Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My comfy shoes

I was inactive in my blogs for the past days since I cannot leave my baby alone playing in the living room because she´s moving a lot now and I need to watch her every time. And also she always cry when she can´t see me. Our computer is place in our bedroom while my baby stays in the living room so I can´t be in front of the computer. I have a laptop which place in the living room but every time I use it I can´t blog anything. I wish for a bigger laptop. Actually an Macbook air apple laptop is my wish to have but I do not know when I can have it since it is extremely expensive, as for now we cant afford since there are many things to buy first than my leisure thing.

I woke up 12 midnight and I cant sleep anymore, and I have been in front of the computer for an hour before I able to update this blog. Like I said, I am busy being with my baby and also lazy to blog. I just felt nothing to blog or maybe I just lazy. Anyway, I bought this pair of shoes several days ago. I expected to return it because I thought it will not feel comfy because it has the high heel and since I always go out with a baby cart, I thought it will hurt my feet. But I was completely surprised because I have tried to walked with this pair of shoes and they are so comfortable and it is very light weight that it feels that I do not wear any shoes at all. I so love this pair of shoes.

I wear it as my every shoes because it is good for the weather ( almost winter weather now ) it made my feet warm. It has a medium high heels and it made me tall a bit haha besides it so comfy. This is added to my favorite pair of shoes though I don't have much like Emelda Marcos. Here are the photos of me wearing my favorite brown pair of shoes and I matched it with brown jacket from BIKBOK. My husband told me that day, that he liked my outfit.


Laikka said...

nice shoes..nice new design;)

Utah Mommy said...

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