Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Resolution

Before I start my post, I want to greet everybody a "HAPPY NEW YEAR". Hhhmmm.. I have some new year resolution, to be better wife to my husband (I am already better but want to be more better LOL) more conversation with my family in the Philippines the reason why I talked to them very seldom because if I talked to them often I will miss them and I´m crying the whole day :=(, doing my daily exercise and eat not much but just enough for my size ( I just love to eat ), I will try to go out often and meet some friends ( the problem is, it´s not easy to find good friends here that you can trust that´s why I am really picky to choose friends - I only have 1 friend who I really trust with and talked almost everything, some are only became friends because we were classmate and last but not the least to be better with my swedish language ( it´s my husband fault why I don´t learn much swedish because everytime we talked instead of swedish we always talked english :=), peace Darling.

Anyway my life for this year was really challenging and I am thankful to my husband, family and friends who always there for me and of course the man above :=). I realized how hard to be away from my family but I need to face it because this is the life I have. As long as I have my loving husband and family I can do anything char! Life is not only happiness there´s a lot of trials waiting out there to come in life.

By the way I have friendster account if somebody want to be my friends just leave your email so that I can add you guys! Ciao for now hope you have a wonderful celebration for New Year..


AGNES said...

awwww.... just stay strong and be happy, my friend. :) gud luck sa resolutions mo. anyway.. in case u wanna add me sa friendster here's my email ad:


Ning said...

hapy new year =]

Babette said...

Hello Shy, kamusta ang holidays ninyo? Happy new year to you and hubby. :o)
By the way, will you please add my other blogs to your list.
I'll leave my email addy in Friendster sa yahoo messenger.

Umma said...

So Happy 牛 (New) Year to you! Kumusta ang celebration nyo Shy?

╭┴──┤Happy ├╮
│o o│牛year │●°
╰┬──╯    │ ∴°﹒
☆ | / /∴☆

diamondmum said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! thanks for visiting my site:-)

Hope you'll do your new year's resolution:-)

Have a good day ahead!

Marie said...

Happy 2009! Hope everything goes good for you this year!

sendzki said...

that's nice ^_^ happy new year too!

Enchie said...

Wishing you all the best this year Shy...

anne said...

eh I have friendster but i don't use it very often

klivengood said...

good luck sa NYR mo, anyway thanks also for your comment..unsa imo gibuhat palihi diha..nag ambak-ambak sad ka sabay uyog-uyog sa mga coins sa bulsa?..hehe..

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