Sunday, 3 April 2011

Late meal

Since we become parents, we have a crazy schedule when it comes to our meal. Like for example today, my husband run to the nearest pizza shop to buy pizza for our lunch time. I haven´t got a chance to make lunch since I am handsfull with my baby Camilla. And guess what time we eat our lunch? It was around 4 in the afternoon, I was really hungry. The husband and I agreed that, it is not easy to be a parents but it is worth it, all the tiredness, stress and crazybusy, will gone when we see our baby girl. I guess this is how to be a parents, and we are ready to face all the challenge for that.


simply kim said...

wow! LOVE pizza!

Pepper said...

now, this is just making me drool so bad!

Rechie said...

wow..yummy naman. I love it esp. with more mozzarella

Rechie here of
A Wife's Online Abode

pwede mgkig-xlink sis?

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