Saturday, 28 February 2009

It was a long day..

It was a long day today since I started yesterday my practicum it always goes in my mind that it´s a long long day specially when I´m in practicum I don´t mean I got boring there. Today when I got home it was really new for me because when I sat in my computer and look if I have some review to do but sad to say I don´t have any review. I don´t used to it because since this passed two months I always end up in my computer and doing a lot of review-but when I got home today I just directly went to the bed because I was so tired and since I don´t have any review to do.

I miss doing a lot of my review and sitting long time here in my computer, hhhmmm I want my PR back now- it seem so quite in my dashboard nothing´s color white appears.. Since I don´t have review for a few months I guess I´m going to work with my blog and hoping that my pr will be back very soon. TGIF because I don´t need to wake up early and I hate it-my husband call me monster, monster in everything such as rice monster, computer monster, chicken monster and any kind of monster LOL. Where´s my pr I wan it back now please LOL, Since nobody give advice how to make my pr back quickly I will work by myself LOL.

I think I need to stop now maybe you get boring reading my non-sense post , anyway I hope everybody have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Back to Page Rank 0 ^_^

I noticed my blog pr was zero when I checked one of my advertiser so to make it sure I search for PR controller and it was true that my blog pr was back in 0. Anyway for more than a month being a pr three I enjoyed it specially making a lots of opportunity, and I realized it´s not easy to have a lots of opportunity because sometimes I need to post something even I don´t have the mood to post for personal but because I need to post personal just I can make another opportunity review. Actually I miss making my personal post so from now on guys expect that you will read a lot of news about me ^_^ and I will start to miss doing a lot of opportunity review.

Anyway I earn some bucks even it´s not a lot at least it´s help my parents a little bit and I´m still planning to send my second payment to them. I have more than 200 dollar pending payment so I need to wait for it and send it again to my family. I´m hoping that my blog pr will be back soon so that I will get some opportunity again, since I know now that I will not have some opportunity because my blog pr is 0-but I hope there will be even one opportunity a day LOL.

I´m wondering how many months I need to work for my blog so that my pr will be back?? Any tips to make my blog pr back quickly? Whay should I do so that my blog pr will be back quickly? I will appreciate it if somebody can give me some tips or idea what to do.

First Day in My Practicum Part 2

My first day in my practicum was really great,nice people,kids so it was perfect day for me. The kids was really nice with me, at first they don´t dare to come with me but in a few hours they talk and talk to me. The good thing is my friend is working there and guess what guys we have the same name "Sarah" she was really with me so I am happy and contented with my practicum place now, I will work there for 11 days from now. And starting today I will not much hang out here in my blog but I will try to update everyday, you see I will working seven hours a day and when I got home I´m really tire that´s makes me take a nap likes I do today but anyway it was worth it.

We play today and I took some picture of the kids. So here it is. What do you about them? Are they not really cute?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Happy Me!

Finally I got a phone call from my the school and they let me know that they have found place for me where I´m going to start my practicum. I am really happy even there´s only few weeks leave for my practicum, I will have 12 days to do my practicum supposed to be it should be one months but as I have the problem with my first practicum place. But anyway I´m really happy and I will start my practicum tomorrow and it was really good place because it´s only walking distance from my home. So let see tomorrow if the people there are nice to me, I hope the people are nice like it used to be LOL. Anyway wish me luck and I will miss sitting down here in my computer since I used to sit here for the whole day but tomorrow it will not be happen because I need to work seven hours a day. I´m excited to meet the people and kids in my practicum place.

I´m bored..

When I´m home and bored there´s nothing else I can do except to grab my camera and take a post likes today LOL. I wore my husband´s long sleve and post in the camera with timer shot of course hehehe. I still don´t get any phone call from my teacher to give good news so I´m sad and bored because I wants to go back to my practicum but sad to say they didn´t find yet any place for me. But I´m still waiting and waiting and waiting until they will call me and have a good news. Anyway let see and your welcome to look at my picture LOL.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My in law gift

My in laws visited us here and they have a birthday gift for me they were little bit of late but it´s better than nothing. The reason why they were late to visit because they note the wrong date of my birthday. My father-in-law note is Feb. 17 and my mother-in-law note is Feb. 20 so they were both wrong. I made a dinner for them and my mom-in-law brought a cheese cake and we had a little chat to each other. Anyway as you can see in the picture it is a necklace from my mother-in-law gift for me.. Thanks you mwah!

