenny and I visited Nheng. It was all our first time to visited Nheng´s home so we we´re not there in the exactly time that we should. It was could and windy, the train stopped for almost 30 minutes.The train travel supposed to be for only 20 minutes but since there we´re problem, it took almost a hour if I was not mistaken. But it´s ok at least we got in our destination, safe and hungry LOL.

When we got at Nheng´s home, we started eating already since we we´re hungry and started talking, talking and talking. Time goes by so fast when you enjoy the conversation. Around four in the afternoon, Jenny and I left Nheng´s house. And guess what? We got free ride LOL.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

I will use it soon

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can´t wait to hold my baby in my arms, knowing that I will be mom soon made me feel very lucky in the world, because they always say that being a mom is the best work that you could have. I remembered way back home, I have been experienced to almost a mom, because why? Because I experienced to be a baby sitter, not once but few times, either my siblings baby or my friend babies. And I get paid for it which was an extra happiness to me.  
Being a baby sitter has no limits, you need to do everything, like feeding the baby, play with him/her, and the interesting part, to clean him/her butt after his/her visit from the comfort room. I am really careful when it comes to putting ointment, and I always use the Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I have heard a lot of this product, from friends to my relatives, and I have also personal experienced with it, with the baby I take care of. I understand mommies why they trusted the Boudreaux´s butt paste because it is pediatrician recommended and also in other ways like it is handy travel size so you can bring it wherever you go, it has a good smell and many more.  
Since I have heard a lot of good feedback with this product Boudreaux's Butt Paste, I am going to use it for my baby soon. Anyway if you have time try to visit the site  and get your own free sample of Boudreaux's Butt Paste, this is your chance to try the product and see what you think for yourself. Enjoy being a mother because not all woman can be a mother.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My foot massage experience in airport

While I was sorting my picture, I found some pictures of my last vacation in Philippines ( Dec 2 2010 to March 2 2011 ) and it made me missed my home country again and thinking when I can able to back there again. I found this picture ( refer below ) when I was having a foot massage in Ninoy International airport whiles waiting for my flight to Taipei. I thought of having massage since I wore a pair of high heels that time and my soul start to get really hurt and I had a plenty of time before my departure. After my foot massage it feels that I am walking in the air, I´m sure my feet love that massage. I hope I can have another foot massage in my next vacation in my home town.

I love Tabasco

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.


I remember back home, every Sunday my mom use to make a Pizza for our lunch, and she makes sure to add spice in the Pizza, since we all love spice sauce, specially me. My mom´s favorite food to make to us, is Pizza, it has been a tradition every Sunday my mom makes Pizza for lunch. For me personally, I love adding spices in my food because it gives more taste, and because I am used to spicy food, it always feel boring when I eat without any spice in my food.

When I migrated here in Sweden four years ago, I have been eating food without any spice and it is absolutely boring. I tried to go to different kind of food market here to find spice product to add to my food since I am longing to eat spicy food. When my husband and I went to the food market to buy our weekly food list, I found this TABASCO® Original Red, and without thinking I grabbed one. When we came home, I made my favorite Pizza and add the Tabasco sauce. And when I tasted my home made Pizza with Tabasco sauce, all I can say is " WOW " it taste very good, it is more than hot. I have been making home made pizza many times and I can say that this is my favorite Pizza. I will make this Pizza again next week since my  friends will visit me here in my apartment, and I´m it will be the Pizza Perfected which all my friends will going to love it.

So if you haven´t find your favorite spicy sauce, then why not visit the Game-Day Party Menu, and get some recipes and ideas how to make your food enjoyable to eat.

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Chicken pie for dinner

Husband and I was hunting for a new recipe for our dinner, and we end up with this chicken pie, we found it in a swedish food recipe. We love it a lot and we are planning to do it again.Have a nice dinner guys!!

Planning to buy new wardrobe

Many things need to be done before our baby will arrives, I have been so busy these past few days, fixing, throwing and arranging things in our home. When I was cleaning, I found many things that we never use ( it is husband things when he was still single ). Before throwing my husband´s things, of course I asked permission first, and he told me to throw everything that I think that we don´t need. We try to make the home has little thing since there will be a new member in our family which needs place.

We have an old wardrobe ( husband used it when he was still single )at home which I thought that should be thrown away. I asked my husband if it´s ok for him that I am going to throw his old wardrobe, and try to buy new one, and he was agree with me. Some of our furniture at home are totally need to replace and I am starting with our wardrobe.

