Friday, 16 September 2011

Unusual day for me

Unusual day. What I mean is, I just sit down in front of my computer around 3 o clock which made it as unusual day for me. I have been cleaning. I cleaned our kitchen, bathroom and I sort my clothes, I keep away my summer clothes and take away my autumn clothes from our cabinet. I also arranged my bags, and threw some of them that I do not use or broken. It is getting colder each day and it definitely time to wear jacket and boots.

When I checked the temperature this morning, I can say that autumn is saying hi to everybody. Time to get ready to face the cold weather again. I am looking forward to see the autumn beauty, specially when the leaves changed to different kind of color. I thought it is like magic. Maybe I take a walk these coming day to capture the beauty of autumn.

Btw, before I end this post, I like to share to my readers that my other blog which is DIAPER DAYS is giving a small give away to celebrate my daughter six month old tomorrow, just click the blog title if you like to join!


bbtoo said...

Hi there!!! Visiting your blog. Visit back. Have a nice weekend!!!

Berbagi Ilmu Pengetahuan said...

nice & keep write

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