Friday, 22 October 2010

First time to travel by a ship..

When I was in the Philippines and need to travel outside my City like going to Manila or other places, I always took an airplane. I never ever took a ship to any of my travel, since I have seen a lot of accident by a ship. I know airplane can be accident too, but when I read that the airplane is the safest transportation to take, I got the strength to took it, instead of any other transportation.

I told my husband that I never took ship of any of my travel to Manila, and since he has a plan to takes me to some of the beautiful countries in the Europe sometimes. And he wants to take a ship to that travel, so he asked me if I dare to takes a short travel to Germany by a ship. I was nervous when I said yes to him since I never been to a ship, but I need to try it otherwise I will never know if I can be inside in a ship.

When we we´re inside the ship, I started to feel dizzy and freezing haha... I was terrifying that I almost said to my husband that I wanted to get out from that ship. I told my husband how I felt and then he asked me if I wanted to get out from the ship, but I wanted to try it and besides ship here is more modern and nicely build so I said to my husband " no we stayed ". And he tried to entertained me like roaming around the ship and for few minutes I started to feel relax and I haven´t notice that the ship is already moving and going away from the harbor.

It took two hours for us to be in Germany and I was really happy and proud of my self because I accomplished to took ship to travel with the help of my husband. It was not dangerous at all like I thought before, now that we already knew that I can take ship to travel, husband and I will not be hesitate to take ship if we travel somewhere in Europe sometimes because we already knew that I can be in a ship. Yepey!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010


I woke up late this morning, which made me feel stress getting ready for school. I took a short shower, ate my breakfast and run to the tram station to catch the tram, otherwise I need to wait ten minutes for the next tram. And when I just came inside the school, my eyes was toward in the big TV screen in the wall and I read this words " NO SCHOOL FOR TODAY " I think it sucks but good for me I can go home and relax and get ready for the school tomorrow :D..

Friday, 1 October 2010

Autumn is in the air

Yahoo.. Time travel so fast and it´s already October. My stomach is getting bigger everyday. This morning whiles watching the beautiful view through our window, I realized it is already autumn and soon time to change the clock into autumn time.

Everytime I go out, I see the sign of autumn season, different colors of leaves are in the ground, chilly weather and everybody are wearing layer of clothes with matching boots. This is the time when I start to miss my country, I was there last December until March but I already miss my country, I am sure it will be like that because that´s where I grow-up and my other family is there too. Who knows, maybe after two years I can able to have my vacation there with my husband and my little angel who is still in my womb.

I hope this update will makes continue, I know I always say that I will update this blog as often as I can, but too bad I can´t. I won´t promise this time, instead do it hehe..
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