Sunday, 11 December 2011

It´s snowing for the firs time

It was three days ago when it was snowing the first time this month. It seems that, we will have a mild winter this year compares last year. Last year of November have started to snow but this year is much late. I am a bit happy and sad about it. Sad because I would love to experience the snow outside, play with it with my baby, happy because it means it will not so cold.

When I was out yesterday for some errands, it feels not cold at all, I can take away my winter jacket without freezing. Christmas is soon now, and I miss my family in Philippines. I hope  next Christmas I can spend it with them.


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pump that I love

This is the last month of 2011 and month of Christmas. I am sure everyone is busy finding gifts to their love ones, decorating Christmas decor to their home ( for us, we decided to put Christmas tree next year ) and preparing for the cold weather. Like I posted here before, my husband has already a gift for me this coming Christmas, but I haven´t found any gift for him yet.

Btw, during December month here in Sweden, most of the people are attending different kind of parties. I do attend different kind of parties such as birthday parties. And this month, I have already attended several parties, and soon I will be attending another party which is a " Glamour Party " where the aim is to wear clothes that has glitters. This is my first time to attend this kind of party. I am really curious about the event.

I have been roaming around the mall to find clothes that I am going to where for the event. And for the shoes, I found these two pair of pump online which maybe I am going to purchase. I so love the style of these pump, what you think?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I was surprised and very excited

I have been living together with my husband for almost five years. I have learned when he gave me gift, it always not wrapped in a special bag wrapper, instead we buy it together haha. I don´t mind at all, the important is, he always made me very special through giving me gifts that I wanted. Several days ago, he asked me if I want to receive a special gift during this coming Christmas or on my birthday, I told him I would love to receive gift during my birthday, that´s that. End of the gift conversation.

Last weekend, he went out to done his hair cut. And when he came home, he suddenly told me that he was walking a long time to make my gift wrapped. And I was like, I thought you will gave the special gift on my birthday. And that´s it. I was very surprised because like I said, I used to received gifts from him unwrapped but this time, first time ever it will be wrapped haha. The gift is somewhere in our apartment and I don't have a plan to find it. I just wants to have it on Christmas day.

I am really really curious what will be the gift. I have been bagging my husband about what is the gift and he never told me. I even asked for a clue but he never gave me. He just said, wait until Christmas. I gave up to knowing what is the gift. I cannot wait to open it during Christmas day. Anyway, there are 25 days to go before Christmas, I will post here what will be the gif okay guys. See you around!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lunch meeting with my girlfriends

How is everybody? Ask for me, I am still lazy blogging. I so lazy updating my blogs for weeks. What happened to me ( sad sign ) maybe I need to be away from blogging to get back the energy again to blog? What you suggest guys? Anyway, I´ll be meeting my girlfriends at the Filipino Restaurant here in Gothenburg ( I will blog about the Filipino Restaurant soon, I just need to take some photo to make the post more exciting right ) we will have our lunch there, and after that, no schdule. Maybe we will just hang around the mall and just do the chikahan about anything. I will share some photos later, see yah!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yahooo! Finally...

Yay!! You are not lost!!! It just I got a new theme and a blog title. I changed the title of my blog from " A Journey Of Life " to " Blogista Momma " I thought it fits the new title of my blog as of my new role. I have been longing for months to get new theme for this blog. When I own domain blogs, I left behind this blog and never update it even though it has a high page rank. But then I realized it will be waste of time if I lose this blog since this is my very first and old blog. So to get back my eager to update this blog, I planned to make renewed it, from title to theme so it will completely look brand new. And yes, I made it. This blog looks very new specially the theme.

It was not impossible with the help of my co-blogger and at the same time designer for blogspot Chie. I got this theme very cheap than normal charge for theme. I thank Chie for making this blog looks new and now I have a lot of energy to update this blog though this post should have posted yesterday haha. I was so hand full with the house hold and my baby that I wasnt able to come finished this post.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My comfy shoes

I was inactive in my blogs for the past days since I cannot leave my baby alone playing in the living room because she´s moving a lot now and I need to watch her every time. And also she always cry when she can´t see me. Our computer is place in our bedroom while my baby stays in the living room so I can´t be in front of the computer. I have a laptop which place in the living room but every time I use it I can´t blog anything. I wish for a bigger laptop. Actually an Macbook air apple laptop is my wish to have but I do not know when I can have it since it is extremely expensive, as for now we cant afford since there are many things to buy first than my leisure thing.

I woke up 12 midnight and I cant sleep anymore, and I have been in front of the computer for an hour before I able to update this blog. Like I said, I am busy being with my baby and also lazy to blog. I just felt nothing to blog or maybe I just lazy. Anyway, I bought this pair of shoes several days ago. I expected to return it because I thought it will not feel comfy because it has the high heel and since I always go out with a baby cart, I thought it will hurt my feet. But I was completely surprised because I have tried to walked with this pair of shoes and they are so comfortable and it is very light weight that it feels that I do not wear any shoes at all. I so love this pair of shoes.

