Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I was surprised and very excited

I have been living together with my husband for almost five years. I have learned when he gave me gift, it always not wrapped in a special bag wrapper, instead we buy it together haha. I don´t mind at all, the important is, he always made me very special through giving me gifts that I wanted. Several days ago, he asked me if I want to receive a special gift during this coming Christmas or on my birthday, I told him I would love to receive gift during my birthday, that´s that. End of the gift conversation.

Last weekend, he went out to done his hair cut. And when he came home, he suddenly told me that he was walking a long time to make my gift wrapped. And I was like, I thought you will gave the special gift on my birthday. And that´s it. I was very surprised because like I said, I used to received gifts from him unwrapped but this time, first time ever it will be wrapped haha. The gift is somewhere in our apartment and I don't have a plan to find it. I just wants to have it on Christmas day.

I am really really curious what will be the gift. I have been bagging my husband about what is the gift and he never told me. I even asked for a clue but he never gave me. He just said, wait until Christmas. I gave up to knowing what is the gift. I cannot wait to open it during Christmas day. Anyway, there are 25 days to go before Christmas, I will post here what will be the gif okay guys. See you around!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lunch meeting with my girlfriends

How is everybody? Ask for me, I am still lazy blogging. I so lazy updating my blogs for weeks. What happened to me ( sad sign ) maybe I need to be away from blogging to get back the energy again to blog? What you suggest guys? Anyway, I´ll be meeting my girlfriends at the Filipino Restaurant here in Gothenburg ( I will blog about the Filipino Restaurant soon, I just need to take some photo to make the post more exciting right ) we will have our lunch there, and after that, no schdule. Maybe we will just hang around the mall and just do the chikahan about anything. I will share some photos later, see yah!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yahooo! Finally...

Yay!! You are not lost!!! It just I got a new theme and a blog title. I changed the title of my blog from " A Journey Of Life " to " Blogista Momma " I thought it fits the new title of my blog as of my new role. I have been longing for months to get new theme for this blog. When I own domain blogs, I left behind this blog and never update it even though it has a high page rank. But then I realized it will be waste of time if I lose this blog since this is my very first and old blog. So to get back my eager to update this blog, I planned to make renewed it, from title to theme so it will completely look brand new. And yes, I made it. This blog looks very new specially the theme.

It was not impossible with the help of my co-blogger and at the same time designer for blogspot Chie. I got this theme very cheap than normal charge for theme. I thank Chie for making this blog looks new and now I have a lot of energy to update this blog though this post should have posted yesterday haha. I was so hand full with the house hold and my baby that I wasnt able to come finished this post.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My comfy shoes

I was inactive in my blogs for the past days since I cannot leave my baby alone playing in the living room because she´s moving a lot now and I need to watch her every time. And also she always cry when she can´t see me. Our computer is place in our bedroom while my baby stays in the living room so I can´t be in front of the computer. I have a laptop which place in the living room but every time I use it I can´t blog anything. I wish for a bigger laptop. Actually an Macbook air apple laptop is my wish to have but I do not know when I can have it since it is extremely expensive, as for now we cant afford since there are many things to buy first than my leisure thing.

I woke up 12 midnight and I cant sleep anymore, and I have been in front of the computer for an hour before I able to update this blog. Like I said, I am busy being with my baby and also lazy to blog. I just felt nothing to blog or maybe I just lazy. Anyway, I bought this pair of shoes several days ago. I expected to return it because I thought it will not feel comfy because it has the high heel and since I always go out with a baby cart, I thought it will hurt my feet. But I was completely surprised because I have tried to walked with this pair of shoes and they are so comfortable and it is very light weight that it feels that I do not wear any shoes at all. I so love this pair of shoes.

I wear it as my every shoes because it is good for the weather ( almost winter weather now ) it made my feet warm. It has a medium high heels and it made me tall a bit haha besides it so comfy. This is added to my favorite pair of shoes though I don't have much like Emelda Marcos. Here are the photos of me wearing my favorite brown pair of shoes and I matched it with brown jacket from BIKBOK. My husband told me that day, that he liked my outfit.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New theme for this blog soon

Pardon me for not updating this blog. The past days, was a lazy days to blogs instead I was with my family which is a good excuse to be away from my blog right? Anyway, while I was blog hopping, I saw few blogs that have the same theme that I used in this blog. Seeing them made me eager to change the theme of this blog. And my co-blogger is working on my new theme and I just hope it will finish and install soon so I will inspires to blog haha. I am really excited for the new theme of this blog and I hope it will last long. I need to stop writing now and more blog hopping since this blog needs more comments and exposure.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It was the first time

I was in the kitchen preparing Camilla´s dinner when I heard our bell door rang. My husband was the one who open the door and I went in front of the door because I was curious who was the visitors. And I saw this two kids with their costumes Halloween. My husband asked me if I have some candies to give to the kids. I immediately checked my bag and I found one small toblerone and gave it to them and ask if it okay if I take photo of them. Here was their post for me.

It was the very first time that someone knock on our door during Halloween. Next Halloween I make sure I have a chocolate on our table in case they will come back haha. Anyway, the kids on the photo, were also their first time to do this activity. They are the grandsons of our neighbor who lives in first floor of the apartment and we live at the fourth floor.
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