Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I was surprised and very excited

I have been living together with my husband for almost five years. I have learned when he gave me gift, it always not wrapped in a special bag wrapper, instead we buy it together haha. I don´t mind at all, the important is, he always made me very special through giving me gifts that I wanted. Several days ago, he asked me if I want to receive a special gift during this coming Christmas or on my birthday, I told him I would love to receive gift during my birthday, that´s that. End of the gift conversation.

Last weekend, he went out to done his hair cut. And when he came home, he suddenly told me that he was walking a long time to make my gift wrapped. And I was like, I thought you will gave the special gift on my birthday. And that´s it. I was very surprised because like I said, I used to received gifts from him unwrapped but this time, first time ever it will be wrapped haha. The gift is somewhere in our apartment and I don't have a plan to find it. I just wants to have it on Christmas day.

I am really really curious what will be the gift. I have been bagging my husband about what is the gift and he never told me. I even asked for a clue but he never gave me. He just said, wait until Christmas. I gave up to knowing what is the gift. I cannot wait to open it during Christmas day. Anyway, there are 25 days to go before Christmas, I will post here what will be the gif okay guys. See you around!!!

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