Friday, 28 October 2011

24 movie marathon

The past days, I wasn´t into blogging. Since I was not in the mood of updating my blogs, I started to watch the 24 DVD that I received last Christmas from my husband. I was guilty for not watching it the past months, only little guilty because I am became a mom the past months. I just don't wanna miss every single minutes with my first baby. The first months, I still can´t believe that I am a mom already, I was so overwhelmed with the happiness I felt when my baby came into our life ( my husband has the same feeling likes I have ) who can blame us right?

It took me months before I used to be being a mom, and I´m loving it so much that every time I see my baby, I don´t feel anything except happiness in my heart. Now that I and my baby have adjusted with out new life, it is easier for both of us. My life is back to the normal routine, and my new rule as a mother is fantastic. One thing I can say, I am complete. Some times, when I felt sad, I just look at my baby and I feel so happy and blessed to have such a baby and also my husband who is always there to wipe my tears every time I cry. These two persons are the one who made my life complete. Nah, I should stop now, I am became so emotional haha.

Anyway, it has been three executive days, that I have been watching the 24 DVD and I so love it. The show made me not stop to watch every season because it so exciting. I so like Jack Bauer. My husband some times watch with me, and he like the show too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love coffee

A week from now, it will be officially winter season. And it will be below zero degrees Celsius again. My boots and winter are already in the closet and ready to wear. Time to wear heavy clothes again. I am so sensitive when it comes to cold weather, even it is still fall season, I already feel cold every time I do not have any jacket on me even though indoors. I am just grateful that I can make a coffee in just a minutes. Happy Winter Season everyone!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I woke up early and done nothing

After 2 hours of sitting down in front of computer, here I am writing this post through my iphone while lying in bed. I still cant sleep, so I probably wait for my baby to wake up then prepare her breakfast. I hope after her breakfast she will going back to sleep so I can sleep too because I am starting to be sleepy..

Sunday, 16 October 2011


It was raining this morning, and we supposed to be in the food market to buy our weekly food but since it was raining we decided to stay home and wait until the rain stop. And after an hour, the rain stopped and when I look at our window, I saw this beautiful rainbow. I thought it was magic, very beautiful scene. I so love it. Then after watching the rainbow and a few minutes it disappear and we went to the food market. We took a walk first before going to the food market to stretch our legs. It was a great day.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sick on and off

We supposed to have guests around six in the evening, but since I am slightly sick we postponed it. I have been sick on and off the past days and I hate it, because I need to take care of my baby and do the household. When I am sick, I love to just lay in the bed and sleep all day but I can´t do that. I also missed my blog and haven´t update for a while. I have runny nose and slightly fever and my husband and my baby have runny nose. I hope we will be free from these sickness. I need to stop now, and go back to bed, see you around guys!
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