Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Birthday

    Few days ago was my birthday, like I said in my other post, I decided to celebrate my birthday private. So how it goes with my day birth. First we ate brunch at my favorite restaurant ( Ritz Restaurant which is located in the center city of Gothenburg ). They serve appetizer to dessert.  We lift the restaurant both full of their delicious food. Camilla has also tasted different kind of foods so probably she is full too, because the time we put her on her stroller she fall asleep after a couple of minutes.

Our next stop, was at the mall, to find another gift for me. My husband let me decided what I want as a gift from him. And I decided to get a GUESS BAG for myself. I had few bags but I never had this brand, so I thought of having it for a change. Haha. After husband paid the bag, we went shopping for Camilla´s birthday stuff and then went to the bicycle shop to change the tiles of Camilla´s stroller.

It sounds not a busy day, but oh it was. We came home around 4 in the afternoon, and relax together in the living room, watching Camilla playing. That ´s what we called " quality time " And when it´s dark outside, husband and I made my birthday cake while Camilla was sleeping and snoring. Haha. And we ate the cake around 9 in the evening, while having a good time together. It was a great birthday. I enjoyed it a lot.


sexyjessie said...

Happy belated bday! Im glad you had a blast day.

rona said...

Hi shy! You are 26! I'm older than you na. Happy birthday and hope that you had a blast!

teJan said...

namnam ayo ni...hehe!

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