Thursday, 22 March 2012

My baby girl turned one year old

Time travel so fast. My baby girl turned one year old last Saturday. We celebrated with our closest friends and was held in our home. Before the party, I was so stress that I could sleep two night in a row. I always think if the food will be enough for the guests, or is it our apartment is too small to accommodate all the guests and many more to think about. But now the party was over and it was a blast.

Everything went perfect, the foods are delicious, the guests are happy so all in all it was a great party to remember. I could believe my baby girl is no longer a baby, instead she is a child. I still breast feed her and sometimes I felt wrong to do it since she is bigger now. I have planned already to stop breast feed her after her first birthday but I wait until next week because I would like to ask the midwife if they can recommend a healthy bottle milk.



simply kim said...

that's great! happy birthday to your girl!

a visit from kimmy!

Mlle. said...

Happy Birthday from Germany!

What a cutie! :)

I nominated you for an Award:


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