Friday, 28 October 2011

24 movie marathon

The past days, I wasn´t into blogging. Since I was not in the mood of updating my blogs, I started to watch the 24 DVD that I received last Christmas from my husband. I was guilty for not watching it the past months, only little guilty because I am became a mom the past months. I just don't wanna miss every single minutes with my first baby. The first months, I still can´t believe that I am a mom already, I was so overwhelmed with the happiness I felt when my baby came into our life ( my husband has the same feeling likes I have ) who can blame us right?

It took me months before I used to be being a mom, and I´m loving it so much that every time I see my baby, I don´t feel anything except happiness in my heart. Now that I and my baby have adjusted with out new life, it is easier for both of us. My life is back to the normal routine, and my new rule as a mother is fantastic. One thing I can say, I am complete. Some times, when I felt sad, I just look at my baby and I feel so happy and blessed to have such a baby and also my husband who is always there to wipe my tears every time I cry. These two persons are the one who made my life complete. Nah, I should stop now, I am became so emotional haha.

Anyway, it has been three executive days, that I have been watching the 24 DVD and I so love it. The show made me not stop to watch every season because it so exciting. I so like Jack Bauer. My husband some times watch with me, and he like the show too.

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