Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Birthday Janet of Insights

Our dear friend Janet is celebrating her 35 BIRTHDAY today, for me she does not look 35 at all, no kidding! it is true that she does not look 35, for me she is around 25 years old. This girl is very nice person, she is like my ate (Jenny also) because I feel they both care a lot about me, and I am thankful for that since I don´t have any relatives here except my husband and his family. Anyway girl HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you good health for you and your family and a new little angel :P. So if you like to greet Janet of Insights then visit her blog, make her day more happy.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Rainbow and a cake

While I was talking to my husband in the living room and look outside in our terrace I was surprised because I saw a very beautiful rainbow. I immediately called my husband and said Darling look at the rainbow is it not wonderful scene? And he said find our camera and took some good picture of it, so here it is, are you agreed that it was a wonderful scene?

And this night around nine (9) in the evening, I and hubby baked this delicious cake as you can see in the picture. We always enjoyed making food together in the kitchen, we though it is very special time together. It was tasted delicious as usual result when we cook or bake food together, maybe because we have this special ingredient our LOVE :p.

My father-in-law brother has passed away

My husband got a phone call around six (6) in the evening from his father and was telling a bad news that my father-in-law brother has passed away around four (4) in the afternoon today. It just proved the word "expect the unexpected" I met my father-in-law brother when we attend a family reunion, that was my first time to met him, and I remember I sat with him during lunch time. We we´re not really sad because it was not un expected he was around 85 years old, everything is possible. Instead we we´re happy because he will at our Gods´s hand and also he can rest now from being alone all his life. Anyway Uncle Sven may you rest in peace. It was my pleasure to met you and I always remember that day evens you are in the heaven now with God.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

My husband´s muffins

My husband went home yesterday with a very good mood, and he told me that he will made a muffin so I just let him do it. I just sat in the computer and waiting for his muffin until it will ready to eat. As I always mentioned that my husband tried to make food as long he can, specially if he is not tired from work. OMG! my husband´s muffins tasted very delicious :P. My husband always good in the kitchen evens before he met me. Anyway what can you say about my husband´s muffins? Does it look delicious?

Friday, 28 August 2009

Strengthen friendship

WOW! Got a new award from my classmate and friend Jenny (actually I just got home from her place). I always encouraged Jenny to joined the blogging world, and her she is, loving her blog a lot. And I am glad she love her blog and also she gets exciting since she is starting to earn some bucks. Anyway girl, thanks again for award and for the delicious lunch earlier :P.

Award above implies :

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
Blue: symbolized with PR blogger buddies high
Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal, junior or senior is summarized in one place, with the same blood red, and we are brothers.

Prerequisite retrieval AWARD:

1. Create a post as above
2. Include a link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above or DOWNLOAD

I'm passing this awards to the names belows and their blog names.

Kat - iTravel
Chuchie - Chuchie´s Hideaway
Nikogirl - Girls Rule!
Sassy girl - Sassychick´s World
Igat - Igat Journal
Lulu - Bitz `n Pieces of my life
KittyKat - Trends

Enjoy the award girls :P.

Gift For My Husband

Since my husband´s birthday is coming so soon now, I tried to surfed the net to find good gift for him. I have been surfing the net for at least more than a week but I still don´t find something that I like to give to my husband as a present until I came to this Site which offers different kinds of promotional flash drives such as promotional USB drive and many more - since I get interested to it, I thought it would be good to read about their product because it is the perfect present for my husband since he work as a programmer. I know it would be really useful for him to save data from his computer and also it will be his backup if his computer miss up. After reading their Site, I learn a lot about their products such as they offer flash drives in different kinds of color and materials. They have been in the market for several years helping businesses, and looking for extraordinary ways to maintain their brand name ahead of customers. I believe Promo USB drives are really useful for my husband and to other people because they can stock any kind of information such as presentation, data and other important information through their flash drive, and it can consider also as a backup if your computer miss up. I have enough reason to purchase a Promotional Jump Drive for my husband´s present and I´m sure he will love it. How about you? Do you need any kind of backup likes flash drive or USB flash drive then this place is for you.

