Friday, 29 May 2009

Jenny and Shy story

I met this girl name Jenny last year when I was in SFI course D. When I first saw here, I though she is not filipina because I never heard her talk our dialect in Philippines (or maybe I just did not see her talking to filipina) My first impression to her is peace maldita and a Thailand girl, until we introduce our self to our classmates and teacher, then I knew she is filipina senyum.

She is the one who first approach me, because I am amalu shy girl and I don´t dare to approach somebody unless she/he approach me first then I will be like a pearl that came out from the shellsengihnampakgigi. Then we started to banyakckptalked a lot with our dialect and until I sat beside her and we became good friendssenyumkenyit. I knew it is not a long time since we met but I can say that we are comfortable to each other, we talked about everything doesn´t matter if it is personalihikhik. I think why we became close friend because we like each other very much and we have a lot of things in commonkenyitlike for example photography.

She is so nice with me and she is my sister her in Sweden, she treated me like her little sister, she is so sweet, menarijolly person and very friendly- one thing I learn about her, she is so sensitive, that´s why I am really careful of what I do and say to her otherwise I make her sad or angry or maybe cry maybe notsengihnampakgigi! I have some friends but they just a friend when I met them or talked to them but I considered Jenny as one of my close friend (she is the second to my best friend, I think she almost my best friend too, but we can work with that). I can share everything to her because I trusted her so muchkenyit and I think she do the same too. It´s not easy to find friend who you can trust with, that´s why I´m glad to met her and be a part of my life senyum and having a friend like Jenny is a treasure.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Shy talking about party

Tomorrow will be our party in the school, and I am excited to attendgile. I love party because I like buying new dress, sandal or anything that I can use during the partysengihnampakgigi (I love shooping, some of my friend call me shopaholic, who cares!peace). Since I lived here in Sweden I often attend any kind of party specially my husband is in the business, everytime we attend business party. Irindu remember last Friday, my husband adacallphoned me and he wanted me to went to their office because there a mini party happening therekenyit.

When I got there, they already started to drink, I can see there´s many wine bottle in the table. So when I just sat down one of my husband colleague gave me a glass of wine and after that I start to do it by myself and maybe a few minute I started to felt dizzyblur. I asked my husband to went home because I started to felt not right gatai( means I am starting to be drunk). Anyway sometimes it´s good to attend party specially when you are in the part of the world likes Swedensenyumkenyit. I need to stop now and get ready to hit the bed, I will post picture tomorrow from the party. Don´t worry guys there will be no wine tomorrow malusengihnampakgigi.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Twister from Janet

My friend Janet post a twister and when I read it I remember that the words she post was our motto in school when I was in primaryfikir. I and Jenny discussed about the answer until I remember itmenari, but I will not tell it yet because you will guess it too-so I´ll be waitingsengihnampakgigi. Think....think..think now

below is the twister:

What is it???
we have it when we were born
and we will die with it
the poor has it, the rich need it
and if you eat it you will die!

Another award!

I recived this award long time ago from my friend Amy who is really nice with me since we met through blogging. Anyway babae sorry ha karon lng jdu nko na post imo award. Thanks for sharing this two award with me makahilak nko og bobog ani.

Anyway everybody can grab this!

Friendship chain tag

I recieved this tag from my two friend here in blogging world, it was Mr. D and Katherine, these two people are so nice with me since I met them here in blog. I would like to both thanks you for sharing this friendship chain and it is highly appreciate by ME! I love you guy and stay liek you are to me.


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I will tag this to all of my friends here in my blog!

My present to my nephew

I am thinking what to give as a present to my nephew here in Sweden, since I don´t have any idea what to give him because he has a lot of toys. I decided to give him a seatbelt because I remember when I talked to his mom (my husband´s sister) that they have a problem about his seatbelt is too big for him. I think this could be a good present even he could not play with it but he will be really safe everytime they on trip I found this Cares which specialist the product of seatbelt. I have read that Cares is the only harness style child aviation restraint system which authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA in short. Cares is build equal like industrial-strength like your own seatbelt and it´s adjustable and Cares weight is 1 pound and can fits into a 6 inch, it´s amazing right?

