Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rice and chicken soup to warm me up

When I was out today, I felt the cold breeze of the wind, no question that it is already autumn season. It was cold outside, and when I came home, I still feel cold so I made chicken and rice soup to warm my body. It was delicious as expected haha. I forgot to take a photo for my blog, so instead I post my friend soup that she made, it was also delicious.

Right now, I am not 100 percent good as well as my family , I have runny nose that was started this morning. So all day, I have my warm bathrobe on me to keep me warm. I haven´t go out today, because of how I felt.I will meet my good friend tomorrow, so I am hoping to feel good and free from runny nose.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My dad-in-law is 94 years old

Last Saturday, we we´re invited for my dad-in-law´s 94 birthday. Yes, 94 years old. How I wish I will reach that age. We slept over at my in-laws house and came home on Sunday afternoon. Anyway, I am so amazed with my dad-in-law because in his age, he still can drive, fix things in their house likes for example climbing the roof to fix it. When we stayed there my husband always offer them help like cutting the grass in their garden, fixing the roof and other things that are too heavy for them to do it.

I admire my in-laws because they never asked husband help because they always try to do it alone, that why my husband always ask them what he can do for them when we stay at their crib. My mom-in-law is 74 years old but if you go to their house, it so clean. Everything is in proper place. Sometimes, I felt shy when they come to visit in our place because it is missy haha.

So when they visit us, I always try to clean first before they arrive haha. When we stay in their place, my mom-in-law always bake something, and she never let me help her, she will just say " take care of your baby and relax, I will just tell you if I need your help " so when I am in their place, I just relax and eat a lot of my mil cake and cookies haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO MY DAD-IN-LAW MWAH!!!

I love my parent-in-laws. I think I am so lucky to have them as my in-laws because they accepted me as I am. They are so kind to me, and treated me as their real daughter. How about you? Does your parent-in-laws are nice like I have?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I can´t sleep

I was already in bed trying to sleep, but while staying there for 30 minutes I decided to get up since the dream land won´t allows me to enter. It was few hours ago when we came home from my parent-in-laws house, we slept over there since it was my dad-in-law 94 years old birthday. When we came home, I made our dinner and clean.

After that, I watched the TV show that I have been following the past weeks, it is " True Talent " about singing. It is almost like " American Idol " version in Swedish. My husband and baby are already sleeping and as for me, I do not know when I´m gonna hit the bed, for a while just blogging until I get sleepy. See you around guys, and have a good sunday evening.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Unusual day for me

Unusual day. What I mean is, I just sit down in front of my computer around 3 o clock which made it as unusual day for me. I have been cleaning. I cleaned our kitchen, bathroom and I sort my clothes, I keep away my summer clothes and take away my autumn clothes from our cabinet. I also arranged my bags, and threw some of them that I do not use or broken. It is getting colder each day and it definitely time to wear jacket and boots.

When I checked the temperature this morning, I can say that autumn is saying hi to everybody. Time to get ready to face the cold weather again. I am looking forward to see the autumn beauty, specially when the leaves changed to different kind of color. I thought it is like magic. Maybe I take a walk these coming day to capture the beauty of autumn.

Btw, before I end this post, I like to share to my readers that my other blog which is DIAPER DAYS is giving a small give away to celebrate my daughter six month old tomorrow, just click the blog title if you like to join!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Runny nose

I took a shower and a long bath yesterday evening while my husband and my baby were already sleeping. After more than an hour in the bathroom I decided to get up and checked my baby. I didn´t bother to blow dry my hair because I thought I will going to sleep so why bother for it. The window in our bedroom is open ( I always open it to get some fresh air inside our apartment. It was a big mistake because in the morning I felt so bad, I had headache and runny nose. Right at this moment, I still have runny nose, and I suspected that maybe I will get fever soon. And I blame it on my wet hair last night. Next time I need to be careful since it is easy to get sick in this time of the year ( fall season ). Anyway, I´m gonna stop now, and go to bed and get some rest and hoping tomorrow that I will be healthy again.

It would not be a bad
idea to take online nursing classes
sometime, and at least become a clinical
to my family.

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