Finally I tasted durian after more than 2 years

It was long time ago since I tasted durian, that´s why when I went to Asian Store with Jenny yesterday I couldn´t help myself not to bought these durian even it was a little expensive than a normal price. When I got home, I went direct to the kitchen and started eating these durian you see above. It tasted different as I expected but it still very delicious. Maybe you don´t know guy, that my hometown Davao is the famous place to find delicious durian. I remember those days, when I visited my relatives in the province (1 hour jeepney trip to the center of Davao) who has a huge plant of durian, sometimes we we´re invited to their place just to eat durian, I miss those days specially right now that I am living here in Sweden. But who knows, maybe I will experience it again later this year or next year.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gift for my old classmate

I have an old classmate who will celebrating her birthday next week and I have the problem finding good present for her until I visited this Site GlassesShop.Com which sell different kinds of unisex glasses frames which is perfect for my friend. The good things about this Site is I can able to get at least one set of frame or eyewear from their huge number of collection of unisex eyeglasses for my classmate, and I can select voguish designing, various materials and low price. I better grab this great opportunity to buy my friend a frame for her eyeglasses and I´m sure she will love it. It also advantages for me since I need to do a good budget for her gift.


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I´m sure with these facilities, more people will be interested with this course and one of them are my brother. And I´m sure he will learn about what they can offer for him and surely my brother will grabs this great opportunity in his life. Since he really love computer likes I do. I think if I didn´t have any school this term, I will probably enrol at ccna boot camp and improve my skills through computer. How about you? Have you got your ideal course to take, or maybe you want something exciting to learn then visit this ccna boot camp and learn about them.

Award from Sassy Girl :P.

I received this Sassy Girl award/tag from my friend Sassy who is obviously a Sassy Girl :P. Anyway girl thanks for giving me this award it is highly appreciated by me. And I think I consider myself as a Sassy Girl.

(P.S-TO my other friends who gave me award, I will grab it soon guy, I am busy currently, I will try to post your tag one by one oki doki :P)

Enroll at k alliance

I slept late last night because I was talking through Internet to my brother. He was telling me how contented he is with his new course, I had posted about my brother course a few months ago. My brother enrolled at k alliance to improve his skills in computer and he want to learn the computer based training which offers by k alliance. K Alliance is been improving their offer from online courses until distance learning courses, this is the proved that k alliance is successful when it comes to their online courses and the aim to help people to improve their knowledge about computer and also to people who want to know computer job and others too regarding about computer courses.

K Alliance offer different kinds of computer courses such as IT certification, desktop training, soft skills improvement and many more. My brother is really satisfied about their courses. And I am really glad about it and wanted to thank k alliance to making this courses possible. I know they already help many people include my brother with their online computer courses. I can feel how satisfied my brother through his words, he never been like that before when talking about his education. How about you? Are you looking for online computer courses or maybe you wanted to improve your skills about computer? Then k alliance is the right course for you!

Monday, 24 August 2009

My halloween costume

I was talking to my friend here in Sweden, and she invited me to join their Halloween Party which will be held in their place. I get really exciting what to wear during that party, that´s why I search the net to find Halloween costumes where I can select different kinds of halloween costumes . I have already idea what to wear, and I like to have a witch costume because I know it´s really fit the party about and I wanted to look beautiful at the same time scary. After a minutes of searching, I found this Website which sell the largest online collection of Halloween costumes. I look at their collection and I found some favourite for my up coming Halloween party but unfortunately I need to select only one costume and I selected the bewitchingly good witch because as I mentioned earlier that I want to look beautiful at the same time scary. The picture below was the one I selected from which I will probably purchase and wear it during the party. I really like it a lot. What do you think about my up coming costume?

