Friday, 26 March 2010

I remebered that day

While checking my iPhone this morning, I received a text from my old friend, and saying, that she will get married after three months from now. I was surprised, because I thought it will take years before they will get married,but I am still happy for my friend because finally she found her partner in life, and we have saying " expect the unexpected ". After I have read the text, it made me thought about planning a bridal shower for my friend and it should be a memorable one.

I have some ideas already, but it would be better to read a review online about bridal shower theme, so I will get more information. And I wasn´t get disappointed because I get the information I needed to have a memorable bridal shower for my friend. And I got the idea to make a homemade bridal shower invitations, and it would be fun to do it with my friends. And I´m sure we will share ideas to have my friend a perfect bridal shower that she will not forget for the rest of her life.

I can´t help not to remembered my bridal shower, it was managed by a close friend of mine. I can say she managed it well, so I was curious how she made that perfect bridal shower for me, and she told me that she has been reading online review about bridal shower favor ideas. It´s nice to have a true friend who surprise you sometimes right?

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