Sunday, 29 January 2012

First time in Starbucks

Way back in Philippines, I never drink strong coffee, I always prepare the coffee powder in sachet because I control how much coffee I put on my coffee mug. And then everything changed when I migrated here in Sweden, I started drinking different kind of coffee, I even try the strong brew coffee. When I first time tasted it, I was dizzy and felt very bad. Haha. 

I am not coffee lover back in Philippines, that´s why I never visited some coffee shops like for example Starbucks. And it happened here Sweden my first visit in Starbucks, and ordered coffee. I love it. And for sure, I´m gonna go back there and it will be our hang out place with my friends who love coffee like fore example Jenny who is a blogger too like me. 

Actually, we just gone to Starbucks earlier, just hanging out and drinking our coffee.. We stayed at Starbucks for more than an hour, and just talked and enjoy our coffee. Anyway, I thought it will be great if I took photo for my first visit in Starbucks coffee shop and with my first coffee.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Pink Friday: Camilla´s Cap

Whew, it´s already Saturday night here but I just start writing my entry for " Pink Friday " but anyway, it´s better late than never, they say. Haha. It took me few minutes to find for my entry today and since Camilla´s birthday is coming I thought of looking at her album and this is what I found ( refer to the photo above ) I took beautiful photo right? The cap is mine but it´s fits her too. And it made me play with my phone because it´s fun to take photo of my little angel who will have her first birthday soon. 

This month and few months coming are special for us because, this month it is our wedding anniversary, and for February it´s my birthday and on March it´s Camilla´s first birthday. I am planning to host a giveaway but it is not final yet. I need budget haha. I haven´t earn this month and passed months because I was inactive in blogging but not it seems I am back on track, actually I bought two domain names yesterday. I am excited to start with my new blogs ( fashion and a mom blogs ) but I need to wait until it will be in WordPress blog. Let see what will happen.

Friday, 6 January 2012

This blog will have it own domain and will be hosted blog

This morning, I was sitting down in front of my laptop and thinking hard about deleting and adding new blogs. I have six blogs and it gives me hard time to update of them though some of them have their own niche which is easy for me to update but still I didn´t update them. So I came to conclusion to delete some of my blogs and buy a new domain and to make it easy for me to update them if they have a proper niche ( some of my blogs have their own niche but not all of them. 

I have already buy two domains ( Bloggistamomma and Shy´s Mode ) and I am planning them to be hosted. I just rename my 3 and a half years old blog " A Journey For Life " to " Bloggista Momma " I just can´t delete this blog since this is my very first blog. It has also a high rank of 3 but I thought it much better if it has it own name. And I thought it will be wasted if I delete this blog so instead I buy it own domain and let it be a hosted blog. Wonderful idea I got right? haha. The passed days, I was been reading fashion blogs and it´s inspired me to make my own fashion blog. My fashion blog will not only contains about fashion, it will also contain product review that I used, beauty tips and many more as long as it will be related to fashion niche. And when I got budget, I let these blog to have their own blog make over so they will be beautiful like the own. Haha.

Let see if the new domains I bought wills survive since boredom of blogging is occupying me right now. Oh, maybe you get bored reading this post, I better stop now. See you around guys.

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