Friday, 7 May 2010

Movie date with ex-boyfriend

( my picture is not really clear, that´s the only problem when you used iphone it doesn´t take clear picture at night, I know I need to adjust the setting but I don´t bother to do it, LOOK at the picture behind me, it´s iron man lol)

Hubby and I had watched the first iron man in the theater and we both like it. And when I know that will be iron man 2, I was very excited to watch it again with my ex-boyfriend and ex-fiance. My husband is busy at work as usual, so thought he would no time to watch movie with me so I asked him if he can download the movie iron man 2. And yesterday after my school, I went to the market to buy lax fish because I haven´t ate lunch yesterday because what was on my mind was the fries lax and a rice. So I don´t have the appetizer yesterday to ate lunch. While on my to the market, I received a call from my husband he was talking about the movie that he has it (I thought he finished download it).

(kex chocolate instead of popcorn, just to be new?

When husband got home, he told me to slept a little bit so that I won´t sleep during the movie time, and I asked him, "Are we going to the Cinema to watch iron man 2?" And he answered YES. While we were waiting for the right time to go out, we just sat in the bed and chatting, what was happened to our daily school and work. Anyway it was a very great movie, it showed what will happen to the next century, almost all equipment in the movie is worked by a computer.


Fe said...

I love iron man also... pero la pa me kita sa part 2 :(, basin next week pa.

kat said...

atsus, abi nako ug ex jud kuyog nanan-aw ahak man ka Shy hahaha...

naka balhin na jud mi ug balay Shy nga dako-dako kay gamay man tong dati oi, pang isahan lang.

Nus-a man ta magkita oi. hehehe

Sendo said...

im just wondering how that KEX chocolate tastes because its package looks inviting..kk...btw, iron man 2 was appalling . T_T

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