I wear it as my every shoes because it is good for the weather ( almost winter weather now ) it made my feet warm. It has a medium high heels and it made me tall a bit haha besides it so comfy. This is added to my favorite pair of shoes though I don't have much like Emelda Marcos. Here are the photos of me wearing my favorite brown pair of shoes and I matched it with brown jacket from BIKBOK. My husband told me that day, that he liked my outfit.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New theme for this blog soon

Pardon me for not updating this blog. The past days, was a lazy days to blogs instead I was with my family which is a good excuse to be away from my blog right? Anyway, while I was blog hopping, I saw few blogs that have the same theme that I used in this blog. Seeing them made me eager to change the theme of this blog. And my co-blogger is working on my new theme and I just hope it will finish and install soon so I will inspires to blog haha. I am really excited for the new theme of this blog and I hope it will last long. I need to stop writing now and more blog hopping since this blog needs more comments and exposure.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It was the first time

I was in the kitchen preparing Camilla´s dinner when I heard our bell door rang. My husband was the one who open the door and I went in front of the door because I was curious who was the visitors. And I saw this two kids with their costumes Halloween. My husband asked me if I have some candies to give to the kids. I immediately checked my bag and I found one small toblerone and gave it to them and ask if it okay if I take photo of them. Here was their post for me.

It was the very first time that someone knock on our door during Halloween. Next Halloween I make sure I have a chocolate on our table in case they will come back haha. Anyway, the kids on the photo, were also their first time to do this activity. They are the grandsons of our neighbor who lives in first floor of the apartment and we live at the fourth floor.

Friday, 28 October 2011

24 movie marathon

The past days, I wasn´t into blogging. Since I was not in the mood of updating my blogs, I started to watch the 24 DVD that I received last Christmas from my husband. I was guilty for not watching it the past months, only little guilty because I am became a mom the past months. I just don't wanna miss every single minutes with my first baby. The first months, I still can´t believe that I am a mom already, I was so overwhelmed with the happiness I felt when my baby came into our life ( my husband has the same feeling likes I have ) who can blame us right?

It took me months before I used to be being a mom, and I´m loving it so much that every time I see my baby, I don´t feel anything except happiness in my heart. Now that I and my baby have adjusted with out new life, it is easier for both of us. My life is back to the normal routine, and my new rule as a mother is fantastic. One thing I can say, I am complete. Some times, when I felt sad, I just look at my baby and I feel so happy and blessed to have such a baby and also my husband who is always there to wipe my tears every time I cry. These two persons are the one who made my life complete. Nah, I should stop now, I am became so emotional haha.

Anyway, it has been three executive days, that I have been watching the 24 DVD and I so love it. The show made me not stop to watch every season because it so exciting. I so like Jack Bauer. My husband some times watch with me, and he like the show too.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I love coffee

A week from now, it will be officially winter season. And it will be below zero degrees Celsius again. My boots and winter are already in the closet and ready to wear. Time to wear heavy clothes again. I am so sensitive when it comes to cold weather, even it is still fall season, I already feel cold every time I do not have any jacket on me even though indoors. I am just grateful that I can make a coffee in just a minutes. Happy Winter Season everyone!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I woke up early and done nothing

After 2 hours of sitting down in front of computer, here I am writing this post through my iphone while lying in bed. I still cant sleep, so I probably wait for my baby to wake up then prepare her breakfast. I hope after her breakfast she will going back to sleep so I can sleep too because I am starting to be sleepy..

Sunday, 16 October 2011


It was raining this morning, and we supposed to be in the food market to buy our weekly food but since it was raining we decided to stay home and wait until the rain stop. And after an hour, the rain stopped and when I look at our window, I saw this beautiful rainbow. I thought it was magic, very beautiful scene. I so love it. Then after watching the rainbow and a few minutes it disappear and we went to the food market. We took a walk first before going to the food market to stretch our legs. It was a great day.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sick on and off

We supposed to have guests around six in the evening, but since I am slightly sick we postponed it. I have been sick on and off the past days and I hate it, because I need to take care of my baby and do the household. When I am sick, I love to just lay in the bed and sleep all day but I can´t do that. I also missed my blog and haven´t update for a while. I have runny nose and slightly fever and my husband and my baby have runny nose. I hope we will be free from these sickness. I need to stop now, and go back to bed, see you around guys!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rice and chicken soup to warm me up

When I was out today, I felt the cold breeze of the wind, no question that it is already autumn season. It was cold outside, and when I came home, I still feel cold so I made chicken and rice soup to warm my body. It was delicious as expected haha. I forgot to take a photo for my blog, so instead I post my friend soup that she made, it was also delicious.

Right now, I am not 100 percent good as well as my family , I have runny nose that was started this morning. So all day, I have my warm bathrobe on me to keep me warm. I haven´t go out today, because of how I felt.I will meet my good friend tomorrow, so I am hoping to feel good and free from runny nose.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My dad-in-law is 94 years old

Last Saturday, we we´re invited for my dad-in-law´s 94 birthday. Yes, 94 years old. How I wish I will reach that age. We slept over at my in-laws house and came home on Sunday afternoon. Anyway, I am so amazed with my dad-in-law because in his age, he still can drive, fix things in their house likes for example climbing the roof to fix it. When we stayed there my husband always offer them help like cutting the grass in their garden, fixing the roof and other things that are too heavy for them to do it.