Marriage Proposal

I was tag by Amy about marriage proposal moment and I want to apologies for late posting. Anyway let star to the business LOL. I think maybe some Davawenya can recognize this place in Davao which is the "Hill Top"

When my husband visited me for the very first time and we went to this place have a good date and sing along with karaoke with my sister. I leave my sister in karaoke area and look at the view of the City with my husband, he took my hand and said "Sarah will you marry me" I was really surprised because I never thought that he will said it. At that moment I was really speechless and my hand is shaking hehehe..and I notice he still very quite and waiting for my answered and finally my mouth move and said "Yes" and nothing more words came out from my mouth and after that he kiss me and hug me and said "you make me really happy".

You know guys he´s the only one who proposed without ring LOL. And the other day we bought ring for me, That´s it! Anyway I´m tagging this to all my blogroll friends and I hope somebody will grab it thanks!

Monday, 23 February 2009

I made my snowman and snow angel

Making my snow angel

My first snowman

My second snowman

This is why I love winter because I can able to make snowman or snow angel. Last night we got a nice heavy snowfall and I love it. I could help not to go out when I saw that we got a heavy snowfall.

As you can see I made my snowman and snow angel, it was so fun specially I have my photographer which was my husband (Darling thanks for the nice shot you made) I enjoy it a lot that I didn´t mind the cold all I do was play with the snow. This is my second winter here in Sweden and last year we didn´t got any snow, weather here in Sweden is really strength sometimes it cold be really cold without snowing. After I made my snowman and snow angel I took a walked with my husband in the snow until I got tired.

Did you notice something in my picture? I wore my husband´s gloves hehehe because I forgot mine. Anyway I enjoy it a lot and I think this will be the heavy snow for this winter season for this year but I´m still happy because I had a chance to do this before the spring start. Anyway guy enjoy my photos!

Missing my school and practicum

I miss my school and my practicum too, I hope tomorrow they will call me and have a good news for me because I´m starting to get bored here at home because nobody to talk too specially when my husband is in work. Being alone here is not easy because I´m not use to it, because in the Philippines I used to live with my parents and niece and my one sister too. So it´s really noisy every day because of my cute niece. So trust me guy it´s not easy to live in abroad hehehe.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The real snow is here!

The God heard my prayers about having a snow for the last season of winter. And yesterday and today were snowing and I really like it! And as I can say this is the very first time that we had a really lots of snow for the rest of winter season here in Gothenburg. That´s why I didn´t waste time I took a walk with my husband and there´s a lot of snow in the ground that I couldn´t help not to take a picture so I will have a remembrance if we will going to move to another country maybe soon. And also to post here in my blog. When it´s snowing it means it will be really cold too, it does as you can see in our photo we wore a heavy clothes as normal during winter time. I need to stop now because I will cook our dinner, I hope everybody have a good weekend! And enjoy my picture..

Friday, 20 February 2009

My old Camera

This is my old camera or maybe I couldn´t say it´s old because it´s only one and half years old. It doesn´t mean that I will not use it anymore because I have my new one camera. I´m thinking to give it to my sister when I visit Philippines because she love taking a picture likes me. Anyway no much happening today because I stayed home for the whole day, I stop going to my practicum because I can´t do it because of my problem riding a bus. I already called my teacher and she said " she will look another place for me to do my practicum. Let see this coming monday if they give me good news!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Today is my Birthday

Yehey I´m officially 23 years old and old hehehe.. Anyway today is my birthday,since I don´t used to celebrate my birthday but I used to received a gift. Actually my husband told me that I can celebrate my birthday by preparing foods and invited friends in our homes and do whatever we want. But I prepared to celebrate it with private since my family is not here. And also he asked me what kind of gift I wanted and I told him a new camera and that´s it! I´m happy because I am with my husband but little sad because my family is not with me but hope to visit them as soon as possible. I want to "thank you" to my husband who always there for me and do everything to makes me happy (Your the best husband for me and I couldn´t ask for more)and of course to my parent who took care of me, no words can explain how much I love them and thanks for everything you have done in my life and your the best parent for me too. I thank God for everything he gave me and I am contented with my life even sometimes I have a problem but it´s normal for human to have a problem. I´m looking forward to have many birthdays to come in my life hehehe and I wish myself to have a good health not only me also my husband and family. How about you guy?? what´s your wish for my 23 birthday?

