Friday, 6 January 2012

This blog will have it own domain and will be hosted blog

This morning, I was sitting down in front of my laptop and thinking hard about deleting and adding new blogs. I have six blogs and it gives me hard time to update of them though some of them have their own niche which is easy for me to update but still I didn´t update them. So I came to conclusion to delete some of my blogs and buy a new domain and to make it easy for me to update them if they have a proper niche ( some of my blogs have their own niche but not all of them. 

I have already buy two domains ( Bloggistamomma and Shy´s Mode ) and I am planning them to be hosted. I just rename my 3 and a half years old blog " A Journey For Life " to " Bloggista Momma " I just can´t delete this blog since this is my very first blog. It has also a high rank of 3 but I thought it much better if it has it own name. And I thought it will be wasted if I delete this blog so instead I buy it own domain and let it be a hosted blog. Wonderful idea I got right? haha. The passed days, I was been reading fashion blogs and it´s inspired me to make my own fashion blog. My fashion blog will not only contains about fashion, it will also contain product review that I used, beauty tips and many more as long as it will be related to fashion niche. And when I got budget, I let these blog to have their own blog make over so they will be beautiful like the own. Haha.

Let see if the new domains I bought wills survive since boredom of blogging is occupying me right now. Oh, maybe you get bored reading this post, I better stop now. See you around guys.


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sexyjessie said...

Congrats that u have your own domain name now. U can advertise your blog more.

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