Friday, 23 April 2010

Trying to do diet

I think I haven´t post here that I started to do diet since I´m getting bigger which is not good for me who is a short person. I will hate to be a short and fat girl haha, that´s why I´m trying to do diet. I checked earlier how many kilo I am and it turned that I am 46 kls. and take note I haven´t eat anything yet, so I thought it horrible, I must do a diet if I will not like to be call a short and fatty girl lol (kung sa bisaya pa lang LUMBA LUMBA haha,yucks). Before I was only 42 kls. and I gained 4 kls. in just a month Oh My God this must be crazy lol.

All I am concerned now is about my diet and nothing else (I just finished my exam anyway haha). I must lose weight that´s for sure. Anyway husband and I went to the mall yesterday where we can checked if the netbook I wanted is still available (I will post about it soon) and after that, we went to the Drug Store because husband wanted to buy something there. While walking home, he showed me this juice (refer to the photo above) and said "try this maybe you would love it and it´s good for a diet" since that time I was full, I wasn´t able to taste it until today for my lunch time, (just finished zipping it). I love the taste and I was quickly get full, I think I would love this for my diet but first I want to know how long I will feel full. This juice is rich in protein, 23 vitamins/Minerals, meal on the go, and specially the one I love it has a Low calorie diet.

I hope this will be my instrument for my diet because I need to lose weight badly, and since summer is coming I should be sexy because I´m sure I need to wear my two piece haha!


rjs mama said...

would looove to try that. been planning to diet but yummy food keeps on distracting me :(

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Laikka said...

heheheh... nahan jud kos imo lay out duh!

Cacai M. said...

Wow.. good luck with your dieting Sar.. me too, am gaining weight. I was 48 kls back then but now am 52.2 kls na.. waaa.. Am 5'1 so am not tall too.. heheh.. appear ta ani Sar.. ;-) mas dako2x pa ko nmo.. huhuh.. but I guess it's not that bad but dli na jud ko padugang pa ani nga weight ky agoy lisod nah.. :D.. thanks for sharing the drink you have and perhaps can try some of that too.. muahhh!

Me and my blogs are visiting you.. ;-)
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