I remember before when I attended a Halloween party in the Philippines, some of my costumes was really scary like vampire woman, midnight fairy and other costumes too. I always enjoy attending Halloween party because you can see the people wearing different kind of scary costumes and people can make different kinds of ideas how they will look scary. What about you? Are you invited or planning to attend a Halloween party this year? Then is the right website for you to choose your Halloween costume because they have a huge of collection of Halloween party which I´m sure you can find your favourite Halloween costume likes I do. If you order more than $50 with the code "pppfree" then you get a free shipping. Is it not wonderful? If I were you, I will check their website and get the best Halloween costume that you ever wish for!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Food Trip :P

Wife Made

Husband Made

This week was my lazy day because I don´t felt good. Last Saturday my husband made our dinner as he usually does every weekend. It was so delicious and I love it specially when it made by my loving husband. And he also took a walked alone like he usually does also :P he is very careful with his health, he cannot just sit down the whole weekend at home. His weekend would not be complete without his exercise (walking in the nature exercise).

And today (Sunday) I decided to made our dinner which is rice and thai curry chicken, Since I migrate here in Sweden I started to discover that I love cooking so I am trying to cook different kinds of recipe with the help of Internet where I can search hundred of thousand of recipes :P. I am glad because my husband love it and he always tell me that I am getting better and better in the kitchen. It was a lazy and wonderful weekend with my husband and tomorrow will be school time for me and work time for my husband. How about you? What have you done this weekend?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Updating my Farmtown in Facebook :P

My husband went out today to took a walk and I just stay at home because I don´t feel very good. I stayed in my computer as I usually do and do anything that makes me cure my boredom, I did updating my farmtown. It was long ago since I updated my farmtown because I am busy learning to play guitar :P. Oh I never post about my new guitar it was in my other blog, if you interested ti read it just it this word GUITAR. I have been teaching myself how to play guitar for four (4) days and so far I almost memorize the basic chords, for now I am just enjoying to play with my guitar when I got bored. I promise to my husband to sing for him on his birthday :P that´s why I am really inspire to learn how to play my guitar. Anyway to all bloggers who need neighbour in farmtown just leave me a message and let us be neighbour :P, and it would be fun to visit your farm too. You can see my farm picture above, I just update it recently. Enjoy your weekend guy with your family and love ones!

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Learn Poker

Now a day poker is the most popular game all over the world. Have you ever heard the new cool hand poker? Cool hand poker is the new room for poker player, it was made late last year.So if you like to Learn Poker then this is the best place for you, because since it is unique in the market as the target market is people who wants to learn and play poker or a newbie poker player in the Site. You can also play poker online if you prefer to stay at home and have some fun in front of your computer, poker online is really advantages since you don´t need to go out to forget your boredom. You can just sit and relax in front of your computer and play poker online. Cool Hand Poker offers you many kind of poker game, they also have a poker school which takes you through the rules, league table and strategy. I´m sure you will learn about poker after you had experienced their poker school. They also have the software to allows you to practice at the free-tables first, until you are more assure to play in the real table and a real money. You are also invited to special "new player tournament" which are the players are also a newbie like you, so you don´t need to feel unsure player poker. And before you play poker, you already manage how to play it and think of your self as not a newbie but an ordinary poker player. I think poker online is very good ways to cure your boredom and just have a fun in front of your computer. They also have different kind of game like for example "My Poker Challenge" which the first price is $10,000, WOW! that´s a lot of money, so why don´t you join and had a chance to win dollars.

I will continue..

I had my interviewed with my Swedish teacher yesterday, and she told me that having another subjects will be too much for me. But I told her that when I was in the Philippines school I have more than ten (10) subjects a day and I managed to pass all that subjects and it´s really depend on me because even I have only one subject but I don´t use my free time to study it´s useless, but if I have many subjects and I am really inspire to study then it doesn´t matter how many subjects I have, the matter is, if I am inspire to study. After I told her about it, she changed the topic and talked other things instead. After that conversation with my teacher, I got confused, because I both needs my two other subjects but she told me that I need to drop one of them, but I don´t want to, because I know I need that subjects in my everyday life. So I was not really happy going home yesterday, I have some question in my mind likes "if I continue my other subjects or should I drop them.