I admire my in-laws because they never asked husband help because they always try to do it alone, that why my husband always ask them what he can do for them when we stay at their crib. My mom-in-law is 74 years old but if you go to their house, it so clean. Everything is in proper place. Sometimes, I felt shy when they come to visit in our place because it is missy haha.

So when they visit us, I always try to clean first before they arrive haha. When we stay in their place, my mom-in-law always bake something, and she never let me help her, she will just say " take care of your baby and relax, I will just tell you if I need your help " so when I am in their place, I just relax and eat a lot of my mil cake and cookies haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TO MY DAD-IN-LAW MWAH!!!

I love my parent-in-laws. I think I am so lucky to have them as my in-laws because they accepted me as I am. They are so kind to me, and treated me as their real daughter. How about you? Does your parent-in-laws are nice like I have?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I can´t sleep

I was already in bed trying to sleep, but while staying there for 30 minutes I decided to get up since the dream land won´t allows me to enter. It was few hours ago when we came home from my parent-in-laws house, we slept over there since it was my dad-in-law 94 years old birthday. When we came home, I made our dinner and clean.

After that, I watched the TV show that I have been following the past weeks, it is " True Talent " about singing. It is almost like " American Idol " version in Swedish. My husband and baby are already sleeping and as for me, I do not know when I´m gonna hit the bed, for a while just blogging until I get sleepy. See you around guys, and have a good sunday evening.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Unusual day for me

Unusual day. What I mean is, I just sit down in front of my computer around 3 o clock which made it as unusual day for me. I have been cleaning. I cleaned our kitchen, bathroom and I sort my clothes, I keep away my summer clothes and take away my autumn clothes from our cabinet. I also arranged my bags, and threw some of them that I do not use or broken. It is getting colder each day and it definitely time to wear jacket and boots.

When I checked the temperature this morning, I can say that autumn is saying hi to everybody. Time to get ready to face the cold weather again. I am looking forward to see the autumn beauty, specially when the leaves changed to different kind of color. I thought it is like magic. Maybe I take a walk these coming day to capture the beauty of autumn.

Btw, before I end this post, I like to share to my readers that my other blog which is DIAPER DAYS is giving a small give away to celebrate my daughter six month old tomorrow, just click the blog title if you like to join!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Runny nose

I took a shower and a long bath yesterday evening while my husband and my baby were already sleeping. After more than an hour in the bathroom I decided to get up and checked my baby. I didn´t bother to blow dry my hair because I thought I will going to sleep so why bother for it. The window in our bedroom is open ( I always open it to get some fresh air inside our apartment. It was a big mistake because in the morning I felt so bad, I had headache and runny nose. Right at this moment, I still have runny nose, and I suspected that maybe I will get fever soon. And I blame it on my wet hair last night. Next time I need to be careful since it is easy to get sick in this time of the year ( fall season ). Anyway, I´m gonna stop now, and go to bed and get some rest and hoping tomorrow that I will be healthy again.

It would not be a bad
idea to take online nursing classes
sometime, and at least become a clinical
to my family.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back Pain

Nowadays, I can´t sit in front of the computer for a long time because my back start to hurt. I don´t know why. I am surprised because it never happened before. I don´t sit in a wrong angle and I used this chair before, so I do not have any idea why my back start to hurt. My suspicious is, maybe there, something to do with my early pregnancy. I´m a bit sad because I cant stay as much as I wanted to my computer, because of my back pain it limit me to stay blogging/facebooking. I will talk my doctor about it, because it can be a serious or I am also curious why this is happening to me.

Friday, 5 August 2011

5 Nonprofit Teaching Organizations

To be a teacher means that you are a part of something bigger. If you want to truly make a difference in the life of the youth, then these organizations are a great way to do so.
1. American Federation of Teachers: They are what teachers stand for and they stand united in this organization. They have welcomed in non-teaching personnel but that is where the heart of this organization lies. They are full of teachers with a purpose and they stand to represent and to protect the teachers out there. This is an important organization to become a part of early on in your teaching career.

2. National Academy of Education: Though this group isn’t as discussed as others, it is an important one to be informed of. They are the group that creates and pushes policy for those within education and therefore they have some important things to say. If you want to understand the ins and outs of how things exist within the field of education as a whole, then this is the group to be a part of or at least be aware of.

3. National Education Association: This is a group that not only focuses on teachers but also on parents as well. This group welcomes in parents of students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel within education so it is a well rounded group. It exists to unite all of the forces that are at play during a child’s education and therefore it’s a very important group to exist. It’s a nice change of pace from other groups since so many aspects are covered.

4. National Parent Teacher Association: We’ve all heard of the PTA but we may not recognize just how important it really is. As teachers the relationship with parents is vital to their success and being. This unites the two groups and through a national nonprofit group it highlights what can be done and what is done within a school and abroad.

5. Consortium for School Networking: This is a very up and coming group and an important one to be a part of. This takes the newest and hottest issues in schools and points them out so that teachers, parents, and even students can be a part of solving them. It looks at the current landscape and gives everyone a voice through a great forum that teachers will enjoy being a part of.