My husband´s pie

Yummy that´s my husband´s broccoli and beef pie, he made our dinner again as my reward for trying to went to my practicum even I have a problem riding a bus. My husband is good cook, I always love what he cooked because it taste really delicious like now this pie..Hhhmmm. yummy, thank you DARLING for always making me very special in your life, Love you always! Anyway guy does it looks delicious?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

First Day in My Practicum

My first day in my practicum was not really great, because I was lost hehe. Since I was new to the other City in Gothenburg I was lost going there! It was like this, I will take bus from our home until to another City call Mölnlycke Centrum and after that I need to change another bus again until to my destination which my kindergarten. But when I got to Mölnlycke Centrum and took a bus going to my kindergarten I took the wrong one going back to Gothenburg, so it was not really great because I need to stop in the middle of nowhere and I don´t know the place.

So I end walking through the place I never knew and it was quite cold, my body was shaking because of cold and my nose was really red and my hand was feeling numb. At all it´s not a really nice day for me. But thanks God I managed to find my destination which is Mölnlycke Centrum and this time I asked the driver if it goes to my destination area.

Anyway I still felt dizzy that time as you know guys I have this seasick, but I didn´t think about it. I was focused to find my way back to the right area.No time for OE as in over acting because I was alone. So I need to took care of myself since my husband was not with me.

When I got to kindergarten, I meet the person who will be my leader and show and teach everything about Kindergarten matters. She was so nice to me and the kids are really cute and polite. So that´s my first day in my practicum.

Tomorrow will be another day, so I hope this time I am careful so that I will not lost again. My husband will does our dinner tonight since I was dare to tried to come to my practicum alone even I have this seasick problem. He told me the dinner will be my reward LOL.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Problem With My Practicum

It supposed to be my first day in my practicum but since I don´t felt well so I decided to stay home. I had mentioned in my previous post that I hate to take bus because I feel dizzy because I have this kind of illness seasick. I already told my teacher about it but they wanted me to try first and see how I feel, so I will go to my practicum tomorrow and see how I feel. But honestly I got a little bit irritated with my teacher as they don´t understand me, they thought it just gone when I use to it but they don´t understand that I have this illness before I migrate here in Sweden. But I´ll be patient and I will try tomorrow how I feel, I hope I be fine :=(.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Visit to my Practice Place

When I am starting my practicum, me and my hubby will going to visit my practicum place before I started because at least I will know the place and what kind of transportation I will use. So today we went to my practice place which it is another City. I was a little bit irritated with the teacher who give me the place because it is long way from the place where I lived and also I hate to ride a bus because of throwing up. So when we ride the bus I am almost got dizzy and feeling to throw up but good to know because I tried to control it and I did- and good to knew because I never throw up inside in the bus that will be so disgusting. I already took a medicine but I thought the medicine didn´t work.

When we got to the place where I´m going to do my practicum, I was feeling so bad because of riding a bus. My husband tried to find idea so that I will forgot my bad feelings so he asked where´s the camera and took a picture of me and my hubby- so here´s some picture we took earlier. But sad to say I will not going to do my practicum in this place because of my problem riding a bus, so tomorrow I will call the school and tell my problem so that they can find new place foe me to do my practicum.

Happy Valentine Day!

Happy heart to everybody!! Me and my husband celebrated the Valentine Day through a good dinner. My husband bought me chocolate and a ballpen with my name on net, I don´t know how he found that kind of ballpen. But anyway I am happy for his gift or maybe I couldn´t call it gift because he bought chocolate almost every weekend as he love chocolate, I don love chocolate too but not same like my husband. So we had a nice dinner tonight. I just came here in my computer because I promised my husband yesterday that there will be no computer for me this day, so I just used computer now and it´s 12:38 in the midnight. I am not sleepy yet that´s why I am here and I slept earlier that´s why I couldn´t sleep. How about you guy, how did you spent your Valentine´s day with your partner?

Friday, 13 February 2009

I was Surprise

I was really surprised today when I opened my Smorty advertiser because I have 11 available tasks but as I need to post before I can grab another task I only post four out of 11. I was surprised because since I am a member of Smorty I only got one task so I was planning to delete it but I changed my mind and think maybe one day I will have many tasks from them and it was today. So see you around guy I need to do the task because there are four new tasks!

My First Payment Goes To...

I started earning through my blog last month, so far I received 117 dollar in my account and guess what guy what did I do with my first ever income through my blog?? I sent it to my family in the Philippines ^_^ oh how nice I am as always hehehehe. Because I don´t need money here because my husband give me allowance every month so why that why I send it to them and I wanted to help them to even I am already here. I am really happy for my earning at least even it´s not a lot it´s still help them. Anyway my balance is back to zero hehehe...


Finally my problem with my socialspark advertiser was fix and I am really happy for that because it means I will have some review from them LOL. I never had a payment from them since I joined but I think I will have soon. Anyway thanks to socialspark mwah! And my friend will be here sooner, while she´s not here yet I make a review hehehehe, see you later guy!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Best Post of me?



