Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Finally I did update my blog

Hey guys, still remember me?Lol..its been awhile since I blog here, I was busy with my small business online, supposed to be I should update my blog often since I am free from school but because of my business I always get busy and lazy updating my blogs. But I will try my best to update here, since I miss YOU and my blogs.. How is everybody?? Haven´t heard from you for a while, After this post I will try to visit all your blogs and be updated with the latest, you know I´m too late here lol.

Since I am free from school, there are some activities that my husband and I did, like visiting some beautiful parks in the city, I did my first onboard on the ship and many more. My husband took the opportunity to bring me to some places that he knows that I would like to visit, and I love him more for that. I´m going to share it here, so you are update with what was happening to me these couple of weeks.

Hhmmm..what more? Oh yes, I have been enjoying meeting friends and new friends because of my business, I get time to spend some times with different people who I haven´t met before. I have one month and 14 days to go to start my school again, so I try to enjoy every minutes being away from school, and it summer and finally MR. SUN came to Sweden to give some light and warm, love it since we will only have three months of sunny and warm weather the rest will be cold weather.

Until here guys, have a warm and wonderful summer days...

Want to owned brand new coach satchel bag?

It´s been awhile since I last posted here, because I´m doing a small business online. When I opened my account this morning, the first things I did was to checked who have visited me and one of those visitors was Umma my co-blogger friend and she invited me to join her first ever contest in celebration of her 6th wedding anniversary next month. And if this contest will "CLICK" she planned to do it monthly, isn´t amazing? I thought this is very interesting contest, this is my second time to joined a contest through online, since I was unlucky the first time, why not give a try this time. Who knows I could be the future owning of this $300 worth brand new coach satchel bag (refer to the photo below), or maybe it could be YOU! So what you waiting for? visit Mom Conversations blog and and JOIN the contest, and get the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Mom Conversations

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