Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pump that I love

This is the last month of 2011 and month of Christmas. I am sure everyone is busy finding gifts to their love ones, decorating Christmas decor to their home ( for us, we decided to put Christmas tree next year ) and preparing for the cold weather. Like I posted here before, my husband has already a gift for me this coming Christmas, but I haven´t found any gift for him yet.

Btw, during December month here in Sweden, most of the people are attending different kind of parties. I do attend different kind of parties such as birthday parties. And this month, I have already attended several parties, and soon I will be attending another party which is a " Glamour Party " where the aim is to wear clothes that has glitters. This is my first time to attend this kind of party. I am really curious about the event.

I have been roaming around the mall to find clothes that I am going to where for the event. And for the shoes, I found these two pair of pump online which maybe I am going to purchase. I so love the style of these pump, what you think?

1 comment:

simply kim said...

wow! aren't they cute! that would solve my 'height problem' lol!

you may want to check THIS out..

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