Sunday, 2 May 2010

online education

Here comes the weekend, the day that I love most because why? it simple because I´m free from school and it means I can use more my new laptop. This morning I try to find new things to do in my new laptop, and I found this exam software a free online education which I thought interesting. I don´t have much time to use my laptop because we went to a friend´s party actually a baby shower party. I love the party, the people, foods, wine and specially the two months cute little boy who has entertained me a lot. I able to carried him, and tried to talk to him eventhough he can´t talk ye,t but can able to see me.

We went home around 5pm and I had time to continue what I was doing this morning, I also tried to make test which was fun because you can able to make and take the quizzes at the same time. There are over 100,000 quizzes have been made and trusted by over 1 million quizz taker the I thought this is very good test for me to train my brain. And through this site you can able to meet other people who are in the system so you can train your brain at the same time meets people all around the world.

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