I waited my husband until he went home because I wanted to discussed this problem I have. When my husband went home, I showed him my schedule in school and I explained to him that my teacher told me to drop one of my other subjects. And my husband told me that I don´t need to drop any of my subjects, instead I continue it and we will study together at home. My husband said maybe your teacher used to students who is not studying, that´s why she said that to you. After I talked to my husband, I made my decision to continue my other subjects and if I miss some lecture from any of my subjects, I am going to study at home instead. And I know I can do these since I am really inspire to study.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

First Day in School

Yesterday was my first day in school even though my subjects are not in proper schedule yet, I will have interview tomorrow for my Swedish subject (which is the one lacking to complete my subject). I had time to post today and comment and visit my friends here in blogsphere because I don´t have school today. My English and Math subjects has different kinds of schedule, I will study English twice a week and my math will be the same too, since I have conflict with the both subject, but I already talked to my teacher and they told me that it´s ok if I can´t be always present to their subject but I should study by myself, and I will do my best to study always at home. It was a good started in the school, everything went well. Let see if I will love my study this time since I had other subject than only Swedish. I´m looking forward to learn more about English and Mathematics in Swedish way. By next week, I´m sure that I will start to be busy from school, but I always try to update my blog (you know guy, I can´t live for one day without visiting my blog :P). SO stay tune and there will be more posting about me :P.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Last week event in the City where I lived :P

Me with the two giant soldiers back in 50 years or so.

Concert where the singer sang the old songs.

They we´re on costumes :P

They we´re in costumes too :P.

They we´re talking and laughing, so I thought it would be nice to captured them :P.

Swedish sea boat, it was been travelling to several countries like China.

Last week was a busy days in our City because it was celebrating the end of the summer, so you can find many kinds of events such as live bands, sea battle and other events too. It was difficult week for us, since we lived in the center of the City, too much noisy, we can´t slept at night even though we closed our windows. Since we lived in the center of the City, after my husband works we walked in the City and tried to see nice events, but we didn´t like the one who was performing because it was to noisy in the ear and not a type of music we enjoyed, so we went home and decided to watched the sea battle with my mother-in-law and her sister and my husband´s cousins.

It was started around 9 in the evening that´s why I couldn´t get a good photos, so I decided not upload it, only the photos which is clear to see :P. The sea battle took only 20 minutes, maybe you wonder if it´s really real sea battle. Forget about it because it´s only a game and the aim were to showed the people how it sounds or looks like to be in the sea battle back in 100 years. The two performers was the Swedish sea boat and the Denmark sea boats, they we´re just went here to performed the games for 20 minutes :P. But anyway that was cool scene, I thought that I was in the sea battle 100 years ago.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Sweet and sour chicken dinner

Last I made our dinner as I usually do (peace husband). And last night I made a sweet and sour chicken with vegetables and of course, rice to serve. I and hubby love it a lot, except it was delicious it was also nutritious. We tried to eat much vegetables as possible since we´re bad at eating vegetables. And we have also a plan by next two (2) weeks that we will going to eat food without rice and any kind of potatoes, more on vegetables and fish. I hope we can accomplish our plan to better healthy life.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The test went well :P

Yehey! My test went well, and Jenny will be my classmate in Mathematics. The English test was easy since I talk and studied English, but the Math, I don´t know what to say-it was absolutely difficult. I and Jenny got a low points but we will still study Math on Tuesday, we will have three (3) days a week math lesson and I am not sure yet, for my English and Swedish language. I will find out on monday. I am excited to start school again, to all people who wish me luck on my test THANK YOU and I get the subjects :P.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I will have test in English and Mathematics tomorrow

I need to sleep early tonight, since I will having a test tomorrow in English and Mathematics. It is not really officially school day tomorrow, I just need to take the test and after that I will do a window shopping and see if I can bring something new things from the shop. This coming monday I will start my school, I am excited because I will have a new classmates and it means I will meet new people. Since my school will start very soon, I need to change my routine such as waking up early than I usually do, more concentrate in my study, less blogging and more studying at home since I am really bad at that. This time, I will concentrate in my study this time, not like last term. I hope I will do all these things I said here :P. Night night guys, see you tomorrow afternoon because I will have a whole day in the school.

