Thursday, 8 March 2012

We are getting better

Last Monday I was sick until Thursday, it was my poor husband who took care of me plus he need to look after Camilla too. I am so thankful for him for doing his best to look after me and Camilla. I know it must be a stressful for him since he is not use to this kind of job. He needs to stay at home and took care of us, that´s why he was absent couple of days at work. It was not good because it means it decrease his salary. I was better last Thursday so I told him to go to work. But then after two or three days he got fever, so he stayed at home and rest, oh before that, Camilla got sick too due to her teething. 

It was difficult days for all us, specially for our little one, she doesn´t eat well, she is depending on breast milk. It is not healthy but I can´t force her to eat, I have try many times but I get failed. For now, we are much better than the other days, the husband went back to work, and for me I am much better except coughing and Camilla does too. She eats small portion which is better than nothing. So I hope we will be totally healthy the coming days, specially Camilla´s birthday is a week away from now. 



rona said...

Hi sis! Salsa ang name ng font. God bless

Kai Rui said...

hi sis, wanna xlinks with you...added your site already to my blogroll...just check it out @ message if if you've added me already...thanks.;)

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