Sunday, 11 December 2011

It´s snowing for the firs time

It was three days ago when it was snowing the first time this month. It seems that, we will have a mild winter this year compares last year. Last year of November have started to snow but this year is much late. I am a bit happy and sad about it. Sad because I would love to experience the snow outside, play with it with my baby, happy because it means it will not so cold.

When I was out yesterday for some errands, it feels not cold at all, I can take away my winter jacket without freezing. Christmas is soon now, and I miss my family in Philippines. I hope  next Christmas I can spend it with them.



Maxi Velasco said...

Hello Shy!

Yup. Winter's a bit weird this year. It snowed here in Söderhamn three days ago for a couple of days and then it started raining. Not fun at all.

Hopefully, snow will fall next week. I'd rather have snow than rain. :)

Have a great week ahead pretty Momma!

mwah mwah

Maxi of:
Ovah Coffee The Pastime Shelf

rona said...

Hi shy! Sana maranasan ko din ang snow. hihi. Right now, I feel freezing kasi dito kami ni hubby ngayon sa Taiwan. Will be back to the Philippines before new year.

About the designs, sure! I'd love to teach you. As soon as makabalik kami pinas, I'll make time for it, okay? Thanks for appreciating my designs! I love hearing lovely words about them. It's actually a new found hobby. I'm still learning my way with photoshop. Madami pa kong gustong idiscover. Yes, for now, free muna but soon I'll make it as my online earning business. Magturuan tayo. I'm sure you'll enjoy designing as well.

You can look at this link to know what I'm up designing!

I miss designing na nga eh. Can't wait to come home. Vacay mode muna with hubby!

Enjoy your Christmas!


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