Thursday, 11 December 2008

One Week To Go

It`s one week to go I will have my vacation from school. I am happy at the same time sad because I will miss my classmates and teachers, but that`s how life goes :=)
there someone we need to leave and there someone we will meet in future.

I`m still happy because I will meet new teachers and classmate soon if we will still here next year ( we planned to move somewhere in France, but it`s still not finalize yet so I will enjoy every minute of my time here in Sweden ). It was a good experienced to study here in Sweden, to knew how the school system work here, and I will always treasure the time when I met people who became my friends now for the rest of my life.

This coming Tuesday I will know if I pass the exam or not, I hope I did because I put effort to study a lot, but if I will not pass it atleast I do my best. Anyway thanks to everybody who included me to their prayers, I really appreciate it :=).

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