Monday, 29 December 2008


I met my friend Ivonne and her cute son today, it was a long time ago since we see each other. They visited me at home in the morning and we have a little chat and after that we ate in Thai Restaurant. After that we went to the mall and bought some stuff, Ivonne bought some clothes and I bought some stuff too you can see in the picture.

I`m going to color my hair just to have a new looks because I`m a little bit bored with my looks :=). It was so nice to saw my best friend and talked to her, she is almost like my sister and we are comfortable to each other we can talk almost everything about our personal life.

It was so cold earlier and -4 degree Celsius, grrrhh.. My ears, nose, mouth, face and hands was numb earlier because of the cold weather. I forgot to brought my glaves and hat. I hate the weather because even how cold it is we don´t have any snow yet, I wanted to see snow before New Year Day. Anyway Guys advance Happy New Year.


Hannah Noel said...

Ugh I hate cold weather! I still need to buy new gloves!!

LIZZIE said...

Hey girl.. Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 (a little advanced here too. Hehe). Hope this year will be filled with lots of happiness, laughter and prosperity!


sendzki said...

girls must love shopping and whatsoever haha ---enjoy more this new year!

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