I think I will purchase this instead of toys since my nephew has a lot of toys, and this seatbelt make my nephew safest everytime they have trip and I´m sure my sister-in-law will be happy and she will not think about this problem anymore because I got a solution. How about you? do you have the same problem likes my sister-in-law then don´t worry anymore because you got your solution now!

I can help

I visited my friend today because she wanted me to help her through blogging matters. I am really happy because I able to help her in small thingssenyumkenyit, and I was the one who encourage her to join blogging because except of, she can earn extra bucks which are good, she can find friends too all over the worldsenyum. I think blogging is a really good things to learn- I feel good inside to know that I can help people in small things and I am proud of ittepuktangan.

Monday, 25 May 2009

My friend met her prince charming

I was chatting with one of my close friend in the Philippines, and she was really happy telling me that she met her prince charming through online. She was a member in local chat room which is 100% free registration, you can able to chat to different kind of people all over the world. I am really happy for my friend because finally she found her prince charming or maybe let say future husband because they we´re in the serious stage of relationship.

My friend told me that they chat everyday, talk in the phone and they we´re planning to meet in person Like me who found my partner through online, it made me really happy to hear when someone found their love one through online too. It just prove that no matter how far people to each other, there´s nothing can stop them when they are falling in love to each other. When it comes to love there is no impossible, no matter how far to each other, different kind of religion, different kind of believe and so much more.

I have some friends who are living with their partner which they found their love one through local chat rooms and they are living happily with their kids. In our generation now, everything is high tech that´s why many people who meet their love ones in other part of the world, like me I am from Asian and my husband is from Europe.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

We visited my sister-in-law

Today we (I and hubby) visit my sister-in-law because it was long time ago since we visited them and because it was their son´s birthdaymalu. We had a chat banyakckpas we usually do and after that we ate cakecelebrateyum and we (I and hubby) had a little play with my niece and my nephew (they still a little bit afraidsedih of us (I and hubby) since they don´t see us often). After that we went home and past by in the graveyard to visited my sister-in-law daughter who died last 2001, my mom-in-law planted a flowerros beside Sandra´s grave (she supposed to be 8 years-old now). Then we went home, thanks to my in-laws ride until home, it was nice of themsenyum.

I finally help my in-laws

The summer is coming here in Sweden that´s why my parents-in-law looking forA/C compressor for their car because they both feel uncomfortable when they we´re inside the car or always feel sweaty. Since they couldn´t find, I help them since I always in front of my computer surfing. I was surfing this morning and I found auto air conditioning which is fit my parents-in-law need, so I phoned them and talked about what I found and they we´re happy and they we´re thanks me for helping the. Are you looking the same things for your car likes my in-laws, then I recommend you to visit this and find the best air conditioning for your car.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

I remember

I remember that day when my dad bought my first yoyojam, I was really happy and I always keep my yoyo beside me when I go to sleep. I thought it would be find if I can still play yoyo after how many years passed by and I thought I still can play it, that´s why I am surfing the web to find new yoyo for me and I think this could be fun hobby to start with since my vacation from school will be so soon now. How about you, are you looking for a new hobby to do in your spare time? Then we try yoyo together!

One Lovely Blog Award

I received this award from my good friend and classmate Jenny, thanks for sharing this wonderful award to me and I am thankful for that. Anyone can grab it!

I and hubby plan

I and my husband we´re planning to do a Small Business Loans soon, and we need to think about what kind of business we´re going to built and we´re both excited about it. For me and my hubby it will be excited to do new things together in our future icluded of having a baby.

I been to Jenny´s place

As I said to my previous post that I will going to visit my friend and classmate here in Swedensenyum. We had a really good times to each other. We enjoy the conversation specially the laughing things because of my new pair of earrings which has a power according to megelakguling kenyit(Jenny gave the pair earrings to me because she don´t like it), we enjoy the food (Jen tack så mycket om jättegoda mat) and we enjoy to be with each other, that´s the matter most. We (I and Jenny) did pedicure and manicure to our Majesty Janetpeace (that´s Jenny call her) our very own queen in Sweden (ihikhik she will replace soon our original queen which is Silvia). I and Jenny had no chance to do pedicure and manicure in our self because we to clean first our queen Janet (peacesengihnampakgigiNet). Anyway guy I enjoy to be with them, and hope we will see each other again her in my place soonsenyumkenyit.

(Janet´s daughter, she so cutesenyum)
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