Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer everywhere!

It´s been so hot these days here in Sweden, so hot like Philippines! And I know that all Swedish included me if I am Swedish LOL are happy because of the hot climate here. People here in Sweden think that sun is a treasure since we see it very seldom in a year and always cold. Everytime I walk in the park this month, I see many people sun bathing in the park, which reminds me back in the Philippines, which all the people hate the sun and always bring umbrella, but here if you have the umbrella with you I am sure they will laugh at you or think that you are weird person. I have experienced three times summer here and I have never seen somebody bring an umbrella. Sometimes I wonder how could they stay in the heat of the sun for a hour, they must really love the sun. But they haven´t realize, they can get cancer or other kind of diseases of what they are doing But I can´t blame them, like I said sun is very precious here in Sweden because of the cold climate here and sun show up very seldom in a year. Anyway have a wonderful summer everyone and enjoy every minutes of it, because soon Mr. sun will has his vacation and we will see him again next year!

1 comment:

sexyjessie said...

I willl stay away from the sun, it's hot and humid in certain months in Malaysia.

Happy summer :)

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