Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My new BABY

I had mention in my other blog that I was planning to buy mini pc because I like to have a one ( good reason huh ). And I told my husband about my plan, so last Thursday when he got home, he asked me to showed him the mini pc that I wanted through the Google. And of course I immediately showed him the mini pc that I wanted to have.

And after I showed him the mini pcI wanted, he quickly checked different kind of store online if the one I like is still available. And lucky me because it was available in one of the store which is near in our apartment, so my husband said to me dressed up and we will go to the store and check the mini pc you wanted. We went there, and checked the mini pc and I was surprised because husband bought it, I was really surprised because I thought we will buy it during weekend but I was wrong. Hhhmmm.. my husband surprise me sometimes with good things and which I love!

My mini pc was still untouched because I am waiting for the connection of it, we already subscribe to 3 company last Saturday but until now the mini pc has no connection yet, so hubby decided that we will go to the store tomorrow and tell them about the problem. I hope I will get connection tomorrow so that I can start enjoying my new "BABY" haha.. what you think about my new baby???

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Which haircut?

I been thinking about having a new haircut these past few days, because of three reason, 1. is I have a problem during I go to sleep, it goes all over my face and I do not like to ponytail it, 2. summer is coming which I´m sure I will feel uncomfortable with my long hair and 3. is to have a new hair and look. I took two different kind of photos of me, the one which I have a long hair and the other one which I have a short hair. I both like my two looks, but I don´t know which one will suit me well, I already asked my husband and he said I look well in both hair style, but he likes me more with the short hair.

Salon here is quite expensive, I still can go there if I like, but I prefer to cut my hair by myself and keep my money instead for the other matters that I like to buy, and it´s more fun to cut my own hair and see the result. It is not new for me to cut my own hair because I have been doing this way back in Philippines, and even sometimes my friends asked me to cut their hair.

So guy, I would love your own opinion, I´ll be here waiting mwah!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Trying to do diet

I think I haven´t post here that I started to do diet since I´m getting bigger which is not good for me who is a short person. I will hate to be a short and fat girl haha, that´s why I´m trying to do diet. I checked earlier how many kilo I am and it turned that I am 46 kls. and take note I haven´t eat anything yet, so I thought it horrible, I must do a diet if I will not like to be call a short and fatty girl lol (kung sa bisaya pa lang LUMBA LUMBA haha,yucks). Before I was only 42 kls. and I gained 4 kls. in just a month Oh My God this must be crazy lol.

All I am concerned now is about my diet and nothing else (I just finished my exam anyway haha). I must lose weight that´s for sure. Anyway husband and I went to the mall yesterday where we can checked if the netbook I wanted is still available (I will post about it soon) and after that, we went to the Drug Store because husband wanted to buy something there. While walking home, he showed me this juice (refer to the photo above) and said "try this maybe you would love it and it´s good for a diet" since that time I was full, I wasn´t able to taste it until today for my lunch time, (just finished zipping it). I love the taste and I was quickly get full, I think I would love this for my diet but first I want to know how long I will feel full. This juice is rich in protein, 23 vitamins/Minerals, meal on the go, and specially the one I love it has a Low calorie diet.

I hope this will be my instrument for my diet because I need to lose weight badly, and since summer is coming I should be sexy because I´m sure I need to wear my two piece haha!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New layout and award

I missed my blog entry for yesterday because of my laziness, but I am back now with full of adrenalin to write a post. I was inspire to write a post today because I found my new LAYOUT which I hope will stay for a while since I changed LAYOUT a lot. I was looking for LAYOUT yesterday, but I got disappointed because I can´t find something I wanted. And today while checking who visited me so that I can visit them back and one of those people who visited me was Ritzchelle and she share an award to me. I visited her blog to grab the award and I was very happy because I found out that she is giving a FREE LAYOUT and I did check her FREE LAYOUT right away and found one for my blog. After I installed it, I was satisfied and happy because I really love the new look of my blog (Thanks Ritz for the free layout, and want you to know that I love all your free layout, and your such a talented person).

Anyway THANKS for the sisterhood award, I really appreciate it. And I would like to share it to all my blogroll friend, feel free to grab it girls (wink).

Here´s the rule:

1. Put the logo on your blog or posted
2. Nominate up to 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I met people who are running in politics (update about my vacation)

During my vacation in the Philippines, I met my family, friends and relatives. And while I stayed at my parent house, I accompanied her in all her activities and most of her activities are meeting different kind of people who are candidates for politics to talk what they will do for the up coming election and since I am with her, I had a chance to met some of those people.

I was really happy because I had a chance to met the daughter of the mayor who I admire a lot, and this time she will be the candidates for mayor since it her father´s ( Rodrigo Duterte ) last term being a mayor this year, ( He was first elected 1988 and reelected 1992 and 1995. In 1998, he ran for the House of Representatives and won as Congressman for the 1st District of Davao City in Manila until 2001. In 2001, he ran again for mayor in Davao and was again elected for his fourth term. He was reelected in 2004 and in 2007 and currently a mayor in Davao ). I hope his daughter will win for being a mayor and her father as vice-mayor a vice-mayor so that Davao will stay to experienced relative peace and stability, I know some people doesn´t like the mayor but we have different kind of opinion as for me I like him being a mayor in the city.