As I couldn´t think anything to post today, I just got an idea to do photo shooting by my self in the bathroom hehehe... I need to post something before I can make a review as it´s not allow to post disclose review. I was at home for the whole day today, I didn´t planned to go out because it was -2 degrees and it means it cold out side. And also I don´t like to go out alone, I need somebody to be with me everytime I go out cause I thought it´s always boring to go out alone. But tomorrow I will meet my friend Ivonnie and her little son, we will going to eat lunch here and I will make fried bangus as I knew Ivonnie like bangus and it was timing because my husband bought two pieces of bangus last week. After our lunch we will going out for a window shopping and maybe I will buy make up things let see tomorrow. Anyway enjoy my picture LOL, which one is best post of me??



Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jenny and me at Home

I mentioned in my previous post that my friend Jenny will visit me here at home because I will help her about blog matter. First we sang because she brought her magic sing and after that we ate lunch. And chatted a little bit and later we talked about blog matter. I hope she knew a little bit now about blog after I told her about blog. We both enjoyed each other companion, anyway I got some picture she took so I´m sharing this to you guy!

My friend

My friend planning to have a wedding and she has the problem to find who will be catered for her party. Since I knew this Dallas Catering I think I can help her as my extra gift for her. I hope she will have a wonderful marriage life like me.

Date with my husband

I don´t know guys if you consider this as a date, me and my husband watched this movie Bolt. Earlier I really don´t have any idea where my husband took me because when he went home he just told me that we were going out later and he told me that it will be surprised. It was really funny because he brought his toothbrush just to confused me where we go. But later when I noticed were walking toward the Movie Theater then I knew it already were we go.

When the movie started I noticed there is no kids inside all are teenagers and I think 30 plus years old people. I was really surprised because I never thought 30 plus years old will watch this kind of movie except for my husband who´s love cartoons or for kids movie hehehe..

Anyway it was a good movie and I like and I´m sure my husband too. When the movie was finished I got a little bit headache because we wore eyeglasses because it was three dimension movie that why everybody was wearing eyeglasses. I like it because of what the image of the picture but I was surprised because I have been watching movie in the Philippines it´s never happen that I wore eyeglasses hehehe..

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

SocialsPark problem

I have this problem for a month now in Socialspark, even the opps is open for and there´s the sign "take this opportunity" when I click it, it says wait at the queue. I have the three opportunity which always end of wait at the queue, I don´t like it´s piss me off because I never know if there´s a problem or nothing. I already mail them but they said I just need to wait at the slot but it´s too much waiting I think and it´s get me irritated everytime I sign in and saw this "take this opportunity" and later it will show "wait for the slot" or "do you want to be in queue" I don´t know what will I do with this advertiser. Can anybody explains it to me why it´s goes like that? or maybe you encounter this kind of problem I have right now.

Just a post

I made my 300 drop yesterday, but I am wondering because everytime I drop ec instead it show "drop" it was "300 per day" so now I am wondering why the other dropper they can drop since they wanted? should I just continue dropping even I see this message "300 per day" because I want to drop since I can drop maybe 500 a day or so on. I think there´s a lot of blogger out there who can help me, I´ll be waiting for your help ^_^.

Anyway my friend will be here so soon because I will help her about blog matters and after that we will going to sing because she bring her magic sing. I cooked chicken afritado for our lunch, Who like chicken afritado here? want some? LOL.. And maybe later we will going to take walk in the City and take some picture too, let see what will happen! See you later guys mwah!

Monday, 9 February 2009

I made my old review

Before going to sleep I decided to do my old review because I am tired looking at it in my dashboard everytime I log in. And also I didn´t make review this passed few days because I was just lazy to do it- sometimes I got really lazy and wanted just to sit down and watch TV specially when I have my monthly period. Anyway I made three review tonight and I have some old review leave in my dashboard, let see tomorrow if I have the mood to review them and maybe tomorrow I will have brand new review. Anyway Goodnight too all mwah!

New Layout Again ^_^

As usual new layout again hehehe. I like changing layout with my blog and also I found out that my old layout has same with my co blogger that´s why I changes it again. But I try to put in my mind that it always someone who has same layouts as me. I just can´t help not to changed my layout because this new layout, is it not nice huh? I hope you guy love my new layout Ciao!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

How Valentine Day Started?

