Thursday, 31 March 2011

300 mails

Nowadays I am really seldom to do blogging since I am newly mommy. Do not get me wrong I enjoy being a mommy but I miss my blogging world since it has been my hobby before I become a mom. I can´t easily check my things in my computer likes for example emails and other online things. When I check my email today I was very surprised because I almost get 300 emails, take not it doesn't include the spam yet. It irritates me because most of the emails are comments from my different blogs and most of the comments are non-sense like advertising and comments that not related to my post.

I have deleted them few minutes ago. And I will expect that will be more email the next days. But what can I do, I can´t control it and also I cant manage it right now since I have limits to sit here and do my blogging things. Right at this moment my baby Camilla is sleeping that´s why I am freely here, but I´m sure she will scream very soon LOL. So I need to say bye for now guys.

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