Wednesday, 28 October 2009

We did it again :P

We did it again.Yes we did met again yesterday, with our old friend but she´s first time to hang out with us. It was a very great day with my friend, these guys are my closes friends here in Gothenburg, they are very good to me, and I do the same. Anyway about yesterday, we enjoyed each company, we cook together for our lunch, and at the same time talk, talk and talk lol. After that we helped each another to prepared the table and eat. Then for the dessert, you could not ever guess, I made again a perfect banana cake. We launch and joke to each other, and it just showed how much we enjoy each other company, so till another day my friends, I am glad you made me part of your life. See you next week guys..

Monday, 26 October 2009


Tomorrow my friends Jenny and Janet will visit me here in my apartment, we will make our lunch together. They will make pakbet and I will make frie milk fish and bake banana cake. I´m sure it will be a great time together with them, as we usually do. There will be more laughing, talking, talking and talking.. So vi ses imorgon då :P...

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lazy days...

Yesterday and today were been a lazy day for us, at least mostly for me. I just sleep, eat and went to my computer and surfed the net for anything. But my husband went out for a walked, I didn´t joined him because I was so lazy and got pms so I stayed home with my computer. As you can see I have been working to my blog and gave it a new look (I´m sure some of you are not surprised about it) because I used to change my layout every now and then. Changing layout is not good for my pagerank so I will try to steak to this layout, and I made something that it could be difficult for me to change layout and it was putting each one of my blogger friend, this way I will not dare to change layout again because I am lazy putting that 200 plus friends in my blogroll. I think it is a good idea, what do you think?

Anyway I made our dinner today, since it was long time ago that we ate our favorite macaroni with beanie sauce - I made it today and as usual we always love it. It is easy to cook and delicious which is very good for me since I am really lazy because of my pms :(... Anyway, how about you? What have you done with your weekend?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

What´s Up

I haven´t posted here for a while due to my hectic and crazy schedule from the school, lots of things happening at the same time. I lost for a while in my blogging mode because I need to concentrated in my study (you know this is more important than blogging lol). But I got a bit of break coming up which I will have a nine days holiday from the school starting tomorrow until the next Sunday, isn´t great huh? This is my favorite time, where I can decide by myself what to do or not to do. I still love it, even though I got a bunch of assignments waiting for me to do it, but I still try to meet my friends during my holiday because I don´t want to be stuck in that assignment things even I am free from school.

Oh let´s stop talking about my school, I´m getting bored here LOL. Anyway before I forgot I wanted to thank you guy for always visiting my site even thought I haven´t visited you back, but I will try to do that starting today and the rest of the weekend. I have noticed that it was exactly a week ago since I posted here if I was not mistaken. I miss the blogging things, specially visiting others blogs and commenting to their post, I love to do those things. What more I can say? Oh yes - for the weekend, I and hubby haven´t talk about what we will do during that time, but I am sure we will have a laundry time tomorrow since we are almost out of clothes to wear lol. Peace to all my advertisers because I made their opportunity or review expired, I was just so busy and no time to post, who wouldn´t want to earn some bucks huh? I hope they understand it.

During this month, I always prefer to stay home because of the cold weather, I know I am starting to used to it, but I still have a blood of Filipino which made me feel not comfortable for the cold weather but not all the time, because sometimes I love cold weather and I hate warm weather, I remember during summer time, which made me very moody because of the warm weather. I prefer to be in my computer or in front of the tv, having a cup of my favorite cappuccino with a bit of marabou chocolate, during cold weather. I need to stop now, and see you guy in your blog, and have a wonderful weekend, what´s up for the weekend anyway?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Finally I did it

Jenny and I called Janet as a "Queen of banana cake" why? Because she is the only one who can made a perfect banana cake, neither I nor Jenny made the banana cake perfect, I baked six times of banana cake and no one of it became perfect and it same with Jenny maybe she did it twice or once I´m not sure. Because of what happen I was very eager to learn how to make the perfect banana cake, did you know that sometimes I made twice the first one is badly as usual and the second one is still the same. So I almost lost hope to make a perfect banana cake. But I still have the feeling making a lot of banana cake until I make it perfectly...

Yesterday I had visitors and I invited them to ate lunch in my home, so around nine in the morning I started to made food. I have decided to make fried milk fish, green beans with chicken and green leaves, and of course, rice. Almost all food is ready, then it just came into my mind to made banana cake for the dessert. I said to myself that it should be perfect, so I told my friend that I went out to bought banana and threw the garbage. After five minutes I already put the banana cake in the oven and wishing that it will be perfect when I met it again from oven. We ate our lunch and I am really happy because my visitors love my food, suddenly the clock rang in the kitchen, which is mean that my banana cake should took out from oven. And guess what, the second time around I met my banana cake it was perfect and delicious. All I can say is YAHOO!

PS: Even though I made my banana cake perfect, I still considered that Janet is still have the crown of being the "Queen of banana cake" :P...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I finished watching the 6 episode of 24 and I love it

Finally I am finished watching the dvd of 24 show, I know I am already too late about this show but since I really love this show, I told my husband to find some of this dvd and guess what he found it. I already finished watching the six (6) episode of this show and by January it will be release the seven (7) season of 24, I am really excited to watch another episode of this show. My husband doesn´t like this show hehe but he still find it just for me, (thanks hubby :p). I like Kiefer Sutherland as an actor, and I started to watch 24 show when I was still in the Philippines, this is our family show, my mom, dad and sisters and brothers love this show likes I do, so you can say that it´s our family show lol. Anyway, anybody watch this show?

