Sunday, 29 January 2012

First time in Starbucks

Way back in Philippines, I never drink strong coffee, I always prepare the coffee powder in sachet because I control how much coffee I put on my coffee mug. And then everything changed when I migrated here in Sweden, I started drinking different kind of coffee, I even try the strong brew coffee. When I first time tasted it, I was dizzy and felt very bad. Haha. 

I am not coffee lover back in Philippines, that´s why I never visited some coffee shops like for example Starbucks. And it happened here Sweden my first visit in Starbucks, and ordered coffee. I love it. And for sure, I´m gonna go back there and it will be our hang out place with my friends who love coffee like fore example Jenny who is a blogger too like me. 

Actually, we just gone to Starbucks earlier, just hanging out and drinking our coffee.. We stayed at Starbucks for more than an hour, and just talked and enjoy our coffee. Anyway, I thought it will be great if I took photo for my first visit in Starbucks coffee shop and with my first coffee.


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rona said...

Coming back here SHY just to tell you that you have an award waiting for you at my site:

That's for this particular blog. I'll wait for you!

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