Friday, 26 March 2010

New found recipe

While I was blog hopping yesterday, I read one post talking about pasta with mushroom and tuna recipe, through reading the post made me feel hungry and thought it would be great if I will try the recipe, just to have a new recipe and try if me and my husband will like the recipe. I called my husband and told him to buy the ingredient for my new found recipe, and when he came home with the ingredient I made the recipe. After 30 minutes in the kitchen, our dinner is ready, the pasta with mushroom and tuna recipe. I was really happy because both me and my husband love the new found recipe. I will added it to my recipe book, because we both love the recipe and it´s healthy. For me who is learning in the kitchen, surfing the net is very helpful to learn to cook different kind of recipe even though it´s not my original recipe, it´s nice to copy other´s recipe sometimes LOL. If you are interested about the recipe, just give me a comment and I will give it to you. Have a nice weekend guy!

1 comment:

sendzki said...

parang ang sarap ah! nagugutom pa naman ako!

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