I was surfing this morning for ideal wardrobe for our home, and I found different kind of wardrobe online, but only one of it made me very interesting, this Adria Gloss white wardrobes( refer to the picture above ). If we have this wardrobe our room will be lighter, since sun show up very seldom and it is still winter season this time of the year. The Adria bedroom wardrobe is made in high quality gloss lacquer, and it comes with two, three and four doors. Three doors are perfect for our bedroom. The thing I like with the Adria wardrobe is, it has different size for the internal structure. I will going to talk to my husband about this Adria wardrobe and see if he going to like it like I do.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New computer

Husband got a new computer provided by the company where he work with ( actually he is one of the owner ). The reason why husband got new computer is that he can able to work while he is at home with me. My husband decided that we will use the new one for our surfing, and he will use the old one for his work, so yesterday I have started to use the new computer, but today it was stop it self and husband said there are some problems with the new computer so I use the old computer. I have my own laptop but I am started to get tired using it and I love big screen so I use my husband´s computer. I hope the new computer will works soon because I love using it because it has a big screen and it´s brand new, it is always feel good to use new things right guys?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our four years wedding anniversary, I couldn´t believe I have been married for four good years and I love being married with my husband which I couldn´t ask for more. For me he is the best husband in the world. Sometimes I asked GOD what have I done to deserve my husband, maybe I have done something good that´s why GOD give him to me as a reward LOL. I am satisfied and contented with my married life, the only lacking is a little angel and we are already expecting that angel this coming March. No words can express how happy I am with my life right now and I hope this will continues forever.

Anyway we celebrated our wedding anniversary through having a romantic dinner in a Greek restaurant and after that we went to cinema to watch movie ( TRON MOVIE ). While watching movie my little one was kicking a lot, I think he/she doesn´t like loud sound. It was a great evening with my husband, and he was the one who planned it, I never knew it until it had happened. Anyway if my husband reading this post, I would like to THANKS HIM for the wonderful evening with him. And I we have more years to celebrate our wedding day.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

back to business soon

I was bored last summer and couldn´t do anything at all that I like. One day I was chatting to my best friend in the Philippines and I told her that I am bored here, and it was opposite with her because she is running a small business, she sells lady´s clothes in the mall. She told me she was recently started with the business and she loved it. She sold well and get good profit, and she was busy all the time, contacting new costumers which will buys many clothes from her. She told me if I am bored why don´t I do the same likes she does, in that way my time will be occupied for a while since it is summer and vacation time in school.

It was a quick decision because for two weeks I have started my lady´s clothes business, since here in Sweden they are strict when it comes to rules in business and added also it has a very high taxes so I didn´t have my own shop in the mall instead I used our guest room as my shop, I cleaned and fixed everything, and hang those beautiful clothes that I sold. What I do was, invited friends at home and told them about my business, so they went home and saw some of my clothes and they bought some which was a good started.

It is still winter season now, but I planned to continue that business I had last summer but this time I make it easily for my costumers to contact me and see my products. Here are few of my plan, make a new site for my products and invites my friends to check it out and leave a comment to the products they like so I can see it when I visit my site. I will also provide free shipping if they can´t visit me so I can send the products through their home address and I will make them easily contact me so I am going to find business cards so I can give it away when I meet some of costumers. I got this idea about business card from my friend who is dentist and she always have a good contact with her costumers since she give away some dental business cards so her costumers can easily contact her any time.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A good buy

Every weekend we always try to go out and take a short walk to exercise our legs, and after that either we eat lunch in our favorite restaurant or go to the Asian Store to buy some food stuffs which exclusively for me. Today we decided to take a short walk and went to Asian Store for food stuffs, since we are out of rice husband suggested to buy few kilos of rice in the Asian Store and I thought it was a good idea. We went home with ten kilos. of rice, noodles, can goods and fish. After we had relaxed for couples of minutes, I cook some of the food stuffs we got from Asian Store, the rice is good quality, and also the rest, I combined the sardines and lucky me noodles, and guess what? while I was eating, I felt I was in my hometown Philippines, and it is a good feeling.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

School Time

Holiday is over which means back to school again, yes you read right, I will still go to school even though I am seven months pregnant. I thought it´s better to be a student than to get bored staying at home alone and besides I miss my classmates and teachers. I am not sure if I pass this term since it will takes few months to be able to qualified to the next level and my baby will come out this coming March so I think I cannot able to finish it but at least I will learn something than just to stay home. I am a student again, and looking forward to meet my old classmates and new classmates and teachers.

Monday, 10 January 2011

I found it

I stopped blogging for couple of months because of my hectic schedule from school, and haven´t get time to update it when I come home, since I am tired and need to do household and other things that need to be done. I admitted I miss my blog, my blogger friends and specially reading their blog and leaving comments but what can I do, blogging needs concentration to write and that what I don´t have.