Each nonprofit group offers very different things to a teacher. It’s important to be a part of these and to make a difference in the community that you teach within.

Mary M. Frederick enjoys blogging about the extensive career opportunities available with a master of arts in teaching.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pink Apple laptop

I wish to have this pink laptop. I really want it. I have my pink netbook but I started to get tired of it, maybe I just want a new laptop that´s why I felt like that. I know I don´t need it, it just I want it. It is very big different between want and need. My husband saw another apple laptop photo on my phone, and he asked me why I took a photo of the laptop, and I said I want to have one like that, and that´s it. I don´t have any idea when I can own a laptop like this, maybe when I work or maybe I will never have it. Anyway it is like I am craving for this laptop, I just want it. Maybe I need to work to buy the things that I wanted specially that expensive one like this lol.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Sometimes boredom strike us even how much we try to fight it. Like for example right now. I have been at my husband´s computer for three hours but I haven´t done anything. Just looking at my friends new photos in Facebook. I have so much to blog about, but my hands are to heavy to start to write about it, instead I started to write to post.

Many of you know that I am a newly mom and I seldom post in my blogs than usual because of luck of time, but this time, right at this moment, I am so free for couple of hours because both my husband and baby are sleeping but I am not in the mood to blog. Sometimes if I am into blogging, I can make a long post for only 10 to 15 minutes, but right now, I just cant do it.

The past days, we visited different kind of places out side Gothenburg border. We cannot do a long trip since my baby girl is just three months old and we both know that it will be difficult travel instead of enjoyable. We wait until next year, who knows maybe we will have our vacation in the Philippines. Let see if we have budget for that travel.

Maybe later or tomorrow I have the energy to post where we went the past days. I think I will have a bath to refresh my mind. So see you later guys.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Picnic time

Last week I often see my friends than normal, maybe because one of them is going to visit Philippines. We are always like that, what I mean is, when somebody in our group girlfriend going to visit Philippines, we try to hang out together before she fly to Philippines. It is same when she is going back because we are sure that she will bring dried fish which we all love and miss to eat.

The first attempt of going to picnic was successful but it was a bit chilly, it was not obvious on the photos, but trust me it was a bit cold for a picnic but we continue since we enjoy it. And who cares, we enjoy each other´s company.

And the next picnic was perfect, we even had the chicken, pork and fish barbeque. The last time one of us brought a grill material but it wasn´t use at all instead it was used the next picnic as you can see on the photos. It was sunny that time, and we don´t like the sun that´s why we are in the shade but not for Swedish people. During that picnic, there were few Swedish were sun bathing. It was so hot that it hurt the skin, and I felt it. I don´t understand those Swedish people who was sun bathing for few hours. I also learned, that we only need five minutes to be expose in the sun to get the vitamin D we need. Anyway we will see each other again tomorrow since one of our girlfriends just came home from a short vacation in Philippines. And she brought dried fish that´s one reason why we see each other tomorrow. I will try to post about it tomorrow evening. See you then.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Update, update, update

Have you already checked your new page rank? If you haven´t then check it out now maybe you are one of those lucky bloggers who have gain their blogs page rank, as for this blog of mine, it has a steady page rank three for more than a year or maybe two years already which made me very happy. I neglect this blog for couple of months since I have new blogs in domain and I am busy updating those blogs. Even thought I have not update this blog, but blog advertisers still give some tasks since it has a high page rank, so I thought it´s time to update this blog. I just can´t leave it behind. I have few blogs now and it gives me hard time to update all them, but I try my best to update it.

Can the ignorant stranger qualify the crown?

Can the ignorant stranger qualify the crown?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Modern and Stylish Stationery

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

# 6 of " Just Beautiful " - me and the teddy bear

Another " Just Beautiful " entry again, I love this meme a lot that even though how busy I am I can still post lol. Anyway my entry for today is this flowers which form of teddy bear, my husband took this photo of me last summer. I am looking forward to see other form of flowers this coming summer, surely we will visit the park this coming summer with our little girl. Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It was a great Sunday

Last Sunday we had our first spring walk with our baby Camilla. It was sunny and not windy, which is a perfect day to sit in the park and enjoy the heat of the sun. While waiting toward to the park in the City I noticed there are many people walking or sitting down and enjoying the sun, not only that, I can see the smile in their faces.

We dropped by in the Asian Store and bought some food that I missed back home ( I am thankful even though I lived here in Europe I can still find some Asian food ) after that we went to food store and bought also food that we we´re going to eat while we will be sitting in the park.

Baby Camilla was sleeping when we we´re enjoying our late lunch, and exactly we finished eating and relax a bit, Camilla woke up and start to cry which probably she wants to eat too. We decided to go home and didn´t dare to stay long since Camilla need to eat too. Btw, the weather today is opposite last Sunday and yesterday, it´s raining and sun is still sleeping LOL.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

# 5 of " Just Beatiful " - Beautiful sun set

Another Wednesday is and it will be another " Just Beautiful " entry for today. I was been so busy these days but I always try to not miss this meme since I enjoy photos a lot.