Valentine Day is coming and let me tell you what I read about "how the Valentine Day started". On February 14 people from Rome celebrated it as "Day of Love" they called it Lupercalia which means a "she wolf" base in the legend who take care of two founders from Rome namely Rumolos and Reus. Every Lupercalia in Rome, man get naked and run in the street while girls try to get them, but since it is rude the church changed it with the name of three Saint Valentine who was martyr and killed in Africa, bishop in Terni Italy and a priest in Rome. This three Saint is not related about love or romance. What a strength ha?

Friday, 6 February 2009

Sharing Words To You!

I recieved this mail from my from from US and I want to share it with you guys because I thought this is really good words!

Two traveling angels

Keep reading to the bottom of the page -- don't
stop at the feet (You'll see).

Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night
in the home of a wealthy family.

The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guest room.

Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement.

As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it..

When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied,

'Things aren't always what they seem.'

The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife.

After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest.

When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears.

Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field.

The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel how could you have let this happen?

The first man had everything, yet you helped him, she accused.

The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die.

'Things aren't always what they seem,' the older angel replied.

'When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I
noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall.

Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the
wall so he wouldn't find it.'

'Then last night as we slept in the farmers bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave him
the cow instead.

Things aren't always what they seem.'

Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome
is always to your advantage. You just might not know it until sometime later...

Meeting friends Tomorrow!!

I will meet my best friend tomorrow after my school, I feel happy when the Friday comes because I will have a half day school and the next day will be week end and it means no class. And guess what guys I don´t have a school next week because it will be "sport lov" (sport event) so it means we don´t have a class for a week YEHEY I LOVE IT! hehehehe..... And after that I will start my practicum in the Kindergarten hhmm I am really excited to meet new children and people who is working there! Let see what will happen, one thing is for sure I will love it! This will be my third time doing practice so far I love it and I learn a lot about kids and also my Swedish language is improving everyday!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A Nice Dinner

My husband came home today with yellow mango, corn beef, pancit canton (noodles) and rice. So I decided to cooked rice and pride biff with egg because I never tasted corn biff since I went here and I have this yellow mango but it taste different with Philippines mango, I thought Philippines mango is much more delicious than the other mango LOL. Thanks to my husband who always tried hes best to find Asian Store here in Gothenburg, hes been almost to all Asian Store here just to buy something that I like!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Quite Cold Today

It was quite cold today and the temperature said -6 grrhhh that´s totally very cold. February is the coldest month here in Sweden and speaking of February my birthday is coming too, eww I´m getting old LOL and Valentine Day. Anyway I hope there will be a lots of snow before the winter season will end because maybe I will not experience the snow here next time.

It was not busy in school today, we were half day today and I love it because it means I can sleep until ten am hehe, we did our assignment to do interview with people who work in Gym. Tomorrow will be new day and I will have a whole day class tomorrow and it´s boring LOL.

I did a little bit of shopping today, I bought new jeans, jacket for spring time, scarf and blouse. I will be a live for once a month shopping LoL, but I try to control it because my cabinet now is full, some of my clothes that I never wear but I brought here in Sweden, I bring them back when I visit Philippines and give to my niece.

I missed my tasks

I been away from my computer today that causes me of missed some tasks specially in PP which I almost has a payment for this month but since I missed some tasks it means I wait until next month to get my payment from them because I need to earn 50 bucks before I get payment. Anyway there will be more tasks to come LOL, tomorrow is school time again so it means I will be away from my computer from morning until afternoon it means I will miss more tasks LOL.

Changed template over and over again ^_^

As you can see guys I changed my template, I changed it because earlier I was visiting other blog and I was really disappointed because I saw the same template as I have and I don´t like it that´s why I changed it immederately. I know that we can´t help it that we will have the same template but I don´t like it that´s why I changed it. I hope I couldn´t able to see same template as I have now or else I need to change it again. Hope you like my new template guys!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Visit in My Parent - In - Law

Finally were home! It´s been a long day today for me because we were in my parents in law house. There so much Swedish conversation and it´s good for me to trained my Swedish. We ate lunch there and after that we had a conversation as usual, I enjoyed to talked to my parents in law but sometimes its gives me headache because of the language.

After the conversation me and my mother-in-law baked a chocolate cake, it was so fun to baked cake with my mother-in-law and I am so happy because now we both understand each other. My parents in law been so good to me since I arrived here in Sweden, they are both nice person. When we visited them I couldn´t help not to think of my parents back in the Philippines, and I am really hoping my vacation will be sooner. We went back home almost nine in the evening, my mother-in-law invited us to slept there but we said " Thanks but no Thanks" I wanted to went home and be at my computer, I miss already my blog LOL.
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