Friday, 24 February 2012

Enchanted award from Rona

Camilla just fall asleep after feeding her and that´s why I have time to open my blog. I open my blogspot blog and I saw one comment on my recent post. I wasn´t expected to get a comment from Rona, I just met her recently through her blog. She is designing blogs, and I asked her if she can design my blog and lucky me she say yes- maybe right now, she is working on my blog theme, who knows. Actually, I am really excited to see my new blog make over and it will gives me a lot of energy to blog again. Anyway, Rona is sharing her Enchanted award to me, I was shock because she remembers me and share the award to me. And I am very thankful to her and appreciate for remembering me. Let me share a little bit about me.

My real name is Sarah, but I do not really like my name so I created my own name Shy, so most of my personal friends call me Shy and to my online friends they have known me as Shy. But my family, never know the name Shy, they always call me Sarah. I am the shortest girl on earth. Haha. Kidding. But I am kind of since I am only 4´7, yes you read it right. And I feel like a dwarf since people here in Sweden are very tall ( actually they are one of the tallest people in the world ) I haven´t mentioned that my husband is 6´5 oh yes he so tall and I´m so short. But we are perfect combination. What else about me? Thinking. Oh yes, my shoe size is 33 and living here made my feet unhappy because there is no shoes/heels that can fits me. Except shoes from the children section. It´s not easy to be cute, I mean petite, haha. Enough about me, maybe you get bored reading.

Anyone can grab it!!

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rona said...

Hi Shy, thanks for claiming this award! Na-shy naman ako hihi. Please wait till next week for the first draft ha? Medyo busy lang ngayon. Will have to be in church tomorrow and the whole weekend to support hubby in his ministry. Yep, I received your mail! And also, thanks for visiting and laughing heartily at my Tagalog blog! Hahaha!

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