And my entry for today is the lovely sun set, I took this picture when I was staying in the hospital after my c-section delivery. I was on my way to eat breakfast when I saw this wonderful God´s creature and thought of capturing it. Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Late meal

Since we become parents, we have a crazy schedule when it comes to our meal. Like for example today, my husband run to the nearest pizza shop to buy pizza for our lunch time. I haven´t got a chance to make lunch since I am handsfull with my baby Camilla. And guess what time we eat our lunch? It was around 4 in the afternoon, I was really hungry. The husband and I agreed that, it is not easy to be a parents but it is worth it, all the tiredness, stress and crazybusy, will gone when we see our baby girl. I guess this is how to be a parents, and we are ready to face all the challenge for that.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

300 mails

Nowadays I am really seldom to do blogging since I am newly mommy. Do not get me wrong I enjoy being a mommy but I miss my blogging world since it has been my hobby before I become a mom. I can´t easily check my things in my computer likes for example emails and other online things. When I check my email today I was very surprised because I almost get 300 emails, take not it doesn't include the spam yet. It irritates me because most of the emails are comments from my different blogs and most of the comments are non-sense like advertising and comments that not related to my post.

I have deleted them few minutes ago. And I will expect that will be more email the next days. But what can I do, I can´t control it and also I cant manage it right now since I have limits to sit here and do my blogging things. Right at this moment my baby Camilla is sleeping that´s why I am freely here, but I´m sure she will scream very soon LOL. So I need to say bye for now guys.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

# 4 of " Just Beatiful " - Husband and baby Camilla

Time travel so fast! Another Wednesday has past. I haven't able to joined this meme last Wednesday since I was in the hospital for recovery for my plan c-section. But last Friday we come home with our baby girl " Camilla " We come home as a parents and we are very happy about it. Anyway my entry picture today is my baby Camilla and my husband, I took this picture during our stay in the hospital. As a mommy now, I give limitattion being in the computer since I won´t miss any single minutes to be with my newly born baby. I SO LOVE this picture, the two person who made my life complete. Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 28 March 2011

My baby Camilla

Yeah. Finally I got time to update my blog since I just give birth to the cutest baby girl in the world LOL. I posted here about my delivery and after a long days I able to click my keyboard. I miss my blog eventhough I am overwhelmed with joy for having a baby. It´s only 11 days since I become a mom and I so love it. I know it means I have a limitation to everything I do and put my baby as my first priorities I do not mind it since it is very good feeling to be a mom, and I can say that this is the best thing could happen to woman, as easy say this is a gift for every woman, to be a MOM. I couldn´t ask for more, I can say I am complete now with my baby and my loving husband, opps..maybe not really complete since we want second baby, but like people say " one at a time ", comeback maybe 3 years from now and let see what will happen. Before I end this post since somebody ( baby Camilla ) start to cry,  I would like to THANKS to all my fellow bloggers who includes us to their prayers. Some of you are waiting to see my baby Camilla, and here she is, isn´t she cute?


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Perfect Swimwear for the Season!

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

# 3 of Just Beautiful - Ultra Sound

Yes! Another Wedneday is here which means it´s time for the meme " Just Beautiful " Since I will undergo by a cesarean section tomorrow, I thought of sharing this ultra sound picture of my baby during her/his 18 weeks. And now he/she is in 38 weeks and ready to come out tomorrow. Time travel so fast. I will be a mom within 24 hours from now, still can´t believe! But I am very happy to see our " bundle of joy " soon. Wish me luck guys.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Was Worried

When I heard about the tsunami news that it could be possible that will hits the Philippines, it made me very worried. So I surfed the Google news and read for more information and I knew that my hometown is one of the possible area that could hits by tsunami. I immediately texted my brother about it and warn them to be ready about it. And my brother texted back that they don´t have any warn from the philvocs. After I received my brother´s text it made me feel calm and relax. 

I saw the news about Japan, and it made me feel sad of what had happened and I pray that they can overcome all those problems that tsunami gave them. And to all those people who have lost their loveones my deepest condolence to all you. I know it is not only loveones they lost, it is also  property and other things that are important to them. Let us pray that those people who are affected with what is happening in the world not only in Japan but all over the world, can overcome this tragedy they are facing right now.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

#2 of Just Beautiful - Aero Show

Time travel so fast, I can´t believe it already Wednesday  again and time for the meme call " Just Beautiful ". I felt it was just yesterday I post my first entry here. But anyway I enjoy this meme since it´s all about beautiful photos which I have thousands of them LOL.

Btw, here is my entry for today. Last summer husband and I watched this show called " Gothenburg Aero Show " This is all about aircrafts. I remember I love it and it was breath taking show. I hope we can able to watch it again this summer with our little one with us. Anyway, the picture I took was very good right? I haven´t noticed that a photographer was on the picture, it was not intentional, but it turns out very good shot.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kindly visit my new blogs

I was blogging since 2008 and that time I was very active since I just started blogging, it was easy to hook up and get addicted to it. But after that year, I started to get busy in the school which made my time occupied and lost the desire of blogging due to my hectic schedule from school. Since I really need to focus to school so I left behind my blogs. I had my school vacation but then I use that times to visit my hometown Philippines, so still no blogging for me.