Computer problem

I and hubby have talked about buying a desktop locking system because we thought it would be better to have it than everybody can go to our computer. If we will not going to use our computer, we wanted that it will be auto logoff and this is what kind of system we are looking for. While I was surfing the net earlier I remember about this problem in our computer and I search the net to find that system we need, and after a hour of surfing the net I found this Screen Pass site which help us about our problem in our computer. I am really because finally our problem about our computer will gone now and I will not feel moody everytime my computer gives me problem. How about you? Do you get problem with your computer these passed few days? Maybe this is the time you need to learn about Screen Pass offers for your computer.

Our destination for our anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is one month away, and my husband already asked me what would I like to spend our anniversary. Since I don´t have any idea which places best to spend our anniversary, instead of answering him, I asked him for any suggestion since it´s our anniversary. Since he knew the swim with dolphins in Tortola, he suggested if I would love to go to Tortala and swim with the dolphins. And I definitely said "yes" and since that time I started to be excited and looking forward to swim with dolphins.

It would be my first experience to swim with dolphins, and I am really excited to touch and play with the dolphins. Anyway it will be both exciting for me and my husband because likes me my husband had never experience to swim with dolphins, he told me that he is also excited about our destination next month. He already started to save money for our trip so that we will not have any problem but only relaxing and happy moment during our anniversary.

It would be also his vacation from his work, I know that these passed few days he went home late because he´s been working so hard. I am happy for this vacation because it is my first time to travel since I migrated here in Sweden, it was because of my husband´s work. But next month will be his vacation from work, and it would be vacation from school too. How about you, have you ever experience to swim with dolphins? Why don´t you try it and enjoy you're swimming with the dolphins.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Vitamin for your weight

I have a friend who undergo in surgery procedure because of her weight and since she needs vitamins to loss weight because she has been gaining weight after her surgery. She asked me if I know some vitamins which help her to loss weight, and since I don´t have an idea, I told her that I will surf the net to find what she is looking for. I surfed the net this afternoon and I came to this site which offer different kinds of huge variety of bariatric vitamins, minerals and supplements designed for the special health that you need to loss weight to people who has undergone in surgery likes my friend. What I like in their offer is they have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all their products. So I called my friend and give the site of this vitamins she needs.

Waka Waka Game in FB

This weekend I was tired of my blogging and wanted to find new interesting site where I can spent my rainy and lazy weekend. So I thought about the Facebook game, since it was only farmtown game I know in FB I thought it would be fun to try the other games that FB offers. It was more than 20 different kinds of games which has the FB offers (I just know about it just now). I came to this Waka Waka game which I played before way back in Philippines. Since I knew the game before, I started to enjoy it, and since last friday I started to hang out there and just play. I just realized now that FB is very entertaining site besides of you will find new friends all over the world, you can also play with their different kinds of games. Who play Waka Waka here huh?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Dentist schedule was cancelled

We´re about to woke from the bed and suddenly the phone rang. I and hubby were so curious about the caller because we we´re not use to have a caller in the early morning. So husband told me to answer the phone maybe it is important. I answered it, and guess what who is in the other line? It was the secretary of my dentist telling me that my schedule was move by next week because my dentist can´t able to came due to personal reason. Instead of becoming sad, I wasn´t since I hate dentist he he he. Anyway don´t forget your dentist check up, you who is reading this post.

Orlando Vacation Rentals for you

My friend is very excited to spend their vacation in Orlando, and she start to surf place where they can stay whiles they are in Orlando. Since she has mentioned that she still looking for a place to stay in Orlando, I told her about the Orlando Vacation Rentals which are very great opportunity since Orlando is having a promo. After I have told her about the Orlando promo, she quickly find their site and read about their offer. She has found out that there are different kinds of places they can able to rent such as Orlando Vacation Homes, Orlando Villas, Orlando Fl Vacation Homes and Vacation Rentals in Orlando Fl which is my favorite place of all. And many other important things about their offers, before finishing our chat, she was happy because I told her about the Orlando offers and she will talk to her husband about it. I feel happy because I can able to help my friend in small things and also even I am thousand miles away from her. So if you are looking for a place to stay while you are in Orlando, then this is your lucky day, because all your need is here!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Busy Week

This week will be the busiest week for me because I have three (3) different kinds of schedule this week, let me start with interview in the migration for my permanent visa tomorrow, on Thursday I will visit my dentist and he will repair my tooth, I wish he will not do that to me and finally on Friday I will have my exam in school. What a week huh? To some people who will be in the interview desk feel already nervous, but not for me until we will start the conversation he he. Honestly I don´t know if I am nervous or what, but I know I am a little bit sick now. I get confused where I put that nervous that I feels, should it be in the interview, or in the dentist or in the exam, but anyway, all I can do is bring the best in me and I know everything will be fine!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Flower From Hubby

Yesterday when my husband went home, he brought this very cute and beautiful flowers for me. I know it is not much thing but I thought my husband is so sweet and I really appreciate it, it doesn´t matter if his gift is pricelese. Sometimes he brought things or food that he knows that I love. What I love about my husband is, he don´t stop courting me even though we have been living for more than two (2) years now and he really show how much he love me and he knows that I love him too, for the rest of my life. Nah I need to stop now it´s too corny he he he... How about you guys, can you show what does your partner to feel that they really love you? I would like to hear it from you :P..
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