I like to be with my mom when I was in the Philippines and see how active she is, in her work eventhough she is getting old. My mom doesn´t like to sit down at home, because as she said she felt like having a fever if she just sit down and do nothing. I already miss my mom, specially when she made a cappuccino for me. I hope I can able to visit Philippines again by next year if I will not be pregnant. Anyway here are some of my photos with the candidates (goodluck to them)!

Friday, 9 April 2010

I met my girls

Yesterday friends and I had a chance to met and bonding together, and like we usually do cook Filipino foods, talk and share each other´s experience and personal life sometimes. I haven´t able to bought a magic sing when I was in my vacation lasts month, so I asked Jenny if she can brought her magic sing with her because I want to sing loud and clear LOL, and yes she brought it with her when we went to Janet´s place. And guess what, I didn´t help them to cook foods, instead I asked Jenny to put on the karaoke system so that I can started to sing, and also I asked Janet if she can prepared hot water for me because I wanted to drink tea, and as usual they we´re nice and did it for me ( I honestly accepted that I am lazy when I am with Jenny and Janet because I know they treated me like their youngest sister who is lazy lol, peace girls ). Anyway it was a great day with my girls even though I wasn´t feel well yesterday and until now and same with Jenny, she is sick too.

We met each other through dating online

Maybe some of you do not know that I met my husband through dating online site? yes, I met my husband through dating online site. We have different kind of belief, some believe that they found their love of their life through online dating, (I am one of those people) and other doesn´t believe at all that online dating works. Like I said we have different kind of belief, but I and hubby belief that we are destiny to each other, honestly I can´t believe that I am here in Sweden living with my husband who I just met online, and who has different life likes I do. See how destiny works!

Sometimes hubby talks about how lucky he was to found me, and he can´t believed that he is mine lol. I think we´re just lucky to found each other from a million people in the world, that´s why we always take care of our relationship, because we want this relationship to be last forever. And whatever tomorrow brings, we always treasure those times we spent together.

How about you? Have you found your love of your life? Why don´t you try to meet women online, who knows maybe your princess is waiting for you out there. And if you like you can also read any woman´s mind through pickup artist forum and learn about women, and have fun!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Last month when I was unpacking my things from vacation, there are some of my things that I can´t find, and made me realized I forgot to packed them with my other things. To make sure that it wasn´t lost somewhere while I had my trip, I texted my sister and I got reply like this " it is here, would you like me to send it to you? " after I read that message, it made me felt angry with my self because those things are more important than the other things I brought with me. It was my sandal´s sole, postcards I made for hubby and my friend presents. I can´t believe those things are not in my luggage, because like I said those things are important to me.

Anyway I thought, done is done there´s nothing I can do about it except if I like to travel again but it won´t be happen, maybe next year but I don´t know if those things are still there. I was away from my hubby during three different kind of occasions which are our 3rd year wedding anniversary, my 24th birthday, and Christmas and new year. And during my vacation, I made different kind of postcards which I planned to gave to my husband when I come home again but I forgot it. So I need to make a plan to buy postcards, and one way is searching through online for colour postcards which I´m sure I get some of those thousands postcards online for my hubby. I am happy because after a hour of searching online, I get what I need, I´m sure I make my hubby happy for my little surprise.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Got pr 3 for ten months

Yay, I missed my blog entry for yesterday because I was so lazy due to my flu and headache problem. But I´m better today, that´s why I sit here in my computer and making my post. Before making this post, I visited my co-blogger and left some comment to their post, and I have read some of their post about pagerank update, which made me check my pagerank because it was last May 12 2009 I get back my pagerank three so I wonder if I still have my pagerank till now April five 2010. Maybe you wonder why I know the exact date when I get my pagerank again because I took note of it. I was curious and wanted to know if I still have my pagerank three so I visited a Site where I can find out if I still have my pagerank and yes I still have my pagerank three which made me very happy, to be exact I have my pagerank three for almost ten months now. And I hope Mr. G. will make it last for a year or so, and my pagerank will not be like this because of YOU, thanks to all my co-bloggers who are not tired reading and visiting my Ste specially to whom left comments.
Check PageRank

Maybe some of you wonder, how I maintained my pagerank for this long, it just simply really, I just don´t put any advertiser in my sidebar and that´s it. Because if you are talking about posting three times a week, I don´t do that, actually this blog has no post for three months but it survives to still have a pagerank 3. But I don´t know maybe tomorrow or the next day, it will have zero rank, but I am still happy to have rank three for ten months. So to everyone who gets their rank high (congrats) and to whom are working to have a high rank (keep it until you reach the goal you wanted). Have a nice day guys!
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