After my long three months vacation, I slowly update my blog since I have only one subject in school. But then, I lost track again. Let say I had my vacation from blogging again. Until last December 2010 I have a lot of energy to blog, which obviously I missed my blog a lot. I started to post three or four times a week and which have continued until now. And I had decided to make another blogs which have own domain and web host. Let see I want to explore more about this blogging world, since I have more time being at home because I am expecting our baby this month. And it means I will be a stay home mom, so I decided to make another blogs.

I hope you will going to support my blogs like you support this blog. My new two blogs are open for exchanging links and follower. So if you have time you can visit my new blogs in these address DIAPER DAYS and SHY..the " Lens Louse Girl ". I expect to see you there!!!


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chicken Pie baby

I was going through my pictures, and I saw this chicken pie we made few months ago, and I remembered that husband and I love it. I tried to find the recipe but I can´t find it anymore ( sad face ) so I think I need to find new chicken pie recipe, any suggestions bloggers??? Would love to try new recipe.

This kind of recipe I never tasted it when I was living in Philippines, as you know guys, we always eat rice something like chicken, fish or other viand. It is sound boring? Not for us, as Filipino, we grow up with rice from the first taste until we die LOL. 

Since I migrated here in Sweden, I have explored different kind of food, from American, European, Asian and other recipes. And so far,I have some favorite already, like this chicken pie on the photo. Have a nice weekend guys, and hope you will have your favorite recipe for this day! Anyway can you share your favorite dish? Would love to know your favorite dish or if you like you can share the recipe.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Just Beautiful-husband and I

I just joined this meme called " Just Beautiful " it has been up on it´s 5 weeks and this is my first entry, but I will try in the future not to miss every single of this meme.

Maybe some of you doesn't know that I am a " lens louse girl " that how my husband call me since I can´t take picture without me on it LOL. Here is my entry for today, I took this picture few days ago, when I asked my husband if I can hug him, and without him knowing, I took picture whiles I hugged him and it turns out very good picture, and when I showed him he said keep it because I love it and I do the same too. So this one of our favorites pictures.

I still have a lot of old and new pictures, which I thought it´s beautiful but I need to wait next Wednesday to share it here.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The King´s Speech movie

It was few minutes when I opened my netbook and started to do blogging at the same time watching the Golden Globe Awards, and suddenly my husband sat beside me. I told him it made me interest to watch the movie " The King´s Speech " because it won some awards. And husband replied me a question, " would you like to watch it now ? " and of course, I said " yes " and husband said " give me five minutes then we watch it " I was surprised because I thought it will took him days to get the movie.  

After the short five minutes, our eyes attention are already in our big screen TV. I´m not sure how longs the movie was, but it was finished around 1:30 in the morning, which made me very sleepy and no energy to go back in my blogging world. The movie was not really special for me, but I love the scenery, both actors and actresses are very good specially Colin Firth. If you watch it, you can feel that you are in old times since the whole movie was in an old time, it was in 1930´s. You better watch it then, and tell me what you think about the movie.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

sleek and curl

I received this Multifunctional Ceramic Hair Styling Iron from my husband lasts Christmas but I used it once because I was so lazy due to my pregnancy. But last week whiles I was cleaning in our guest room, I found this hair styler in one of our cabinets, and I thought of trying to use it and see if this one is better than my old hair styler. Maybe some of you didn´t noticed that I have a curly hair, it just don´t showed much in the picture because I always prefer to ponytail my hair. It took me 40 minutes before I get satisfied with the new looks of my hair, and I love it. I plan not to use the hair styling often since it makes damage to the hair, but anyway I have damage hair already LOL. You can see the result of my hair above this post. Have a nice weekend guys!!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

I´m pissed off

Last week my roaming phone has been silent, it doesn't mean that nobody texted me back home, it is because my roaming number is not activate anymore, why? Because I forgot to load it. I was so pissed off because of being forgetful this past few months. But there´s nothing I can do about it, it´s done already, all I need to do is to get new roaming number, I am planning to ask my brother to send me a new roaming number through ordinary postal. I hate these days, for not having information what is happening to my family back home specially about my parents.

It is also wrong timing for not having roaming number since I will give birth to my baby soon, and through texting is the best communication we can have since calling is expensive. I can call if I like but for me I prefer texting because I can think what to say, but through calling I get mental black LOL. Maybe I will have a short call to my family after giving birth to my baby soon. I know my parents are worried right now because of my situation ( pregnant and million miles away from them ) If you are a parents, I am sure you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you have any ideas how to activate my roaming number, it would be a big help for me. Just give me a message, or if you like to volunteer to send me a roaming number, it would be much appreciate LOL.

Shop Online

I never tried to shop online when I was in the Philippines but since I migrated here in Sweden I knew that shopping online is very convenience, it saves your time and money specially if they do REA. I am sure you are curious what means REA? REA is not a name, it is a word for Swedish for SALE. Very strange language huh? I know all buying love the word REA, don´t you? For me it is one of my favorite word LOL.