Open Up Award

I recieved this award from my friend Jetnah of Insight Blog. She have a very inspiring blog, and I like reading it because I learn something very important in life :P. When I read, what this award about I thinked and say, uncha mn ako isulat, bahala na bsta ma post ra nko ning award lol. There´s nothing special about me, just like other people who touch their life through their experince.

Rules: To accept this award, do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting (I dont care if people don´t find it interesting :P).

1. I am the favorite daughter of my mom and my younger sister is jealous about it. Way back to people, I always wake up with my cappuccino in my table who made my mom (this happen everyday, since I migrate here in Sweden).

2. I always love to help my parents, when I have a money I always think of them and send them like I do in my blogging earning (Sometimes I send all my earnings from my blogs, and sometimes too, I get little and send the rest to them). I feel very good inside, when I help them :P.

3. I hate boastful person, doesn´t matter if you are man or woman, if I noticed that you are boastful, I will not make friends with you even you are nice :P. I know it´s not fair, but that´s how I am.

4. When I was single, I always selected a boyfriend who has a good teeth, and if you have even one damage in your teeth, I will immediately say NO to you. I have done it once :P.

5. When I am already marriage, one of my ex boyfriend proposed to me.

6. After I finish eating, I always run to the comfort room hahahaha..

7. Every graduation in elementary, I always get honor ribbon or medals. But not in highschool anymore hahaha..

8. I am shopaholic, I know it is not nice hobbies but it seems I can´t control it, I always tried to change it but I can´t, maybe I´m born in that way LOL.

So, which interest you more in my post?

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Borås Animal Park day with my hubby :P

Yesterday, my husband told me that he will have a surprised for me, since that, I got excited and tried to guess what he´s surprised and I he never told me about it because it was a surprised. I decided to not to asked what was the surprised and wait until it will happen. Yesterday it was usual day for me because I woke up around seven (7) in the morning (I said it usual day because I never wake up seven (7) in the morning except if it school day, probably I need to do that next week because school will start). We walked from our apartment until to the central station to took a train from there, while we we´re in the train I slept since I only slept five (5) hours and not used to wake up early.

After 50 minutes, riding a train we stop in Borås (it´s another small city close in Gothenburg where we lived) Since I was still sleepy, I got so moody. While we we´re walking to our last distention, I started to get moody and not talking to my husband-we had a little discussed why I acted like that and so on, he asked me if I still wanted to see his surprised for me or we will went back home and I get more slept. But I thought it would be really unfair if I will answer him, to go home. So I apologized and explain why I acted moody and wanted to saw his surprised. After that conversation, everything turned good. I finally knew the surprised until I saw the sign "Borås Animal Park" which our direction was toward that sign. I smiled and got excited and my moody feelings was gone.

In this park, there are many things that I do and saw first time, such as riding horse, watching a seal show, see a lions, tigers, bears, big elephants, wild cats, penguins and many more. I love the surprised of my husband for me. It was a whole day in Borås, from seven (7) in the morning until six (6) in the evening. Before going home, we decided to ate our dinner in the Mc Donald since we we´re both so tired, when we got home, I hit the bed and relax there, while my husband made a rabab cake for us. And he woke up me up after an hour and ate the rabab cake he made. All and all, it was another wonderful day with my husband. How about you guy? What have you done this weekend? I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family, loveones, and friends, like we had :P. I upload some photos, and hope you enjoy it.

The male Lion has an impressive mane, which the female does not. This fur is generally fuller on males living in open habitats.

The female in prides tend to give birth synchronously, and the cubs frequently cross-suckle from different mothers in the prides.

Time for Amur tigers to ate some meat :P. Today there are five subspecies of tigers remaining. One of the rarest in the Amur tiger.

The chimpanzee was waiting for somebody will throw food to him. (Humans are generally very similar to chimpanzee:more than 98% of genes are identical in the two species).

This horse is different from other horses because he is old but short (small)

Flamingo, they have a really long legs :P. Taking water into its bill, the flamingo strains it through hair-like bards with its tongue and retains the food particles for consumptions.

