Wednesday, 10 March 2010

House Plan for us

Planning for a new home could be fun if you find the right house plans for your dream house. Both me and my husband are looking for the right person who will design our dream house since we are planning to have a baby, so we both knew that it would be great idea to find earlier a house plan for our home. I am not pregnant yet, but I and hubby are excited to have a baby since it will be our very first baby. So we both wanted to find a new place to start with our baby soon ( I hope by this year or maybe next year, we will see what God will gives us.

I and hubby are both busy from work and school, but we tried to search the net each night to find the best designer for our dream house. But unfortunately we have been searching for atleast a month now, until one of our family friends recommended this and see if we will like their service. We both happy and tried to visit the site and read about their service and see what they can give us. I started to read about their site and through little time I have learned some of their services, they offer a huge number of different kind of home building resources, and also a very helpful tools to help to get your lifestyle. They offer a pre-drawn floor plans which are ready to buy and build as soon as you purchase it. You can also start with your own design and they will do what you want.

I thought it is very interesting site, and I will tell my husband to read about their site and see if he will agreed to me that it can be very interesting to try their service. This can be fun both for me and my husband since it will be our first home with our future baby. How about you? Are you tired looking for a home plans that fit your lifestyle? Then try this home plans and see what you get!

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Myne Whitman said...

Kudos and welcome back!

Laikka said...

oiiii!!! nag blog na sya...hheheh

roanne said...

House plan depends on the location and personality of the owner... Maybe i can help you, im an architect.

k said...

Shy...naa nako diha sa Huwebes hehehehehe......musta ka na diha..

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