Anyway, I have shared the word REA why not share this site who has currently having a lot of REA in their product. Let me introduce a little bit about, it is one of the largest fashion sites in Scandinavia countries ( Scandinavia countries are Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland if I am not mistaken ). produce fashion for both girls and women, and has more than 300 different brands, from clothing to beauty products. So what girls can ask for more? They have all girls/women need. The thing I love about this company is, they have fast delivery.

I am going to check some of their REA products because I am sure I will get some good stuffs from them. I remembered it´s been awhile since I shop online, so I think it´s time now. Try to visit their site and see what you think about their products. Enjoy shopping online!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My celebration with friends

Last Feb. 19 was my 25th birthday, and this was the first time I celebrated it with my friends here in Sweden. I have been living here for three years and seven months now but I just decided to celebrate my birthday for the first time here. My past two birthdays here was celebrated privately with my husband, a dinner with candles, wine, and a good conversation. I am not a type of person who loves to blow candles during birthday and received gifts but it was happened last Feb 19. For me being together with the people I love and have a good food in the table during that celebration is enough.

I was hesitate to celebrate my 25th birthday with my friends, but my husband insisted on doing a party since I will having a baby soon, it is adding celebration to do. Ok, my husband has a point, so I did preparation for my birthday. I was really thankful to my friends who helped me during my birthday party, they took care almost everything to make it easier for me that day, and last but not the least I like to thank my husband for helping me and giving me time to enjoy myself with my friends.

My birthday party turns great, we ate, talk, dance and sang karaoke, I even dance evens though I have this big stomach. That day I was trying to enjoy my self with my friends which had happened and I am really glad about it specially I was felt well during that day, no hurts stomach and other pregnancy problem. Before I end my post, I would like to thanks to all my friends who attended my party, help me as long as they can, and made my 25th birthday memorable. I was emotional that day, I cried twice, and all my girlfriends said, it was pregnancy hormones and of course, it was tears of joy.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

It´s my day birth today

It was a long day for me today, since it is my birthday. I invited some of my closes friends to celebrate my birthday in our home. It went very well. I haven´t get enough slept today and I am totally exhausted and while making this post I am lying in my bed with my laptop on my lap. I am really happy because I didn´t get any problems during the celebration of my birthday, but I felt very hurts in my stomach one hour before my visitors left. I feel better now, but it will be only for a while because I´m sure there will be more hurts soon specially during my labor but I know I can do it for my baby. I will post some of my birthday photos here tomorrow. Bye for now guys need to take a rest specially my baby is relax now, maybe she/he is sleeping right now which is a good idea for me to sleep too.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Very Happy

Can I shout out loud here? who cares LOL. Yahoo! Finally I got a chanced to talk to my parents this morning. I was still in bed whiles my husband told me that my parents is online, I was still half slept when I left the bed and grabbed my morning coat and went direct to the computer room. I was so happy when I saw my parents on camera, and those worry feelings was completely disappear. It was last December I talked to them, that´s why I was so worried these past few days for not able to talk to them but finally today I did. I was happier knowing that they are both in good health, and of course, they are also worried about me when it comes to my pregnancy. They advice me to do all my best during my labor, I know that they are worried about me since I am half miles distance from them. I remembered my mom said " if she can just fly here, she will absolutely do it for me " how sweet my mom is right? Both of them told me that when they pray they always included me to their prayers. Oh how I missed them already, it was almost a year since I visited them, I hope I can able to visit them again by next year. Fingers cross since we don´t know how our economy will be these coming months since we will have a new member in the family. That´s all I wanted to share to my dear readers and thanks for taking time to read my post.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I was surprised in a good way

Last week the husband and I went to the shop where you can buy things cheaper. When it comes to cheap things we love it but that depend also how much we use it and for what. When we we´re inside the shop, I picked what I thought could be useful specially for my up coming birthday and baby shower whiles my husband was in the eyewear section. I was curious and asked my husband " are you planning to wear eyeglasses? And he answered me yes because my lenses are not good for reading. He tried some of the eyeglasses, and I thought to continue shopping while he´s busy.

While we waited in the counter to pay our stuffs, my husband whispered words to me " I´m glad to see you happy while doing shopping " and I just smiled at him. My husband is always worried nowadays because of how my hormones attacked me, for example crying without any reason. That´s why he is very happy to see me in a good mood evens though it´s seldom.

I was surprised in a good way, when my husband came home yesterday with a pair of eyeglasses. I know he doesn´t like wearing eyeglasses but it is necessary for him since he is a bookworm and I am the opposite haha. I have tried reading books but it just not my things, I know there are many things I can learn from reading, maybe someday I will enjoy reading and I am absolutely sure that 50 years I need a pair of eyeglasses.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I missed them

I was irritated today because I have been texting my brother to tell my mom to chat with me today. And it was not only today, I texted three times, last week and last Sunday telling them that I would love to chat with my mom since I miss her so much, but nobody came online except my brother and when I asked if mom was with him, and he replied " No she is at home and doing households" I started to get irritated ( nowadays I get quickly irritated ), and thinking maybe they don´t missed me at all :(. I don´t have any idea what was happening there.