The seals showed, they are so smart and cute :P (Fur seals have a playful demeanor and they respond well to training. Since they are positively encouraged with rewards, such cooperation with humans is usually voluntary on their part.

Giraffes (both male and female grfaffes have up to five small skin-clad horns on it´s head)
Besides are the Zebra ( There are three zebra species, they all differ in size and striping pattern)

Time for elephants(African elephants) lunch. ( The elephants herd has very strong internal social bonds, a dominant cow, the matriarch, leads the group)

The reindeers has the thickest coat of all deer, and too warm a weather may cause it to overheat.

The bear and her child :P cute
The brown bear is the largest terrestrial carnivore in Scandinavia. Despite its size and unwieldy appearance it is very fast and quite agile.

Cute pinguins :P. Pinguins spend much of their time in open water, but during breeding season they return daily to feed their chicks :P.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Award from my dear friend Jenny :D

I received this award this week from my old classmates, friend and a bloggermate Jenny :D, but I was a bit busies so I only have time to post it today. I like to thanks Jenny for sharing this award who made by her, she is very generous person who I ever met. She is very nice friend who you can have and I am glad that she is my friend and she allowed me to be her friend and be part of her life here in Sweden. Once again thanks for the award my friend.

Here's the rule:

1. Copy the loyal picture above
2. Pass it to you think who is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

Everyone can grab it :D.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nice Day with my friends Jenny and Janet at Liseberg

Me And Jetnah

Hug from Bunny :P

Picture with the giant Toblerone :P

With the clown guys, they we´re so nice to us

Jenny, Janet and Shy

Jenny and Janet pic with my Toblerone LOL.

Last week I was upset because we we´re not able to went to Liseberg as we (Jenny, Janet and I) planned because of the rain.But this week, we both checked the weather and Tuesday today is raining in the morning until afternoon as prognoses said but on Wednesday will be sunny. So we decided to went today in Liseberg even there will be a little rain because we wanted it badly to went to Liseberg together (Anyway Liseberg is the biggest amusement park in the North of Europe). I woke up early around eight (8) (for me it´s early lol) Jenny came home around nine (9) in the morning and she cook noodle (bihon) while I just talked to her while she was cooking and at the same time we´re waiting for Janet to showed up. After everything has done we walked toward Liseberg since it´s only walking distance where I lived. We brought noodles with us in case we got hungry and it was funny because it was too late to realized we forgot to brought a forks so we don´t have a choice to used spoons to our noodles lunch (it was funny endeed).

When we we´re inside at Liseberg, the first things we did were take a picture and walked around and take a picture again until we decided to ride a boat which made you wet like what happen to Jenny and me, Janet was lucky because she sat between me and Jenny so she was not wet. After the ride we ate our noodles and after that we went to see Bunny to take picture. Then we played the roller chocolate game which are the prizes are different kind of chocolate like Toblerone, Marabou and so on. Unfortunately I am the only one who able to won chocolate, I won twice, two small different kind of marabou (I was asking Jenny and Janet why I didn´t won the big one) since I wanted to win the big one I tried to played again and finally I won the two (2) kls. Toblerone, I was so happy. I gave some to Jenny and Janet of course. And later on, we went home since Janet can´t stay longer because she still have work to do ( she was already late :P). It was really a good day with my two close friends, the good things about our friendship is even how busy we are, we still manage to see each other.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

We went to Asian Store

I woke up today around 12 noon while my husband woke up at seven (7) am, he is always like that. After we had our brunch, we went to the Asian store to buy my favorite pancit canton noodles. It was good timing because I found mango, eggplants, tang juice and sweet potatoes. We went to different kinds of Asian store just to had a walk likes we always do every weekend. After we finished shopping, we went to the park and enjoy the sun. This is one way of our bonding, since my husband is busy at work so we tried every weekend to bonding together. I am going to cook the sweet potatoes tomorrow, it was long ago since I taste sweet potatoes, I am looking forward to eat it tomorrow and Im sure mag utot2 jud ko ani LOL.

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