Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Last month when I was unpacking my things from vacation, there are some of my things that I can´t find, and made me realized I forgot to packed them with my other things. To make sure that it wasn´t lost somewhere while I had my trip, I texted my sister and I got reply like this " it is here, would you like me to send it to you? " after I read that message, it made me felt angry with my self because those things are more important than the other things I brought with me. It was my sandal´s sole, postcards I made for hubby and my friend presents. I can´t believe those things are not in my luggage, because like I said those things are important to me.

Anyway I thought, done is done there´s nothing I can do about it except if I like to travel again but it won´t be happen, maybe next year but I don´t know if those things are still there. I was away from my hubby during three different kind of occasions which are our 3rd year wedding anniversary, my 24th birthday, and Christmas and new year. And during my vacation, I made different kind of postcards which I planned to gave to my husband when I come home again but I forgot it. So I need to make a plan to buy postcards, and one way is searching through online for colour postcards which I´m sure I get some of those thousands postcards online for my hubby. I am happy because after a hour of searching online, I get what I need, I´m sure I make my hubby happy for my little surprise.

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