I texted again my sister and brother, but haven´t get any reply from both of them. So I am suspecting that maybe my roaming number was expired since I can´t receive any reply from them, I used to get reply from them everytime I texted them but today and the other days no replied from them. I get worried now because if ever my roaming number was expired I don´t have any idea how to activate it or can I still activate it or not. I miss my parents right now, since it was last December I talked to them through online. All I wants is to see my mom and dad since I am dreaming about them for few days now.

I hope they will come online as soon as possible and I will try to be in the computer during day time in Philippines.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

My husband came home yesterday with these red roses, it was four hours before the Valentine´s day, he decided to gave me early Valentines flowers, and plus he insists on making food for dinner and prepared the dinner with candles. I thought it was really romantic of him. He decided to celebrate the Valentines day early because I felt well that day and he thought of taking advantage of it, since I feel bad these days due to my pregnancy. We used not to celebrate Valentines day by going out and eat in a fancy restaurant, for us it just an ordinary day, my husband is the one who usually making food and giving me flowers during Valentines Day, and when he does it, I felt very loved and it is a nice feeling, right? Anyway I thought that since I met him and until now. Sometimes I asked my self what have I done to have such a good husband, maybe I´m just lucky.

I cannot express how much I love my husband, all I know is he is my everything, and I can´t imagine being without him. I always thanks the God above for giving me a good husband which I can´t ask for more. Of course, nobody is perfect and I don´t perfect man. We all have a good and bad side. Nah.. I am not really good in words here, I must stop now and try to get some sleep, but before I do that, let me leave you a warm greeting of " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONE" and I hope you have a good one like we had.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

4 in the morning by Gwen Stefan

Time check: 4 in the morning...

Nowadays I wake up early, I am not like this when I was not pregnant. A few weeks back, I used to go to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning and wake up around 10 in the morning, but it seems opposite now.Nah! trust me pregnant hormones are crazy yesterday I cried twice in a day with no reason at all, could you imagine that? Sometimes I thought I am crazy LOL, but deep inside I know I am not. I ruined my husband schedule at work yesterday, when he came home around lunch time to get things, I was crying so he decided to stayed and comfort me which I am really happy because being alone in the house makes me go crazy. Anyway I am having a cup of latte macchiato now whiles listening music of Gwen Stefan " 4 in the morning " and also making this post. I´m sure I go back to sleep soon! Have a nice weekend guys.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Maja Blanca dessert

When I woke up today from my short nap, I remembered the maja blanca dessert that I ate when I visited her. It was so delicious that I got three serving lol. While waiting for my husband to come home, I was cleaning a little bit in our messy home, since I was so lazy these days tissue papers are everywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom, I use tissue papers a lot since I am pregnant I always has a runny noise. Anyway when my husband called me, I asked favor from him to buy some of the ingredients that I need to make maja blanca dessert. Here´s my maja blanca dessert which took me two and a half hour before it was ready but it´s worth it because my husband love it.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Want to get your old earning from socialsparkv1?

When I visited my Facebook account earlier, I came to read Janet´s shout on her account saying that she was happy because she got her old earnings from the old socialspark advertiser. I congratulated her, and think for a while and asked my self " do I have pending earning from the old socialspar v1?" I was not so sure, so I tried to open my old account and I found out that I have less than 50d earnings from the old SS advertiser. I read the instruction how can I get my old earnings, and sent them letter ( I made it few hours before I write this post ) and I read that they will take care of it for 2-3 business days. But I was surprised when I checked email from my iPhone and saw the message from IZEA company that they refund my earnings to my PayPal account. It made me happy because finally I got the money I earned from them last year, it was not much but it is still a penny haha... Thanks to my friend Janet for posting the info. in Facebook otherwise I will not get my old earnings. So if you have some pending earnings from old account in ss, manage it now because I´m sure you will received it like I do.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pinay Mommy Online Thanksgiving giveaway!

There are many things that I am thankful for:

First to be thankful for is... I found my soul mate and true love six years ago, and now we are living together here in Sweden and have been married for four great years. Like other married couple, we struggle problems, fight and misunderstanding each other, but thanks GOD we managed to overcome all that trials that could destroy our relationship instead our relationship became stronger and stronger everyday. Oh! Last January 20 was our four years wedding anniversary, I never been so happy since I lived with my husband, and I couldn´t ask for more.

Second to be thankful for is...I had a chanced to visit my family in the Philippines last year, which made my parents and siblings really happy and so do I. I had a three long months vacation which I am thankful for my husband for allowing me to stayed with my parents for that long, I know he understands how much I miss my family back home. When I was there, I spent most of my time being with my parents and siblings, go out in the mall watch movie, eat in the restaurant and met my best old friends and hanging with them and just enjoy the moment.

Third to be thankful for is... My dad has been very ill last 2009 which made me very worried every time I got a news from them that he is coughing a lots of blood made me cried. Year 2010 he has his medication and since then when he finished taking his medicine for half of a year, he became better and healthy, so far he is fine now and been talking to him through chat and asked me when I can able to visit them again. For my mom, she is a healthy woman but when I knew that she has a fever or other light illness I get really worried. I´m sure you understand how I felt as a daughter who is thousands miles away from her parents.

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