But since I have few subjects this coming term, I started to blog again which made me happy because then I am back in my normal routine. It is great feelings to see my blogging friends again and read their blog update. This year is a very exciting year for me since I am six months pregnant, and my husband suggested that I make another personal blog for my pregnancy which I thought was a very good idea. But I didn´t started right away, I thought about it for couple of weeks and I end my decision to do what was my husband´s suggestion.

I started my new blog few weeks ago and update it as I can, but since I am not ready well in hosting, so I thought it would be great to find an affordable web hosting provider through this my blog will be look more professional which is a good thing for a blog.

I have been searching through online for affordable and reasonable web hosting, and I found few of them, and read review about it. I found webhostinghub as the number one in my list to host my blog. This will be interesting for me, so let see how it goes for me and for my new blog.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

spent half day sleeping

I have been so lazy these days, and today was the laziness because I spent half of the day sleeping. I know it is not good for me since I am pregnant, but it seems sometimes I need to do it to feel good. I can´t go out because it is slippery on the ground which is easy for me to fell down and hurt myself or worse my baby, I prefer to stay home than to go out, it is also cold, so it is all good reason to stay home and feel safe and warm. We we´re planning to buy treadmill so we can do exercise even we are inside in our home. I need exercise since my labor day is getting near, so I hope we get the treadmill soon. Here was my lazy schedule today.

11:00 woke up
12:00 making brunch
1:00 back to bed and sleep
3:00 woke up again
4:00 making early dinner
5:00 sat down in the computer

School start this week so no more sleep for me LOL. I hope everybody had a great weekend.

Friday, 7 January 2011


A few months back, I discovered that I love to bake. I searched different kind of recipe through online, and I found some that I thought it will be worth of trying since I do not have my own recipe. In my first attempted to bake it was not good but it is not bad either, it was not surprised since I am a beginner so I expected that error, and never think about it, instead I just enjoy it, no matter what was the result.

I found some of the recipe I bake through online which mostly are American recipe, and I got problem with it, since the measurement is not the same in the Swedish recipe.

One time I found this American cheesecake recipe, since I never bake cheesecake I thought I will try it. Before I bought the ingredients for the cheesecake recipe, I searched online for a website where I can found a American measurement that translates to Swedish measurement. And yes I found some, which made me confuse since they do not have the exact translate for the Swedish measurement. But I need one of that measurement and I selected the lowest number of the measurement ( it is for the cheese amount that I need).

Finished. My cheesecake is in the oven and waiting to be cook! When I checked it, it seems there, something wrong about it. So I asked my husband what was the right translate amount for 4 (8 oz) to GRAM...and he said it mostly be more than 800 GRAM. My husband was laughing after I told him that I only used 200 GRAM of cheese, and I laughed too

OMG!!! guess how much I used? only 200 GRAM of cheese HA HA...I thought it will be disaster cheesecake that I made while waiting to be ready from oven. I realized I use only 1/4 cheesecake from the original recipe. But what happened, happened so I just wait until it´s ready.

When it was ready, we wait for few minutes before tasting it since it was still very warm from the oven. I never thought it tasted delicious, MAYBE it will not be delicious like the original recipe but we love it. And husband said to me " we called this recipe C CAKE since you put 1/4 of the cheese which was very far from the original recipe, so instead of CHEESECAKE it will be C CAKE ha ha. That day was fun, the C CAKE made our day!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year..

Hello guys! How was your Christmas and new year? I hope everything has a good celebration of Christmas and new year likes we had. It was few days since my last update here, it doesn't mean that I do not open this page everyday, actually I do open it everyday and read other blog´s update, I was lazy to type words in my laptop´s keyboard.

It is NEW YEAR for everybody, another year has added in our life, I wonder does anybody has a promise for this new year? I remembered husband asked me if I do has a new year resolution, but I was not sure what to answered him. For this year there is only one thing I am looking forward to, guess what? hhhmmm... TO BE A MOM :D....that´s why I never thought about my new year resolution, maybe to be a mom, nah it´s not a new year resolution HA HA.

This year is the very excited year for us, since we are waiting for our new member of our family. Our life will change completely, one part of our life will end and another part will start soon. It is mixed emotions, happy, worried, nervous and excited because of our new rule in our new life being a parent. I´m sure it will not be easy for us since it is our first baby, but one thing that I am sure we will LOVE being a parent.

To everybody who are parents, we will appreciate it if you can share some ideas what to do being a parent, we will love to hear from you guys.
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